Give Organization: SavvyCents Wallet {Giveaway}

I’m excited that Savvycents is the next sponsor for the 30-Day Giving ChallengeSavvycents was first formed in January of 2009 after Melinda Claudpierre read a book about becoming debt free and following the cash envelope system of budgeting.

Melinda was frustrated with paper envelopes and disorganization with her wallet, so she wanted to create a wallet that would allow her to keep her cash in separate categories and also give quick access to her drivers license, coin holder, and all of her discount cards and coupons. The Savvycents wallet allows you to have all these things in an attractive wallet that every woman would love to carry.

The Savvycents wallet is not only functional but also fashionable. It contains everything you need to organize your monthly or weekly budget using a cash system. With an accordion style file system inside the wallet you can separate money, coupons, receipts or store discount cards by categories.

My friend Jennifer from Saving and Giving says this about her Savvycents wallet:

I’ve been using my Savvycents wallet for six months, and my cash is so
much more organized. I had been using paper envelopes before, but they
ripped or got lost in the bottom of my purse. Now I can open my wallet
and easily see how much cash is left in each category. If I find a
cute top for my daughter, I can see if there’s clothing money
available to buy it or not. I’m not fumbling through envelopes when I
check out either. The Savvycents wallet is stylish and functional.

Savvycents sent me a wallet to review and donate {do you have any idea how much I want to donate this to myself??} to my local charity and I also have a Savvycents wallet to giveaway!

Enter to win a Savvycents wallet for your family to use or donate:

  • Leave a comment telling me if you would use the Savvycents wallet for cash or coupons.

Bonus Entries Up to 2: (Leave a separate comment for each.):

This giveaway will end on Tuesday  (11/30) at 9 p.m. EST. The winner will be drawn randomly, and notified via email.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Savvycents wallet to review and donate to my local charity. As always all opinions in this post are all mine.

The other bloggers leading the 30-Day Giving Challenge are also giving away Savvycents Wallets. Stop by each of their sites for more chances to win!

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  1. joanna scott says

    I am very excited to hear about the giveaway for the Savvycents wallet. I do not carry too much cash on me because I use an ATM debit card for most purchases. But with the cash I do carry, it would be useful. I would use the Savvycents for both cash and coupons. My purse sure needs some help with organization!

  2. angie says

    Even if someone does not use the envelope system for budgeting, I think the accordian wallet would be so usefull for separating coupons, cash, checks to be deposited, receipts, etc.

  3. says

    I would use this wallet for the coupons that I need for quick trips such as coffee, creamer, etc. I don’t always remember to grab my coupon folder when I make a quick trip to the store. Love this wallet idea.
    Patty Coleman´s last blog post ..Giving Thanks…

  4. Jenny says

    I would use it for both! I am an avid couponer, and we are also in the middle of our debt snowball–so a cash organizer would be great!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. jackie m says

    I would love to get one of these! I have used the envie system for years and years and have always been on the lookout for a “real” wallet that would work with this. I would use it for cash and I have been getting your emails and now am following you on twitter

  6. Marge Heck says

    Paper Envelopes I can relate so you know how much the Savvycents is NEEDED. Thank You for offering it!

  7. Sirena Sampson says

    This is so cute!! I have created my own cash sorting system in my wallet, but this would be so much better! Definitely use it for my cash budgeting!

  8. Kara says

    I would use this for cash and coupons. Right now I have separate things for each and it drives me crazy!

  9. Karen Jerread says

    What a great savycents concept. I would find a way to use it for both cash and coupons. I need all the organizational help I can get!

  10. Stacie says

    I would use it for cash. I already have a cash budget for groceries and gas and the bank envelopes get awfully beat up in my purse.

  11. Christine Ratliffe says

    As I am new to budgeting, I think the envelope system sounds wonderful and would love to win this!

  12. Sue Wolcott says

    I would use it for coupons/receipts. I would love to have a more sturdy/fashionable way to stay organized! :)

  13. Erin says

    I would love to win this and I can really use it! I recently lost my coupon organizer so it would really come in handy right now.

  14. Jennifer H says

    I would use the Savvycents Wallet for cash. I am trying to earmark cash for certain items or catergories and this is sooo much better than plain white envelopes!!!! Thank you for this great giveaway!!

  15. Natalie says

    Hi – I love this idea! I’d use the Savvycents Wallet for both cash and coupons. Couponing has become one of my favorite things to do each week, and I’d love to be more organized with the cash I use for weekly expenses, and the coupons I carry around in my purse.

  16. Laurie R says

    I would use the wallet for cash. We use cash envelopes right now but having it all in a wallet would be great.

  17. says

    I “know” the lady that invented the Savvycents wallet….Her dad was the music minister at my home church! Small world….they are a super sweet, fantastic Christian family….
    My husband and I live on a small income for two people and just recently have started a cash only budget (except for major bills, like student loans, insurance, phone, etc-those get paid by check). We do not own a credit card (in our possession), but my father-in-law keeps a credit card for us (in our name) in case we ever need anything….
    At the beginning of every month (after we get out 1st paycheck), I go to the bank and pull out all the money we need for the month: groceries, out to eat money, “fun money,” etc.
    I just use regular business envelopes to keep our cash in, but a Savvycents wallet would be perfect for the organizational part of it!
    I think the cash system has really helped us….it also keeps my husband responsible for keeping up with his own money….even the change! He hates having change (actual coins) in his pocket, but I tell him that his change adds up to money and if he wants to use all his “fun money” the coins will come in handy….


  18. Ruby Showalter says

    I would love to have a Savvycents wallet!! I use envelopes for coupons and they get tattered so quickly.

  19. Annie says

    I would definitly use this wallet for cash. I get so confused and out of whack trying to keep my money straight, and this would be ideal.

  20. Nancy L. says

    I would use it for cash & coupons. I use cash for groceries & clothing and would use the remaining slots for coupons.

  21. Kirsten says

    I plan on using the wallet in place of envelopes for money. I have a giant coupon binder for coupons!

  22. Monica says

    Cash would go in it if it were to end up as mine. Any cash purchase to help the stores keep their cost to a minimum. And then there is the fact that cash has no interest charges:)

  23. Natalie says

    I would use this for cash and coupons. I’d be so organized I’d do a little happy dance ~ honestly, this would be so helpful to me!

  24. says

    I would be thrilled to receive this wallet. I would really like to use for both if possible. I have tried a variety of wallets, coupon organizers, binders, but to have one that is pretty and be able to carry the essentials and my coupons and be stylish – well – that would be fantastic!!!

  25. MarcyM says

    I would use the wallet for cash. I am currently using the envelope system but my pesky envelopes keep falling apart!

  26. Jennifer Sessoms says

    I don’t do cash budgeting, but my sister does and it works well for her so I may give it a try.

  27. Beth says

    I was just reading a tutorial on how to make one of these, I was thinking that it looked a lot of work, and was wondering on how to get one of these. I would love to win this one, I would love to use it for $. Esp at Christmas time to keep everyone straight on the list.

  28. kendra says

    what a FUN thing to come up with…why didn’t i think of it?:) i use envelopes in my wallet and LOVE paying with cash, rather than card, because if the $ is in that envelope, that i don’t have to feel guilty for spending it on whatever i’m purchasing, it’s so freeing! sometimes i “rob peter to pay paul” but overall, it just feels responsible for our family. we’re a family of 6 with 1 income so spending wisely, and SAVING SMARTLY;) blesses us!!!

  29. Beth says

    Cash! I’ve been wanting to get started on a modified cash only system, and this seems like a good way to do it. THanks!

  30. Tricia says

    I would use the wallet for cash, coupons, and receipts I think. I’de have to see it in person as to how many dividers it has. We are on the Dave Ramsey envelope system and it has changed our life. This is sooo much cuter then envelopes! love it!

  31. says

    SO excited about this product! I swear that one of my hangups with being disciplined about envelope budgeting and couponing is the bulk of having it all with me. Love these and hope to win one, otherwise, I’ll have to ask for it for Christmas for sure!