My 8k & Awesome Weight Loss!

As most of you probably know, I’ve been working {most of the time} on losing the stubborn baby weight that just seems to love me way too much to leave. I’m SO sick of it.  I’ve been running with Jackie, my running buddy, since September 2010. We successfully ran two 5ks last December, so we decided to register for a 10k.  That 10k race was postponed because of the tornado cleanup that everyone is helping with.

My sister mentioned that there was an 8k the same weekend, so Jackie and I decided that it would be a fun, “in-between” race before our 10k.  Ahem.  Just for the record it wasn’t fun. It was brutal.

But we finished.  And we ran the entire way.

We did it!  We so just owned that race…even though we didn’t run fast.

You can laugh. I look like a total moron when I run.

{sprinting to the finish line}

I crossed at 54:27.  Not too bad for me. 🙂

Ridley and Lily hanging out at the race.  Race day was beautiful with glorious sun, blue skies, hot air balloons in the air and cool temps.

On to the weight loss update. Running hasn’t helped me lose much weight.  My endurance level has increased and it’s just super discipline for my body. However, I still wasn’t losing weight.  Now I know what my problem was.  I was a snack-aholic.  Every time I sat down to my laptop, I had a snack.  Y’all know I love real food {farm raised beef & chicken, farm eggs, organic fruits and veggies, etc}.  I was eating way too much healthy food. No wonder I wasn’t losing weight.  Duh!

My naturopath recommended a new diet to me, but I’m stubborn and thought I didn’t need it.  {rolls eyes}  I don’t do “diets.” When my doctor mentioned the diet a few weeks later, I decided to go for it. I mean, what did I have to lose? Um, well, maybe 40 lbs. Ha!

In the first three weeks I’ve lost 19.5 inches and 17.4 pounds!!!!! See?

The diet is called The Dynamite 180 Diet. I take homeopathic hCG drops before each meal and I follow a strict eating plan and I drink a ton of water. {More here: PDF & Drops}

The concept is to reset the hypothalamus gland that controls the body’s fat storage. Over time, our fat storage level gets set too high. When I reach my goal weight, I’ll stop taking the drops and continue the eating plan for 28 more days before I start s-l-o-w-l-y adding other foods back in.

I’m sure this diet isn’t for everyone, but it’s working for me and I’m so, so thankful. I’m feeling much better and I’m encouraged to keep on, keeping on!

Happy Monday, Y’all!


  1. Congratulations Myra! You go girl!! Personally I don’t like running, but I’m a faithful walker (both on the treadmill and outside). About baby-fat…we have 3 children and I gained 55 lbs for each child (3 times each). I hated that I had to wear maternity clothes for months after the birth of my child. Time, exercise, and diet did take the weight off.

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!! I gained about 50lbs. with my pregnancy… our baby is now almost 14 mo. and I still have about 15lbs. to go. Since it’s warm outside now I’m trying to walk every day, but like you said – I don’t think just walking is going to do the trick. I’m a real food eater, too – and can get stuck in a rut with eating snacks if I don’t stay out of them to begin with! I’m eager to check out your links and see if they’re anything I can use. I could def. lose about 40lbs, too, that ISN’T baby fat.
    Miriam´s last blog post ..The Growing Garden

  3. Girl, this is FABULOUS! 8K!?!?!?!?!?! That’s HUGE! I must confess, I have tried, a few, no several times…to run…then, I try again….Major frustrated with the running idea right now. I have, however, been working out with DVD’s, and I seem to be consistent so far. (fingers-crossed-HOORAY!) I don’t have a pregnancy on which to blame my weight-gain….I just got married and got fat LOL! I have been counting calories etc…inconsistently HA! Going to read up on this diet and see what it’s about at least =) Thank you for sharing your journey!

  4. So happy for you! I’m going to check it out after I have my 3rd baby in August!

    <3 Traci @ Ordinary Inspirations

    PS: Awesome job on the 8 k girl!

  5. Congratulations! I have some stubborn baby fat too–about 30 pounds of it–and my “baby” will be 7 this summer! The *thought* of running actually interests me a lot more than the act of running. I really want to, but there’s always something in my way. It seems like every time I get really motivated to start running, something major happens that keeps me from starting. This last time (about a month ago), I got myself really psyched up about it and was just days from being ready to go and I came down with a nasty infection that kept me bedridden for 2 weeks and I’m just now getting over it completely (that’s a good excuse…right?!) At any rate, I think I’m ready to get started but I’m not sure where to begin. Do you have any tips? I’m not sure if I should just take off and run as far as I can until I pass out or walk/run for a while to build up my endurance. Any ideas and tips would be greatly appreciated.

  6. Myra!! You look fabulous! …and for the record, I think it’s incredibly significant that you *ran* the entire 8k!

    What an inspiration you have become to me; weight loss tips, 5ks and 8ks, beautiful decor ideas, great recipes, special remodels, sharing of beautiful family members… I could go on, but you are such a beauty and just for the record, I plan on sharing yours and your husband’s love story w/my teenage girls to encourage them to *wait*! 🙂

    Blessings on your day,
    Sunny 🙂

  7. P.S.
    My “baby fat” has hung around for 13 years… {embarrassed}. Thank you for your candid sharing of your struggle and your sweet encouragement via sharing posts like this one. 🙂

    Big hugs from CA 🙂

  8. YOU GO GIRL! The photos are inspiration enough – great idea!! I am a runner too and battling injuries to get back in the game and run two half -marathons this fall. Don’t you just feel better? I love that feeling after a run – it is great. Keep up the great work!

  9. Congrats on the 8K! Maybe I need to work towards that before a 10K! A friend and I started running about a year ago and we have only done 5K’s that we still struggle with sometimes! We have never been runners, so it still seems new to us.

    Anyway, I have a few questions. What is a naturopath? Also, how long have you been on the diet? I eat as close to a real foods diet as I can, so anytime someone says diet I also roll my eyes and say, “I dont do diets”. But I need to figure out something to loose about 30 lbs!

    I will definitely be checking out the links. Although my hubby and I are trying to get prego, are the drops ok to use while trying?
    Andrea Merrigan´s last blog post ..Life is busy

  10. I LOVE THIS.

    Took me right back to when I was trying to lose baby weight. I took seven months for me to just give up and stop weighing myself. That’s when I returned to my pre-baby weight- when I stopped obsessing.

    My story (or part of it) is here:

    (sorry for the super long url)

    Good luck!!!
    Rachel´s last blog post ..The Outfit

  11. What an accomplishment and I know it feels good to meet goals that you set! Congratulations and you’re looking good!

  12. Amazing. Simply amazing. I’ve been checking out the Dynamite 180 and I’m really interested. I’ve got major craving problems and this seems like it might address my issue.

    Are you ravenously hungry on the days when you’re only eating 650 calories?
    Kimba´s last blog post ..Farmhouse Apple Cake

    1. I was only ravenous on Day 3 and 4. I get hungry, but not starving. I’m really surprised. My body has adjusted to the lower calories and it’s not bad at all. I hope this diet will help many people. I’m just amazed at how it’s helping me. xoxo

  13. Way to go Myra!!! What an accomplishment. That inspires me to run a marathon too. I’m pregnant now and feel like I’m going to need that help in losing the baby weight (= Blessings!!

  14. Way to go girl! you look great 😀 i would kill for your new cheekbones 🙂 keep up the good work

  15. Hi Myra! My sister-in-law, Danielle, recommended your website to me, and I am enjoying it so much! Especially the weight-loss ideas. I am very interested in trying the HCG drops and diet that you talked about, however… do I have to use the Dynamite brand drops, or can I use a cheaper version? Thanks so much! 🙂 Kristin

  16. Wow, Myra! Way to go! You look fabulous (though, I never did think you looked less than fabulos ;)! That diet seems interesting. I suspect it’s not something one could do while breastfeeding since rapid weight loss isn’t recommended due to the possibility of toxins getting into the breastmilk. If I wasn’t nursing, I might seriously consider it even though it seems pretty hard.

    I’ve been doing Weight Watchers Online and I’m finally getting rid of the Katie-fat that’s been lingering. Just a pound or so a week. I can actually button a couple pairs of my pre-Katie jeans now. They’re not suitable for public wear yet–but I can button them for the first time in a looooooong time! :o)

    Way to go running an 8k. Eek! I started the Couch to 5k running plan last week, and I’m really huffing and puffing at the end of 90 seconds of running. The thought of actuall DOING a 5k seems pretty out there. Maybe some day.

    Keep up the fantastic work, girlie!<3

  17. I am soooooooooooo interested in this program…I was wondering what is necessary to purchase to begin. I know they try to sell you all sorts of things but is it only the drops that are absolutely necessary?

  18. CONGRATS! I know this is n old post but I am very interested in this diet… but I am wondering if you were nursing during this? That is my only concern is that Im nursing a 3 month old and I think that I may have to wait to do this until baby is older and not relying on mme quite so much.

  19. After reading part of your weight loss journey. I am absolutely appalled! Im not sure what kind of dr would tell someone to eat only 650 calories a day thats starvation. Especially since you have been on the diet awhile. I am getting my bachelors in science and health and wellness and in all my nutrition classes they say that the body needs at least 1200-1500 calories just for the body to properly function. Im sure that you have been getting headaches,your mood is all over the place and your tired. Your absolutely not getting enough calories just cause its a fad diet doesnt mean that its healthy.

    1. Hi KC, Thanks for your comment. While on the diet, I actually had zero headaches and SO much energy! I felt great! 🙂 When I finish breastfeeding….could be over a year from now, if I still have some extra weight to lose, I definitely plan on doing the homeopathic drops again.

  20. Hi Myra I started the diet and I am on my 1st day of the low calorie and I have to ask how you felt. I have been great all day and my energy level has been great and no cravings but, I started feeling so sick around 6:00. I feel as though I was starving and really nauseous. I ate my last meal and I still feel sick with no energy. I could barley care for my 8 month old because of how I felt. Just wondering if you felt the same the 1st couple days so I know that I will get past this because I don’t want to give up and ruin what I already started.
    Your the only one that I have seen on this diet so I have nowhere else to turn.
    Thanks so much!

  21. I am very delighted that you have given this detailed malfunction. There are a ton of sectors that would profit from the understandings you have offered in this remark. Precise, detail oriented, and obviously full of thought.

  22. I think the things you covered through the post are quiet impressive, good job and great efforts. I found it very interesting and enjoyed reading all of it…keep it up, lovely job..
    Sylvia´s last blog post ..Hello world!

  23. You are a great inspiration to all of us. You are doing it great! I am happy for you that you managed to start this change. Reading stories like this makes me inspired. Keep up the good work!

  24. Hello, I am so proud of you! This is coming from someone who needs a major kick in the rear to get going herself. I can totally see the difference in your photos. Keep up the great work!

  25. If losing weight were easy, no one would be overweight. Many people try and fail every year to shed extra pounds; according to the International Food Information Council Foundation, a whopping 69 percent of American citizens are attempting to lose weight or keep it off.
    Rebel´s last blog post ..Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Secrets

  26. Nutrition is key to a healthy weight, and knowing what is enough. It’s hard! Especially in our culture, where we have an abundance, and can snack whenever we want… I agree that it is okay to be a little hungry, but I am terrible at believing it for myself.

  27. Amazing article. I have been looking for something just like this, I am feeling motivated towards starting my weight loss journey after reading this article, Thank you for sharing. Keep it up.

  28. You have shown women all around the world that one can really commit to losing baby weight. Thanks for this information. Very inspirational. PS; you don’t look like a moron when you run. Enjoy the journey

  29. What a great idea to take photos of all the bits and pieces of each travel! You have made beautiful collections in each photos. I have pinned this my Photography Pinboard. Thanks for sharing!

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