It FINALLY Snowed!


Good morning, y’all! We are SO excited to have snow this week! We woke up to snow yesterday morning. It was so fun! Tuesday was our 8th wedding anniversary and it snowed on our wedding day too…so we had fun remembering that. {Read our love story here.} It rarely snows in Alabama, so just 2 inches can slow things down and make roads a mess.

Here are some snowy photos…and a video that probably will make you laugh!

Snow 2014 2

My super adorable men-folk! 🙂

Snow 2014

It was such a pretty winter wonderland.

Snow 2014 5

It was still snowing a bit when we were out this morning.

Snow 2014 3

We rode feed troughs down the dam. LOL It was fun!

This is how Southerners do snow play. Ha!

Snow 2014 4

My brother made Snow Cream! Yum!

Snow 2014 6

This was Cameron’s first snow. He loved it!! What a cute kid!

Does it snow all the time where you live? Do you get SICK and tired of it or are you like me when I do a happy dance at the first flurries of snow?




  1. Love this! And generally I love snow. 🙂 We’re in the 8-12″ range for what’s supposed to come tonight… we’ll see! I miss the good sledding hills that we don’t have around here where we live! I *don’t* miss that the girls don’t know what sledding is so I don’t have to deal with going out in it with them at 8 mo. pregnant. 😉
    Miriam´s last blog post ..Oh, What a Night!!

    1. We’ve had the same 5″ here for a week (central Indiana)! Oh, how I would love to see the ground again! Come on, Spring! 😀

  2. Happy Anniversary. Enjoy the snow. The boys and I had fun watching your video. We love the snow and live in a place that snows often.

  3. Unhappily, it doesn`t snow here where I live in Brazil. =(

    Enjoy it! It`s my dreaming make part of this snowy fun!

  4. How FUN! Great pictures. Nope, no snow here in Florida 🙁 . Acually, I have NEVER seen snow. Yep, true Floridian here. Your boys are so cute! Stay warm and Happy Anmiversary. I will celebrate my 21 st. Anniversary on Valentines Day 🙂



  5. I read your blog from western Canada so we have snow about for four months 🙂 I have always loved winter… We skate, sled, ski and just play in the snow. I try to keep a positive attitude and enjoy every season, remembering who is the Maker of each season 🙂 I can imagine how excited you’s are…. especially your boys! Enjoy it while it lasts, Myra!

  6. How fun! I love the video! We are enjoying our snow day in Greenville, too! I’m like you, I get SO excited for snow, especially since here in the South it doesn’t last very long. Stay warm!
    Whitney´s last blog post ..Snow Days!

  7. Hi Myra. First time I’ve commented, but follow you. I just had to say that picture of you and Cameron is adorable. Love from soggy Cornwall. UK. X

  8. We’ve had 50 inches of snow this winter with below normal temps. I’m tired of winter and ready for spring!!!

  9. Hello from MA! We are soooo sick of snow! I couldn’t help but smiled while reading your post. Loved the pics. We are getting another 6-12″ tomorrow. Ughh… Can’t wait for spring!

  10. How fun!! We get excited when it snows here too which is rarely in Houston, TX. My daughter goes to college an hour north of us and she had snow 3 times already this year which is unheard of. It snowed on her birthday and she got to be on the local news too. All in all, it was a great day for her. Love all the pics and videos.

  11. I live in Michigan so we get a LOT of snow. This winter has been crazy. I love it at first, but about this time of year, I’m tired of it and ready for spring. I’m glad that you get to enjoy it though.

  12. Such a cute family! I love snow and winter and I miss it terribly. Back home in Southern Illinois they have had an abundance of snow. However, we live in the mid-south and have not had any. 🙁

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