Flower Power Yard Tour {Spring 2014}


Happy Monday, my beautiful readers! It has been way too quiet around here the last two weeks. I was out of town and then my church hosted a conference. I’m working on my bedroom re-do (eek!) and my brother is getting married on May 31st! This month is a little cray-cray.

I’ve been totally loving babying my plants and flowers along. It is incredibly therapeutic for me to have my hands in the soil. I thought it would be fun to show you a bit of the progress as I bring Memaw’s flower beds back to life.

Front Yard 12.jpg

Memaw loved Salvia. And she passed that love on to me. The fiery red is just beautiful.

Front Yard Update 3.jpg

There is a flower ring in the backyard with a few peonies blooming. I’m going to plant more to make it look more full next year. Isn’t the pink pretty?!

Front Yard Update 5.jpg

This is the flower ring in the front yard. I need to get a new bird bath desperately. The top is crumbling. I wonder if I can just buy a new concrete basin to work with the existing base?

Front Yard Update 6.jpg

This beautiful pink geranium was given to us at Memaw’s funeral last year. It bloomed gloriously last year and I begged my dad to dig it up before the first freeze. It survived the winter and I re-planted it  two weeks ago. I pinched it back a lot which made it kind of ugly, but now it’s putting on new flowers.

Front Yard Update 7.jpg

I can’t remember what this purple stuff is. Do you know? I LOVE it!

Front Yard Update 8.jpg

I can’t remember what the plant on the left is called, but I have it in green and dark purple/red. The leaves turn more pink in the sun.  I also love caladiums {top right} and coleus {bottom right}. I’m kind of into lots of textured greens this year.

Front Yard Update 9.jpg

Memaw made a planter out of a funky, old hot water heater. It brought me so much joy to fill it up with flowers once again.

Front Yard Update 10.jpg

This rose bush has been blooming for as long as I can remember. It is looking a little scrawny this year. It is very tall and thin. So I’m going to cut it way back this winter in hopes that it will bush back up again.

Front Yard Update 11.jpg

I have a few hanging baskets. Once again…textured greenery. Ha!

Front Yard Update 12.jpg

There’s a patch of this stunning, soft moss in the front yard. I love it.

Front Yard Update.jpg

It wouldn’t be “country” without plenty of honey suckle. It smells divine.

Front Yard Update7.jpg

My husband recently bought two hibiscus bushes. We got them planted in the hedgerow around the yard where two other shrubs bit the dust years ago. I hope the hibiscus bushes do well there.

Front Yard Update

I’m working on updating the front porch area. Memaw hated the boxwoods here. They NEVER flourished. Ever. I don’t know if it’s the soil or insufficient sun, but they started looking rusty. So I dug them out with the help of my brother.

My mother-in-law helped me divide the hosta plants that were already there. We just spread them out all in front of the house. She also brought some of her blue hosta plants to fill in. I’m loving how it’s coming along!

I also need to clean all the cobwebs off the eaves of the house. Ack! So much to do. So little time. 🙂 I also took all the outdoor carpet off the porch concrete.

Front Yard Update 4

The flower bed on the right of the photo above was completely empty. We planted hydrangeas and a bunch of annuals. I love how everything is growing to fill in that bed.

Front Yard Collage
[pinit count=”horizontal”]

I hope you’ve enjoyed a short stroll around the yard. We are going to work very hard to get the garden planted this week! 🙂

What is your favorite flower to plant every Spring?




  1. Thanks for sharing your vintage plants, they bring so much pleasure! I really love geraniums. So much variety and the leaves also are so varied, with that smell that reminds one of their grandparents. They’re also very hardy, at least here in California. Take care Myra!

  2. Myra,
    I love the pictures of your yard and flower beds – they were beautiful!! I especially loved the transformation of your front porch and those flower beds…..wow! Our Lowe’s store carries the separate pieces of bird baths – you might try there – hopefully you’ll have some luck! Thanks again for sharing – it’s good to have you back! Anxious to see your bedroom makeover and would love to see a summer mantle…..

  3. I ran across your link in facebook and had to hop on over and see your planter. I love it, that is so cool. Memaw is very clever. I love all the beautiful flowers too! So many pretty colors.

  4. the purple flower is Angelonia, an annual. It also comes in pink, white and raspberry. Just pinch off old flower spikes and it’ll bloom all summer!

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