Our Honeymoon

For some insane reason, I thought that we were supposed to show our honeymoons next week. Duh! I’m still suffering from MAJOR post-partum brain! I can’t remember a thing these days! I’m glad that my head is attached to my body or else I would leave it somewhere and forget where!

Anyway, on to the honeymoon!

We had a traveling honeymoon. From Saturday night to Monday we stayed at the Gaylord Opryland hotel in Nashville, TN. It was awesome. When we arrived, they had overbooked and didn’t have the room that we had reserved. So we got upgraded and stayed in this amazing suite on the top floor. Prince Charming likes to joke that it was bigger than our first house…seriously, it was!

The view from our room
It was so nice to have places to walk and explore inside because it was snowing outside!

Supper at the Old Hickory Restaurant

On Monday we traveled to East Tennessee to the Christopher Place bed and breakfast. It was gorgeous! The road was so icy, that the car couldn’t make it. The hosts came to get us in their SUV. There were at least 8 inches of snow on the ground!

The spectacular view from our room!

On Tuesday we traveled to Asheville, NC to the Biltmore Estate. We toured, walked and just enjoyed it so much. We stayed in the Inn at the Biltmore. It was such a wonderful experience. Loved being treated like royalty!

In front of the Biltmore

Eating lunch in the Biltmore stables

At the Inn lobby

On Wednesday, we traveled through Greenville, SC to see a few friends, then we headed to Charleston, SC for the remainder of the week. After almost freezing to death for the first part of the week, we LOVED being in balmy Charleston. It was gorgeous in February!!
We stayed downtown at the Renaissance Hotel which was lovely. We took a carriage ride, walked all over the place, toured historic homes, visited Fort Sumter, shopped, and visited the CSS Hunley before heading home to Alabama on Saturday.
Gorgeous homes on The Battery

Prince Charming got several really good interior design lessons while we were in Charleston. It was SO fun!!

On the ferry to Fort Sumter

Sweetgrass baskets at the Market

I bought a small basket that I use to hold napkins in my kitchen. I think we paid $80 for it. They are proud of their work. AND just for the record, they don’t like their picture made! I had to be sneaky!

I hope you enjoyed this quick tour of our honeymoon! For more wedding receptions and honeymoon tours visit Kelly’s Korner!

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  1. Kelly says

    It was so neat to look at your honeymoon pictures again! I had forgotten about all the places you went! I know you had many adventures :)

  2. Stephanie says

    I love, love, love the Opryland Hotel!!! Josh and I went there a few months after we were married. He had a basketball tourney in Nashville so it was me and a college basketball team. (Funny story- somehow on the room list I got put down to room with another one of the guys on the team, NOT Josh. So when the lady from the desk was handing out keys she gave me and Jarred the keys and told us to enjoy because she heard we were newlyweds. It was so funny!) Ok… anyway, it is such a beautiful place and we had so much fun there. Well, I did. They had practice for like 4 hours both days so I just walked around all by myself. There was so much to see. (This has now become the longest comment ever!)


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