Wisk Tailgate Stain Experiment

About a month ago I shared a video experiment that Ridley and I did with the new Wisk Stain Spectrum Laundry Detergent. We conquered protein (grass) stains!

Today, we experimented with a typical carbohydrate stain that happens frequently at “tailgates” – ketchup! Ketchup stains aren’t just from tailgates, but also when a child is learning to feed himself. Messes galore!!! #askmehowiknow


We started with a brand new clean t-shirt.


1. Then we desecrated it with ketchup.  This step just felt SO wrong!

2. Then we smeared it in with the basting brush.  The fun part!

3. We poured Wisk Stain Spectrum Detergent on it to treat the stain.

4. Then we waited a few minutes while Wisk did it’s wonderful work!


I thoroughly scrubbed Wisk into the stain.  At this point, I was feeling very, very skeptical that this was actually going to work.  Seriously.  What a mess!


1. Under lukewarm water, I began to scrub the stain.

2. And I scrubbed.  See, it’s getting lighter!

3. And I scrubbed…until the suds were all washed out.



The amazing result! Stunning, I tell you!

I truly couldn’t believe how well Wisk removed the stain…and that was with hand washing the stain out. Just think about the combined power of Wisk and a washing machine.


Have you tried out Wisk Stain Spectrum Laundry Detergent yet?

It doesn’t matter which type of stains you encounter, new Wisk with Stain Spectrum Technology is the solution to tackle them all!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post.  One2One Network and Wisk provided the information, however, the opinions in this post are entirely my own. This post has not been reviewed or edited by anyone except me. I was compensated  for this post.

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