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I love CrossFit! It’s the best thing I’ve ever done for my physical and mental health. 🙂 WHY I’m doing it is a post all on it’s own that I need to write, but today I’m going to share my 10 Workout Must-Haves in relation to physical, emotional, and mental support. CrossFit is intense, but I LOVE that every workout can be scaled for anyone to do it…no matter what your fitness level is.

10 Must Have Body Systems Supports for Workouts |

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I am not an expert. I am not a doctor. However, these are things that work for me and that I use on a daily basis. I work out 5-6 days a week, so yep…pretty much every day. I can tell when I use them and I can absolutely tell when I don’t. 🙂 So let me tell you WHY I love each of these must-haves so much.

10.  Balance Complete

I usually drink one Balance Complete shake a day. It is a super-food-based meal replacement that is both a powerful nutritive energizer and a cleanser. It has Ningxia wolfberry powder, brown rice bran, barley grass, extra virgin coconut oil, aloe vera, cinnamon powder, and premium grass-fed whey protein blend, so it is high in fiber, high in protein, and contains the good fats, enzymes, vitamins, and minerals needed for a nutritionally dynamic meal.  YUM! I make mine in the blender with coconut milk and sometimes I add a tablespoon or so of almond butter. Delish!

9.  Believe essential oil blend

I know this sounds kind of hokey, but just driving to CrossFit for the first time two months ago was just about everything I could do. I’m not super athletic AT ALL and I had a lot of negativity in my head telling me that I couldn’t do it. It was not fun. One day I pulled out my Believe oil and put it on my big toes. It helped and I felt more positive. I use it frequently now to help me keep a positive outlook. When I’m pushing a sled or carrying a yoke or jumping on a box I just have to tell myself, “You can do this. You can do this.” And you know what I’m figuring out? I’m stronger than I think. I can do more than I think I can. A lot of stuff we deal with internally really is all in our head, our outlook, our mentality and attitude.

8.  NingXia Red 

Where do I start extolling the benefits of NingXia Red? It is a powerful antioxidant beverage that tastes delicious and is wonderful for overall health. I often drink it right after a workout. NingXia Red is packed with various fruit juices and essential oils. It tastes the best chilled, but I drink it any old way I can. My children beg for it so I have to keep it under lock and key…I mean hidden in the fridge.

Yoke Pushes

7.  Motivation essential oil blend

It does what it says. I LOVE how it smells.

6 & 5. Ortho Ease & Ortho Sport massage oil

These massage oils. Oh my word. They are like the best thing since sliced bread. Ortho Ease Massage Oil soothes and warms tired and stressed bodies. It has coconut oil, wintergreen, grape seed oil, peppermint, juniper, eucalyptus globulous, lemongrass, majoram, thyme, eucalyptus radiata, vetiver, wheat germ oil, sweet almond oil and olive oil in it.

Ortho Sport is kind of like Ortho Ease on steroids and I actually like the aroma the best of the two. It was designed for both professional and amateur athletes, as well as anyone who works or plays hard.

4. En-R-Gee essential oil blend

When I’m feeling sluggish before or during a workout, I put En-R-Gee behind my ears or on my wrists. It has black pepper essential oil in it and it wakes me up!

3. NingXia Nitro

Speaking of energy…NingXia Nitro is this girl’s BFF when it comes to needing a boost mentally and physically. NITRO helps increase mental fitness, cognitive alertness, and physical acuity, it enhances athletic performance and endurance and it boosts energy. And the extra fun thing is that it has a tiny bit of chocolate oil in it. I love me some chocolate and this is how I get my fix.


2. Lemon Vitality essential oil

Do you drink fresh squeezed lemon in your water? It’s SO good for you, but the fresh squeezed fruit is packed with acid that can harm your tooth enamel over time. Instead of that, I use a few drops of Lemon Vitality essential oil {cold pressed from the rind} in my stainless steel water bottle. It tastes so good and refreshing.

1. BLM Supplement

I take this supplement every day. It supports normal bone and joint health. This formula combines powerful all-natural ingredients, such as type II collagen, MSM, glucosamine sulfate, and manganese citrate, enhanced with therapeutic-grade essential oils balsam fir, wintergreen and clove. These ingredients have been shown to support healthy cell function and encourage joint health and fluid movement.

After working out at CrossFit, I most definitely need some bone and joint support! HA!

Do you work out consistently? How do you support your body? 

Have a fabulous week!



P.S. The items I mentioned above are from Young Living. If you are interested in learning more, click here. 🙂

*The statements in this post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned in this post are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


  1. I thought the first photo was a Star Wars picture and she was holding a double sided lightsaber! Lol!

  2. Wow! I haven’t heard of any of these. You really have me intrigued on this essential oil stuff. I sometimes need some extra energy and having something more natural sounds great.

    My two main products I can’t live without have been my blue green algae and my probiotic, but I don’t know if that actually helps my workouts or just overall health.
    Dustin´s last blog post ..5 reasons why most church goers are overweight

  3. If you try to give up flour, sweets, alcohol and cigarettes in one fell swoop, and at the same time start running in the morning and going to the pool in the evening, most likely, in a few days you will spit on the healthy lifestyle and put up with your extra pounds. Maybe for a long time. Or maybe forever. It is very important to move smoothly and gradually. And if there are any tools to achieve your goals, use them. For example steroids will help you gain the desired muscle mass much faster

  4. I like working out using equipment, as well as pilates and yoga. I can’t say that I manage to work out regularly, but I try to find time at least twice a week. I only take multivitamins, nothing else. But maybe I should think about taking something else. I am interested in these supplements.

  5. Thanks for sharing with us. In fact, I have recently also become more careful about my diet and lifestyle. We may not notice until the last that some of our habits can harm us if we do it long enough and have never analyzed it. I believe that I can lose weight and now I am ready to make adjustments to my diet. Therefore, I decided to consider all sorts of supplements for sports nutrition and in this, your blog and article have become a godsend for me. Thank you for that.

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