Exploring Downtown Franklin, TN

This past weekend, we {family and friends} and so much fun exploring downtown Franklin, Tennessee!  My husband lived there for a while several years ago and it is one of our favorite day trip destinations!  Franklin has a beautiful blend of antiques and home decor shops, delicious eateries and fashion and jewelry boutiques.

I love the old architecture!

I could meander along on the sidewalks for hours.

That’s my sister and her family crossing the street! 🙂

Franklin is home to the original Sweet CeCe’s. If you’ve never had Sweet CeCe’s frozen yogurt you are missing out. It’s the creamiest most-like-ice-cream frozen yogurt I’ve ever had. Yum!

We had lunch at the fabulous Franklin Mercantile Deli.  The chicken salad and tomato basil soup are delish!

The Lulu store front completely stole my heart!!!  I love the silhouettes and all the book pages. Wow!

Okay, so this is the most impractical chair ever, but I *love* it!! 🙂

They had beautiful wrapping paper…beautiful enough to frame.

And this light fixture. Oh my word. Want to guess the price tag?


{gasp! BAM. that was me falling out of my chair.}

You could so make one with an old lamp shade, light kit and fabric flowers…for much less than six hundreds smackeroos.

I adore these basket woven felt trees.

The Main Street Toy Company is one of our favorite stops.  It is loaded to the gills with fabulous toys and activities for kids!

Ridley loved playing with all the trains. 🙂

The Franklin Antique Mall was an incredible, exciting place to visit.  We all enjoyed it. I honestly could have browsed around there for hours on end.

Anyone need a retro sign?  This is your place!

I love all the vintage kitchenwares.

The architecture of the antique mall building itself was pretty cool.  Love the exposed brick!

We stopped in PD’s {Premium Discounters} which is the most unassuming old train station warehouse type shop. Their products are amazing and the prices are rock bottom…just what I love!

I loved this chest.  My hubby found a table and chairs that he really liked too. We will be back when we are in the market for some new furniture!

One of my favorite stops in Franklin is Rebecca’s Furniture.  Unlike some of the snooty shops, Rebecca’s is warm and friendly and they engage with shoppers and browsers.  This trip wasn’t a disappointment. I fell in love with this pillow…and I’m totally planning on creating my own version…of course.

And this ancient dough bowl…oh my word!  I’ve never seen such a ginormous dough bowl.  That would make a lot of bread. Ha!

I bought five of the largest pine cones I’ve ever seen for $4.00 each. I’m not sure what I’m doing with them yet, but I will let you know!

Where is your favorite day trip destination?

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  1. Franklin is my absolute favorite place! I live 15 minutes away in South Nashville, and we are planning to move somewhere in Franklin early next year because of the excellent schools. PD’s is my most fav place to shop too! You’re right about it being unassuming! You could drive right by and never know what you missed. So glad you had a good time, and isn’t the hospitality here the greatest?!

  2. Loved this post, thanks. I’ve been daydreaming for a while of moving somewhere…small and Franklin is on my list. A blogger that I read daily lives in Franklin.

    1. @Kristen, Hi Kristen, couldn’t help but see your comment about wanting to move to Franklin. I’m a Yankee (from Boston area) and have lived in Franklin for nearly 15 years and am a REALTOR here. Feel free to contact me if you get serious about finding a GREAT place to live.

  3. I used to live in Bellevue (Part of Nashville) and hubby used to work in Franklin. Thanks for posting pics! Makes me miss living there. It was wonderful, but TX is home now! 😉

  4. I live in Franklin, but often don’t get to downtown. I had friends visit this weekend so I took them down there for Puckett’s Brunch and sweet ceces. They were floored with all the cool architecture from the buildings (guess I’ve been taking advantage)
    Glad you had a great time

  5. This Franklin, Tenn. so reminds me of Franklin, Pa.!!! We do not have quite as many shops but it is a quaint little town in Pennsylvania. There are also many Victorian homes. The main street is very similar to yours. Thanks for sharing.

  6. So glad you got to see PDs and visit the original Sweet CeCe’s! Those were my suggestions! (wrote on your FB page wall 😉 Havent been to Rebeccas! I’ll have to check it out!

  7. Wow, what a fun trip! Those places look amazing!! About the pinecones: I did a fun, quick project with some a couple years ago. My daughter and I got some white paint and a little paintbrush, and I let her go to town painting the tips of each “petal.” I went back behind her and filled in where she had missed, and the result was a super cute, wintery pinecone that she helped make!

  8. I love downtown areas like this! It is so nice to see places whose downtown areas are thriving, and not half empty and crumbling. I love the Lulu storefront too! If I am ever anywhere near Franklin, Tennessee again, I will definitely have to check it out.

  9. Not only does Franklin have a lot of charming shops and restaurants, but the town also has a storied past for all you history buffs. Parts of the Civil War battlefield have been reclaimed in recent years and you can tour several lovely Antebellum homes in town ~ Carnton Plantation, The Carter House and Lotz House ~ which were caught in the cross-fire of some of the most horrific fighting. The families who lived in these homes exemplify the resilience of the human spirit. There is much to be learned from these historic sites about loyalty, compassion and patriotism.

  10. Love, love, love Franklin too, we were in Nashville for about a week in May last year. I want to retire to or near Franklin. Love the Franklin Tea store. They had a great Vanilla Pear. Good hot or cold. I miss Tennessee.

  11. I LOVE this post about Franklin!! You have an eye for great things!! Next time you’re in the area, visit Riverside Antiques & Home Decor at 144 Bridge St. It’s “off the beaten path” and is a real treasure! I think you’ll like it!!

  12. We are contemplating on retiring next year…to Tn. My Son lives in Knoxville and Daughter lives outside of Atlanta. Next month we will be in Nashville just for a few days…but I just saw the Historic Downtown and Your pics on here….Wow! I am originally from Philadelphia/ NJ…and absolutely love the Historic architecture /History of Franklin! I feel drawn here…loved all of the Shops and eateries too . I think that I finally found the spot…Many Thanks for sharing!

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