Amazing Stye {& Pink Eye} Remedy


Happy Friday, y’all! I’m ready for the weekend…and today’s my birthday! Yay! I’ve been eagerly waiting to tell you about a wonderful natural remedy for styes and pink eye – colloidal silver.

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a very sore eyelid. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong. It was like an eyelash was infected or something, but I couldn’t actually see a problem.  The next morning I woke up with the most huge, nasty stye on my eyelid. Ewww!

pink eye remedy

I didn’t have colloidal silver on hand, so I made a quick run to the health food store. I used a drop of Sovereign Silver in my eye twice that day. I woke up very early the next morning and my stye…and the pain…was completely gone.

Wow! I was so surprised. And thankful!!

Colloidal silver is a completely safe remedy in children and adults alike. Besides eye issues, colloidal silver is great for cuts and scrapes, building immune function and as a natural antibiotic.

I trust and recommend Sovereign Silver because of their high quality products and great prices. I also found this PDF with more information for you! 😉

Have you ever used colloidal silver before?

Happy weekend!!



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  1. Happy Friday to you, Myra, and a very Happy Birthday!!! Hope you have a fabulous day! Thanks for the tip with colloidal silver. I wish I had known about it as a kid in India. I suffered from styes all the time. I will file this away for future reference. Thanks, again! Happy Happy Birthday! Mine is in three days! Don’t you love March birthdays?

  2. A long time ago, we were at my friend’s house and she was sick with a cold and didn’t want us to get sick, so she gave my three kids and I some colloidal silver. The next day, and the days thereafter, we all got the worst case of the stomach flu I have ever had. I am sure that there was not a correlation, but I could never touch the stuff again. It was horrible, we were at my sil’s house and it was the worst!

  3. My one year old recently had a nasty head cold. Soon the mucus started draining from his eyes, and the gunk and crust was just awful! We (as best we could) dropped a couple drops in his eyes several times a day, as well as giving him a teaspoon orally. In 3 days not only were his eyes cleared up, but the running nose too!

    I have also read that while the black plague raged through Europe centuries ago, many royal families were spared. No one then knew why. Today, research is pointing to the silver platters, plates, cups, and utensils that they ate and drank from daily! A good dose of silver to boost their immunity…
    Ashlee´s last blog post ..Life: Hard. But beautiful.

  4. Happy Birthday Myra! May God bless you richly on this day and always! I love colloidal silver and have used it for years for eyes, sore throats, etc. Great product and thank you so much for sharing it with so many others! You are a great blessing to many.

  5. Happy Happy Birthday Myra!!!!!
    Why am I not surprised that you are from march, too?
    Mine is next week, I’m turning 50, it’s horrible… ;-(
    Many many blessings to the wonderful big-hearted woman you are!!!

  6. Use colloidal Silver for colds but didn’t know it’d work for pink eye or styes – thanks for the info and Happy Birthday. Blessings . . .

  7. I have been getting styes since I was 5. I have tried lots of things. The next time I get one though, I’ll be sure to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Wishing you the happiest of birthday! Thanks so much for the wonderful things you share on the blog. I so enjoy your insight! Bless you.

  9. Oh man where to start about Silver! Teen sons and I use it as a toner on face-cures acne and breakout like magic! I drop a few drops in my gallons of milk to keep it fresher longer (just in case). As soon as stomach flu even tries to make a appearance we start on it, drop in ears for ear infections, I have my kids also sniff it up nose when it is running or if sinus is infected. Also my MIL suffers from bladder problems tied to a bladder sling-was on constant antibiotic-she started on silver 2x a day-was feeling less pain after a week and was off antibiotic soon after. I could go on-I am with a awesome natural health and wellness company and Silver is one of our products.

  10. I get styes all the time and am excited to have something to try on them, thanks! Hope you had a wonderful Birthday!

  11. I bought collodial silver but on the bottle it says avoid eye contact. I have a stye…should I put in my eye? I’ve been spraying orally. What should I do????

    1. What brand did you buy? I believe that if it is sterile, it should be perfectly safe to use in your eye.

    2. Call the place from which you purchased the item. However, the FDA will not allow the manufacturer to say drop in eyes even if that is what the product was made for without further FDA approval. This happened for my MSM drops I take for dry eyes.

  12. Yesterday my hubs woke up with red, swollen, pink-eye-ish eyes. He could barely get his eyes open. It was Sunday, so there was little hope of getting him to the eye doctor or getting a prescription….but I remembered this blog post and went to GNC for some Colloidal Silver. It was a tremendous help! Thanks so much, Myra!

    1. Oh Whitney! I’m so glad that this information was helpful! You made my day. 🙂 I hope your husband’s eyes are back to normal asap!

  13. I have also found that plucking the hair follicle closest to the sty sometimes helps. If it doesn’t drain, sometimes it will at least relieve the pressure on the site. This can be especially helpful for people who have a hard time putting drops in their eyes.

  14. This is an great blog I must say. I’m blessed to have came across this. I myself had suffered with stye/ pink eye as a child. It’s been so long and 2 days ago… bam! Stye/ pink eye! Any how I went to whole foods and bought this little miracle product ,put it on about an hour ago and already seeing a dramatic recovery. I couldn’t thank you enough for your suggestion.
    Q: How many times may I put this on in a day?

  15. I have been using Sovereign Silver Colloidal Silver on my dog’s eye. Two days ago I noticed this big stye on his bottom eyelid. I figured I’d give the colloidal silver a try. Put several drops in his eye Mon night. Again on Tues morning. Then Tues evening it looked like it had a big white head on it. I pressed gently and some very thick pus came out. Washed that out with some more colloidal silver and this morning I could barely see where it was. I put a few more drops in just in case. Just think how much a vet would have charged for this plus the antibiotics they would have given him. So thankful I learned about colloidal silver on the Robert Scott Bell Show.

  16. Question….. I don’t think I have a stye but an eye cold. We have allergy type symptoms, sore throats and draining eyes, especially in the mornings. Do you think the collodiial silver would work here? It all started with my 18 month old would it be safe on him?

  17. I have never had a stye. Until now. I Googled every possible eye inflammations i could find and remedies. Warm compress, tea bag, neosporin… All did nothing for me. Until i found your site and colloidal silver remedy. I ordered yesterday. Got it today. Used one drop twice within two hours… And i already see the swelling go down. Thank you SO MUCH for providing all the info and resources! Saved my eye and unnecessary trips to the pharmacy!

  18. My 2.5 year old has pink eye in both eyes. I would like to try the colloidal silver/sovereign silver you recommended. Do I need to dilute this before I add it to her eyes.

  19. My wife has pink eye (viral) and the doctor we paid a ridiculous amount of money to see could not provide a prescription for the viral strand of pink eye. Instead, she was told to let it run its course and continue putting warm rags on her eyes. 4 days later she gets pink eye in her other eye, and now has it in both somehow (I didn’t know it was possible). I went to Sprouts (a healthy food store) and bought the WRONG colloidal silver (I didn’t know it had 10% alcohol in it!)..Yes, it went in her eye, and she nearly destroyed our bathroom trying to wash it out, it was horrible (a lot of pain).. Make sure if you get colloidal silver to get one that is pure (like the one in the picture up top), and check the ingredients. The colloidal silver we bought was the sovereign silver, and is clear. We are in for 20 hours so far using this sovereign silver ($12.99), and we are praying for a miracle. Also we tried a handful over other methods for treating it, including Apple Cider Vennegar (Braggs brand I believe), and that has not helped at all yet.

    She also got strep throat shortly after getting her pink eye infection, so make sure you hit the doctor for antibiotics for that. Good luck to you poor souls, I hope I never get pink eye -.-

  20. I’m curious to see if this would help with my mild blepharitis. Will get the Sovereign brand just so I know it’s pure and sterile. Do you know of any holistic remedies for blepharitis and the resulting abnormal eyelash growth? This started a year ago and I’m currently using Similason allergy eye drops and putting hexane free cold pressed castor oil on lids and lashes. I think what caused it was my oil control eyeshadow cream.

  21. Pink eye and styes are usually caused by a bacterial infection on the eye. Sovereign Silver eye drops is really beneficial for giving yourself some relief from pink eye or stye. I was suffering from pink eye and this remedy helped me to get rid of my problem. Thanks for sharing.

  22. I don’t know if you’ll see this, but I just scrolled through your Instagram out of curiosity, and your gratitude and positivity has been a highlight to my morning and a source of inspiration. I googled silver stye remedy as a validation to my past experiences with it and I’m so glad I found your blog!

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