Less Mess Pancake Batter Tip


Happy Friday! I hope you had a good week and that you have something fun planned for the weekend. I can’t let another day go by without sharing my “Less Mess Pancake Batter Tip” with y’all. It has revolutionized my mornings in the kitchen.

My sister-in-law gave me this idea and I love it.  You can avoid drips from spooning or dipping batter out of a bowl. And there’s much less clean up after breakfast.  Booyah!

Use a 2-cup or a 4-cup measuring cup to measure, mix and pour your pancake batter.

Amazing, right? Maybe I’m the very last person to make pancakes this way, but I’m just tickled about it.

Here are two of our favorite pancake recipes:

How do you normally mix your pancake batter? In a bowl? In a measuring cup?



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  1. My family of almost 7 uses an 8 cup, measuring liquids first and then mixing in the dry ingredients. I do use a 1/4 C to dole out the batter though. I have a thing for my pancakes being the same size 🙂

  2. We re-purpose a half gallon milk jug and add the dry ingredients through a funnel, then add the wet ingredients…. put the cap on SECURELY (this step is vital, or it won’t be less messy, lol) then shake well to mix it all together. Remove the cap and pour directly onto your cooking surface. I have even thought about saving several of the half gallon jugs to have the dry ingredients already in the container ready to grab out of the cabinet.

  3. My mom also used to mix our pancake batter in a blender. Very easy and it whips them up so they are a bit fluffier! I’ve also seen on Pinterest where people have made the batter ahead and keep it in a ketchup bottle in the fridge for easy access!

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