A Few Of My Favorite Things {No. 1}

Good morning and happy Monday! I am *so very thankful* for your love, prayers and support during the last two weeks. It’s been hard. Grief stinks big time. It’s been harder for me than I anticipated.

I’m working on getting my blogging mojo back, so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things today. This could potentially be an ongoing theme sprinkled throughout what I share here. Yay!

I bought these Anthropologie latte bowls for myself for Christmas last year. I love them so much. I use them every day and they make me smile…big 🙂

On my quest for eating healthfully, I use herbs and spices liberally. These two are my go-to seasonings – Herbamare and Real Salt. I use them every day on meat and vegetables. They are delicious, nourishing, healthy seasonings. Yum!

Several months ago, I bought these Adidas cushioned socks from Academy. There’s actually a third pair with aqua accents, but it was in the laundry basket and I didn’t think you wanted to see a picture of dirty socks. Ha! I never dreamed the difference that these socks would make when I walk, run or bike. They are like magic energy on my feet. 😉

Our faithful Kitchen Aid blender {a wedding gift 7 years ago} died a few months ago. It was a sad day. We bought this Ninja Pulse system on sale at Kohl’s and it was love at first use. I use this machine every single day for smoothies or baby food. I also use the pitcher attachment for making homemade salsa. It is perfect.

You might think it’s a little funny, but these items are my go-to sanity aids. With the emotional roller coaster of the last few weeks, I have kept them very close by. 😉 Rescue Remedy, Sublingual Bs {which are also great for morning sickness}, Joy and Valor Essential Oil Blends really help with emotional support.

Those are a few of my favorite things today! I would love to hear…do you use any of these items?



P.S. I did use affiliate links in this post. Mwah!


  1. Hi Myra,

    Thanks for sharing your favorite things…..I especially love the bowls and the wonderful colors. I don’t have those particular bowls, but have various kinds of dishware in bright, fun colors and enjoy using them! Glad to have you back…….continuing to pray for you and your family.

  2. I think the bowls are fun. I used little bowls that look like glazed inside pots to heat my frozen blueberries. Had been doing it for oh a year or more until one day I smelled this smell like a metallic soldering burn…it was my bowl in the microwave! They were pottery so I’d guess not made for microwave but .. Should get my red one like your set out to use. My niece gave us each a color…I’d be much safer…and cheerier!!!
    Little ‘gifts’ to enjoy the moment help the grieving process. But know its normal to be sad about this for a long time. I think it’s one of the hardest things of my childhood. It took a long time and I love to talk about her and our fun times.
    And sometimes, like when my big sis and then my Dad died , the rest of us were afraid to share our deep sorrow of missing them because if the other sibling was doing pretty good that day we didn’t want to make them sad. So well, we who are older dont mind if you grieve openly or privately. Know its a process and it comes and goes in waves. God can use us to be more tender hearted to the grieving. You are a sweet granddaughter. Now I’m tearing. Hug your little ones. Tell them stories about her all the time. My folks did that and so I felt I knew grandparents I never got to know except through them. It is what I do about my sister and my Dad to my girls. To remind them of little things. And we remember and we smile. Blessings today.

  3. I love those bowls- I love pretty much anything Anthro makes! I also am a fan of the rescue remedy. I also use the suntheanine and the Pure Tranquility Liquid along with some good old fashioned running. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one that sometimes feelings get the most of! I’m so sorry for your loss.
    Rebecca at thisfineday´s last blog post ..Day Trip: Lemos Farm in Half Moon Bay

  4. I noticed in your posts how you are on a quest to eating healthfully, well my husband and I are starting our journey on eating more healthful also. My husband had open heart surgery just three weeks ago, a quadruple bypass, has diabetes, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. My question is where and how do we begin?

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