I {heart} The ReStore!

This morning my sister, her husband, and Lily, met Ridley and me at our local Habitat For Humanity ReStore. I’d never been to a ReStore, but had been madly itching to go {read: my thrifting addiction withdrawals were driving me insane}.  My bro-in-law has gotten some great building supplies at the ReStore before, so I asked if they would meet me there. Plus it’s not in the greatest part of town and I’m sometimes a fraidy cat.

I was not disappointed. Truly, I think I heard angels singing several times.

Oh, how I wanted to snatch this chair up and give it new life with a fabulous paint and glaze.  I might have to go back and get it for only $10.

I loved this awesome lamp for $5!  It just needs some spray paint, new wiring and a new shade.

How cute is this funky chandelier for $10!?! Adorable!

Something about this chandy intrigues me.  I’m not sure if it’s weird or if I love it.  Need to look at it awhile longer.

I swooned over the wonderful louvered doors!  Wouldn’t they make an awesome headboard?

And I drooled over the wonderful selection of shutters.  One can never have too many shutters, right? :)

I was amazed at the massive amount of cabinet doors.  WOW!

And windows.  How I love old windows.  Sigh.

Once we get moved into our new/old house, I’m definitely coming back to the ReStore.

I almost walked out of there with two fabulous sawhorses. I see building a table in my future!

Oh, and I snagged the. most. awesome. mantel surround for only $40! It’s not the most beautiful I’ve ever seen, but it is perfect-o for our new fireplace-less living room.  Can’t wait to show you!!!

What is your favorite piece of the things I found at the ReStore? Have you been to a ReStore before?

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  1. Kerry says

    Oh my, I bought a lamp today at the ReStore and I can’t believe I’m seeing it in your post! Now I have 3 lamps that are in need of a facelift, gotta get on it now that Christmas is past! I have had an interest in lamp re-dos for the past few months; they seem so pricey when purchased new. Of course, now the challenge is finding a shade. Anyone know of a good place to get shades for a good price?

  2. Theresa says

    We have replaced our under the sink cabinet in the basement. We also snagged the desk we are using for school. The drawer did not go all the way up in the bcak so it actually has 2 computers on it! Awesome!

  3. says

    We are blessed to have about 8 thrift stores in our town. We don’t have the luxury of as many building materials as you’ve shown here, but were it not for thrift stores, many of my clients would not get “new” things.

    My business is mostly redesign and I’m always finding wonderful accessories I use, make-over, repurpose for clients at a fraction of the cost of new. Plus, these stores all benefit wonderful causes such as abused women/children, handicapped citizens, etc. It’s a definite “win-win-win” situation :)

    Visit @ http://www.cndesigns.biz and sign up on my blog :)

  4. says

    So I’m sitting here at work today (Friday) at 4:00pm just waiting to head home after a long work week and I come across this WONDERFUL little post about ReStores. I am actually the Donations Manager at our local Habitat ReStore and my heart just fills every time I read or see something about someone loving and supporting what we do! On behalf of ReStores everywhere, thank you so much for your continued support. It’s because of people like you who help spread the word that we can continue to fund our mission where everyone has a decent place to live! And thanks personally, for motivating me this close to 5 on a friday to call a few more donors back so that we can keep those donations coming for eager bargain hunters and DIYer out there like you!



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