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Happy Monday!! I hope you had a wonderful, joyful weekend! We had such a great day at the Tennessee Aquarium on Friday. The boys loved it. And Ernie and I loved getting away for the day.

I hadn’t planned to share this post today, but now it’s in my mind and I need to get it out. I have to admit that it’s a little on the awkward side of things. Talking about my face isn’t the most enjoyable thing to discuss, but I really feel like someone out there needs to hear this part of my story.

Healthy Choices Matter - The proof is in my face!

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There’s my face from 2009-2014.

I’m a total nerd and I love seeing how things change over time. I randomly decided to do a collage of my face over the past few years. All I can say is WOW. This is not about weight…okay, so it sort of is, but more importantly it’s about HEALTH.

2009 – Ridley was 3.5 months old. I was not healthy. I ate garbage {like fast food and eating out ALL THE TIME} the entire pregnancy. I did NOT take care of my body at all. I had complications during pregnancy and was put on morphine and other prescription drugs. I had a terrible labor and delivery {more drugs} and I suffered some level of PTSD from that whole experience for three years until Cameron’s birth. I see now that I was so puffy and I truly looked half alive. I probably had the worst adrenal fatigue on the planet. We were struggling financially and my husband was working two jobs. It was a really tough time.

2010 – More of the same, but I was trying to lose weight without much success. I was running, but my body didn’t want to let go of the weight. I went from hearing, “Oh, don’t worry, the baby weight will fall off while you’re breastfeeding!” to “Well, you will lose weight quickly when you wean.” Seriously?! My body doesn’t lose weight well. At all. I think the problem was bigger than just holding onto weight. My hormones and endocrine system were a hot mess.

2011 – In this photo I had just started the 180 diet. 180 is a homeopathic product that stimulates the hypothalamus gland to lower the level of fat that it holds on to. The diet worked super well for me. I felt great and got down almost to my pre-pregnancy weight. MORE importantly, I learned better eating habits, portion control and how to enjoy REAL food. I also started learning to listen to my body. This is one of my passions….we need to take time to learn our body, how our body reacts to certain foods, drinks etc.

2012 – I was 6.5 months pregnant. I was super careful what I was eating. I followed the Brewer diet and ate real food. I took juice plus daily and other supplements for a healthy pregnancy. I was a similar weight in the 2009 photo and the 2012 photo, but the difference is health. I had a beautiful, uncomplicated, midwife-assisted birth and a few weeks later, my friend Alyssa re-introduced me to Young Living essential oils. I began using the oils every day on myself and my family.

2013 – I was going to the gym three days a week. Running, walking or riding the stationary bike. I loved those early mornings at the gym. I did two Whole30s. I was juicing and being careful what I ate. I lost weight and felt pretty great. The house renovation, the move and the holidays were not kind to me or my hips. I knew I had to get this under control right away or I would regret it. In November I ordered Young Living’s NingXia Red antioxidant drink for the first time ever.  I began drinking 1 ounce a day just to see. I could tell on the days that I didn’t drink it…I just felt kind of blah and I was more susceptible to giving into food temptation.

Easter Sunday 2014 2.jpg

2014 – This photo was taken yesterday. All I can say is THIS is what healthy looks like for me. My eyes, skin and hair look so different. I actually look happy compared to the photo back in 2009. I’ve done a month or two of the 180 diet to help me get rid of the holiday pudge. I’m not getting in all the exercise I want to. {Does chasing two boys count?} I’m eating real food, drinking my NingXia Red and Nitro, using my essential oils every day, taking my vitamins, juicing and drinking a lot of water. I *love* me some kombucha which is great for gut health! I’m not a spoil sport…if there’s a sweet treat around I will likely cave. But I listen to my body about what I put into it and how I feel after I eat or drink something.

My goals for the rest of this year include going back to the gym regularly {strength training} and getting more rest. I’m also starting the Young Living 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse today.  I will keep you posted on how that goes.

As the photo collage above so clearly suggests, you are what you eat. It’ s not about just weight. You can be skinny and very unhealthy. This is about health.

We are all on different journeys. I want to encourage you with this…

No matter where you are on this journey of health and wellness – don’t give up!

Healthy choices matter. BIG time!




  1. Myra,
    the biggest difference is in your eyes! They’re brighter than ever now….the health and inner happiness shines through so clearly in yestyerday’s picture. You’re beautiful. 🙂
    BTW, I live in Cullman, AL. Where are you in AL?

  2. Myra,
    You look great! The picture is beautiful of you and your boys! Do you still take Juice Plus? That is fruits and veggies you put in your body. I have some oils and hope to learn more and more about them. Haven’t heard of the YL 5 Day Nutritive Cleanse. Need to check into that! Again, beautiful picture!!

  3. This was very encouraging for me. I am struggling so bad to eat healthy because my body is so in tune to junk. It goes through major withdrawls and I really want to start by cutting out the sugar.

    I have the Trim Healthy Mama book/program but I have not yet really dove into it. The new foods are very intimidating to me. Any advice? Is it better to switch slowly or cold turkey?
    Christin´s last blog post ..Get Organized With This Free Weekly Household Planner {Life Simplified}

    1. Hey Christin, I totally understand. I have major withdrawals too when I cut out sugar and other junk. It’s worth it to do it cold turkey. In 3 days my headaches are usually gone. GO girl! You can do it!

  4. THANK YOU!!!! Thanks you for posting this *awkward* post : ) I gave birth to my first son 11 weeks ago. I have struggled with body image my whole life. I am the heaviest I have ever been, and its so hard to get back into good habits. Today I started exercising, I’m taking small steps, trying to keep in mind that even if I only elliptical for 10 minutes or go for a walk that is better than doing nothing at all. I am trying to watch what I eat and curb cravings with drinking more water and eating fruit for my sweet tooth. I know it’ll be a long hard road but have to keep in mind that I feel SO much better when I am healthier, And I would really LOVE to have clothes that fit well again : )

  5. I’m so glad that you feel better and are healthy. Being healthy is so important that I’m realized this year. Great picture of you and the boys.

  6. It is too funny that you posted this today! Bethany and I were JUST talking yesterday about how you are the true picture of “perfect health” – your hair, skin, eyes, and weight! 🙂 You are definitely motivation and encouragement for me! From your previous posts, it looks like you and I gain about the same amount of weight during our pregnancies and carry our babies very similarly. My baby and yours were born in the same month of 2012 and I look absolutely no where near as healthy/fit as you do! 🙁 I have two questions. Do your boys use Juice Plus, as well? And…maybe your pregnancy weight gain never resulted in A LOT of stretch marks for you, but it definitely did for me! I am curious if you have an “oily” remedy for me?! 😉 I’d *almost* rather not lose my weight than have this scary-looking tummy afterwards! LOL. Thanks again for proving there IS hope – you are beautiful!

  7. You look amazing Myra!!! I know I don’t comment much, but I have followed you forever. You are an inspiration to all of us. Love the photo with you and your boys. XO Healthy is better and feels and looks so good.

  8. I just can’t seem to cut out sugar- especially chocolate. Thank you for sharing your journey and motivating me. You look amazing!

    1. That just means that your browser has been used to search for something “mcdonalds.” 😉

  9. I love seeing this change! How awesome! I am in the stage of ” I want to lose weight and I am unhappy, but I can’t seem to stick with anything! Some day… hopefully soon.. ugh.

    You look beautiful! And how awesome! PS- I love YL!

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