The Color Run, CrossFit and Taking Care of Me


Happy Monday, y’all! 🙂 I hope y’all had a great weekend. We had company and hosted about 45 people in our home Friday evening for BBQ and S’mores. Then Saturday morning, Ernie and I ran in a local Color Run. It was so fun!

Remember that post I wrote about Breaking Free from Fear and Becoming Fearless? Well, this is one of those things that I’m breaking free of – fear of failure. Until Saturday morning, I hadn’t run 3.1 miles for THREE years. I’m not kidding. And you know what? I set a new personal record. BOOM. You’re probably thinking, “Huh?” Well, read on.

color run Before

This is before the race. Ernie was so sweet because he ran the entire thing with me. It was just a slow jog for him as I huffed and puffed with each step. Haha!

Color RUn 3

Starting line!color run 2-1

And this is after…obviously. We managed to avoid a ton of color on our faces. And we held our breath as we ran through the clouds of colored powder. I wonder what that stuff actually is. I probably don’t want to know. LOL

I finished the Color Run in 31:10 which is 18 seconds faster than my first 5k I ran {after months of training} in December 2010. WOOHOO!!!!!!!

Color Run

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably already know this…I’ve been going to CrossFit for the past month {maybe 5 weeks}. My husband talked me into it and now I’m hooked…BUT it takes every ounce of will-power to drive there and just walk in the door. I have to kick my fear of failure and all the negative voices in my head to the curb. I’m a dork. I’m uncoordinated. I’m NOT athletic. I’m not amazing at weight lifting or proper form. My mobility stinks. I’m not fast. My upper body strength leaves much to be desired. I could go on….

But I’m doing it. I’m competing against myself. I’m not looking at others or comparing myself to them. I’m doing this for me. My goal isn’t to be THIN. I get so tired of people talking about getting thin.  It is NOT about being THIN. I want to be STRONG and toned. I’m getting there slowly, My Color Run success this weekend is proof of that. Hooray!

I want to show you something personal. I pulled up my post about my first 5k race four years ago and I almost started to cry. Four years ago, I was so unhealthy. But I thought I was healthy. The difference between then and now is astounding.


Then: I was 15-20 pounds heavier than I am now. I had been on numerous pharmaceuticals including IV antibiotics and steroids. I ate processed food. I used toxic personal care products and toxic household cleaners. I didn’t know any better or any different.

Now: I am 10 pounds from my pre-pregnancy weight with Ridley {almost there!!}, I haven’t been on medication for anything in four years. I eat clean, avoid dairy, grain and processed sugar because they make me feel bad. I use non-toxic personal care products and non-toxic household cleaner.

Listen to me right here, right now. I am living proof that you are what you eat, you are what you put on your body and you are what you put IN your body.

Why do I share my journey? Because I want to chronicle these milestones and also because some of you need to know that you’re not alone and that someone else out there has been there. I get it. I understand.

There is a better way. I’m finding it for me every single day.

As a mom, I “do” all day every day for everyone around me. In the past several weeks, I’ve renewed my commitment to take better care of me. It’s hard to stop and take the time, but my health is valuable and I’m worth investing in. I have to do this for my sanity, health and wellness. I eat differently. I workout a few times a week. It’s a choice. A daily choice.

“What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own? For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s.”  I Corinthians 6:19-20

I challenge you today to make better choices to take better care of YOU!

Have you ever run a Color Run before? 




  1. Good for you! Since you avoid dairy and don’t eat grains, what do you eat instead of these things? I would like to do the same but I have a hard time knowing what to replace them with instead since I don’t like a lot of vegetables. Thanks.

  2. From what I understand the “color” is corn starch that has had color added. A friend of mine ran one a few months ago and is pregnant, and she wanted to know before she ran.

    Way to go.

  3. I love how your headband, socks and t-shirts match your shoes! You are so cute and fit! I wanna be you in a few months. I’m working on it!

  4. Myra you are doing it all right! Congrats for putting YOU first- I have a problem with that- and I hate to exercise- you have inspired this over 50 mom!
    I would love to know what products you are using (makeup,etc) thanks for you blog I so enjoy reading it!

  5. allegedly the color powder they throw at you is cornstarch with food coloring. 🙂

    THIS was the best 5k experience of my life. Loved it.

  6. What an encouragement! I’m in the middle of a whole30 and have recently started to make time for working out again. It has been so good for me mentally and emotionally even more than physically. Keep up the good work, and keep sharing!

  7. Good for you!! You are radiant!!
    You are SO beautiful. I was wondering if you would consider sharing with us your facial skin care and make-up products. I’d like to learn more about natural options. Thank you!

  8. I am curious what a week of eating looks like for you? I have four kids and have talked about losing 10-15 lbs for 5 years. I am positive it’s my diet, but I can’t seem to do grain and dairy free. Do you eat things like the bread recipe you shared not long ago? (Not trying to criticize, I am honestly just curious.). Your transformation is inspiring!

  9. First of all, you look UH-MAZING!!!!!
    Can you share what you are eating? I need/want to get rid of some extra weight and I’m having a hard time with the eating thing.

    Kristen´s last blog post ..Losing my mind

  10. Myra,
    I came straight to your site to look for helpful tips because I am tired of being sick and tired. My doctor was not with answers as to why my body digestive system seems to be plugged to put it politely. So glad I came back to read this article. Would love some pointers on clean eating and transitioning the family, especially hubby who grew up as a meat and potatoes boy.

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