Embracing Beauty In Imperfection {DaySpring Giveaway!}

Good Sunday morning, beautiful friends!  Today’s post isn’t a craft, recipe or DIY project, but I trust you will read, hear my heart and be inspired!  This is a bit of my story… and…. this is the world’s longest blog post. You’ve been warned. 🙂

I’m a recovering perfectionist. In a former life, I worked as an interior designer in the high-end furniture industry where everything was “just so.”  Then I became a mom and everything changed. I resigned from my fancy shmancy design position to stay home with my brand new babe.  When spit up and snot became my accessories, I wasn’t sure where I belonged in my drastically changed imperfect world.

But then I figured it out.  My passion is embracing beauty in imperfection. Today, I want to encourage you to embrace imperfect beauty too.

Embrace Imperfect Furniture and Accessories

I’ve embraced imperfection on a Picker Sister’s level where I’ll hit the brakes when I see an old rusty barn…just to enjoy it’s aged beauty.  Vintage fans, aqua and blue Pyrex, chippy wood chairs, Ball jars, barn wood and old scales make my heart skip a beat.

Looking for the most unlikely of items to repurpose into something beautiful is what I love. It is what I do. It is who I am.  Isn’t that what Jesus does too? He uses imperfect, broken vessels for His service.

Embrace Imperfect Stores

This was probably one of the most difficult changes for me. Finding imperfect accessories requires that I embrace imperfect stores, antique shops, thrift shops, yard sales and estates sales…not known to be the cleanest locations on the planet.

Searching for fabulous, imperfect pieces is a fear-of-bugs-defying adventure.  Plain and simple.  Moving cobwebs out of the way, blowing dust off of treasures and having people look at you like you’re a nut job just comes with the territory. Embrace it!

Embrace A Beautifully Imperfect Home

When you embrace imperfect furniture and accessories and imperfect stores, one thing will most definitely happen – you will embrace a beautifully imperfect home. Reality isn’t a magazine cover or perfectly styled photo shoot. Sure, those are nice, but they are not real life where mail piles up, dishes aren’t always done and toys are scattered all over the floor.

Decorating with pieces from the past adds depth, character and a fabulous, worn beauty to your home that you can’t achieve with brand new items.  Vintage items have quickly transformed our newest house into a “lived here for years” home. It’s truly magical!  And since most things aren’t perfect, I can relax and embrace the beautiful imperfection in my home with it’s messes and crooked floors.

I’m a happier, less-high-strung person, better mom and less nagging wife. My family is appreciative. And my heart is full because Jesus is my fulfillment, He is my perfection and everything else is just stuff.


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  1. I must embrace beauty in imperfection every day, I am not perfect but God thinks I’m beautiful and I am grateful.

  2. i embrace imperfection everyday. my 2 awesome little girls love to help clean and though it is not as clean as i would like. they are so proud of theie work and how can you not love that. my little mommies in training!

  3. I am not sure if i am allowed to answer as I am in Australia. But i did want to share that the way i embrace beauty in imperfection is by accepting that it is OK not to be OK.

  4. I have to work at not comparing myself to others….a lesson I can’t seem to master! I have to work at loving who I am and the gifts I’ve been given instead of beating myself up because I don’t have as good a skill as this person, or as much talent as that person.

  5. Its about the new mom with the teething 8 month old getting up 8 times a night and mommy just holding him realizing the days where baby boy will allow himself to be held will be gone before I blink.

  6. I embrace the imperfection everyday by reminding myself that life is too short to be caught up in the details!

  7. I embrace the imperfection daily by living by the motto “happiness is a choice”. Some days I am definitely tested but for the most part I am a success!

  8. I see youth every day who are struggling with their lives, and I embrace imperfection by sitting back and realizing they aren’t perfect, but they are beautiful too.

  9. I have a port wine birth mark on the left side of my face…
    It is an imperfection that I have dealt with all of my life!
    This is one way that I have learned to find beauty in
    the imperfection of life.
    Many thanks, Cindi

  10. It’s ironic that you talk about perfection so soon after I posted my very first blog about 3 weeks ago!! It’s funny too that my very first blog was about my perfectionism and how it hindered me from trying new things and taking chances. I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year (at the age of 36). I’m happy and blessed to report that I am cancer free-thanks to 4 surgeries including a double mastectomy! Prase God! The sunshine after the rain to me was the courage God gave me to pursue this little dream I had of starting a blog-a happy little blog! The cancer helped me to realize that life is not long enough to keep putting things off and getting to them “one day when the time is right”. Do it now! Jump into the deep end of the pool cold turkey! Thank you for encouraging words-yes, HE is my fulfillment-I strive to please Him! Heidi

  11. Having young children brings along messes and stains. I have a small ink spot on my recliner, but it reminds me of the time that my daughter was standing there coloring with me. There are usually toys spread out on the floor, a lovely reminder that children live, love, and learn here. My son’s bed is wrinkly, a reminder that he made his bed all by himself and was happy to do so.

    One day the messes will be gone, and my children will be gone and grown up too. For now I will embrace the messy and love having my children in my home.
    Rachel Lundy´s last blog post ..31 Days of Joy: A Cheerful Heart

  12. For me, it’s about feeling free to love the things that speak to me without caring if other people agree about its beauty.

  13. I embrace imperfection but I have 3 beautiful children that the Lord has blessed us with. Yes, the floors are not always clean, the dishes are not always put away, the beds may be messy, you dress them and they head out the door straight to the mud puddle :), I get tired, and the to-do lists never seem to be all checked off…..but in reality none of that matters….God has given me a great responsibility to teach my children of Him and lead them to the knowledge of His saving Grace! He gives me the Strength to let go of what I think should be perfect and accept the imperfections that make up life.

  14. I see the beauty and wonder reflected in the eyes of the little children I work with every day and I especially enjoy it when I have one of my little ones in my arms and see things in their perspective. I try daily to focus on the beauty as I see the seasons change and with it our daily lives.

  15. I am learning that the house can always be cleaned but my little ones are not always going to be here or be little : )

  16. I struggle with knowing who I want to and can be and being who I am now. The process to perfection is done line upon line. I forget that I need to take each step. It would be more fun (I think) to just jump ahead instead of plodding through the hard stuff.

  17. In the past we have homeschooled our 2 children. This year, our son went to public school, so it’s only our 13yo daughter and I at home during the day. I’ve started to give her (even) more responsibilities and chores during the day… to add to her homemaking skills, and encourage her about taking pride in her work. Once I teach my daughter the “process” of doing something, though, I have to let go of “MY WAY” and allow her to do things, to serve others by her deeds, and to do them in (what I may consider) a less-than-perfect way. I have learned to be more appreciative of the fact that SHE is doing them rather than me, and have learned that my way is not always best.

    I embrace the beauty of the imperfections, because I know that her sweet spirit is behind it all, and THAT is worth so much more.
    Sally´s last blog post ..I John 4:10

  18. I embrace the beauty of imperfection by being content with what I have even if it needs to be replaced and it’s not in the budget at the moment! Sweet Blessings to you!

  19. Beautiful words, so true! Love your heart Myra!! I am embracing beauty in the sleepless and magical moments of the new mommy stage. Also working on embracing the beauty of each person I come in contact with – I want to see them with the eyes of God.

  20. I can find beauty in imperfection by accepting that my home will never look like the home of a neat freak… I go by my own standards! 🙂

  21. As a fellow “recovering perfectionist”, my latest mantra is…”People are more important than things.”

  22. I have learned to embrace beauty in my imperfection – that is how God made me 🙂 I am fearfully and wonderfully made!

  23. “And my heart is full because Jesus is my fulfillment, He is my perfection and everything else is just stuff.” Yes, yes, and yes!

    For me embracing imperfection in me and my house is a daily struggle. I have to constantly preach to myself to keep eternity’s values in view in how I use my time and the little energy I have.

    The only eternal payload that my house carries are the people in it. Everything else—whether it is beautiful and perfect or messy as can be— will one day burn with fervent heat. God help me to make my greatest investment in the only thing that will last forever—people.

  24. I look at the toys piled in my living room floor and watch how my son puts them there with care. That is is small world. That is beauty.

  25. I look at the toys piled in my living room floor and watch how my son puts them there with care. That is his small world. That is beauty.

  26. Stumbled upon your blog about a month ago looking for frugal holiday crafts, and I’ve been visiting ever since!

    Thank you for this post, it’s an important message. I think it’s easy as women to compare your imperfections as a wife, mother, etc., to other women’s strengths.
    I can embrace the beauty of imperfection by choosing to play with my son and enjoying it, even though the sink is full of dishes. Housework is never done; once the kitchen is clean it’s time to dirty it up again with another meal. My son’s babyhood is ticking by, but the dishes will wait patiently for me to attend to them. 🙂

  27. I have to be honest, it’s still an everyday learning and re-learning experience for me not be suckered in by my uber perfectionist inclination. But i do believe that i am getting better it. Everyday, when i wake up i always remind myself that today will not be perfect but it will be a happy day if i let it be.

  28. I’m sure I’m older than many, if not most of your readers. LOVE your blog, and very glad I found it. I find you inspirational in both your craftiness and your heartfelt words.
    I had to embrace beauty in imperfection many years ago when I had to choose between a perfectly clean house—or loving an imperfectly messy husband who always wanted to GO and DO (and live life to its fullest), rather than whether or not the house was perfect in every way.
    He died five years ago–you are EXACTLY right when you say that “everything else is just stuff”. I wouldn’t change a perfect ANYTHING for all those “imperfect” moments of love and laughter I shared with him. And I look for beauty in EVERYTHING now. It’s there–sometimes we just have to move a cobweb or two to find it!

  29. I embrace beauty in imperfection when I focus on the wonderful time my husband and I have had to focus on our relationship during our road of infertility. It hasn’t been easy, but knowing that God has a perfect plan helps us to keep pressing forward into life rather than giving up.

  30. I embrace beauty in imperfection when I focus on the wonderful time my husband and I have had in building our relationship with each other while traveling the road of infertilty. It’s been hard, but knowing that God has a perfect plan for our future family has made it easier to focus on the beauty of the journey, rather than on the heartache all of the time.

  31. I dont think there is any such thing as perfect or normal on this earth so what someone else thinks is ugly because of an imperfetion i may think is beaautiful because it is to me

  32. I embrace imperfection every day by knowing that in my weakness, He is made strong. I know that in His eyes I am perfect, so I continually ask for eyes to see myself the way He does!

  33. I have had to let go that I can’t control. My house is not perfectly clean, but my children are happy!

  34. I have learned to let go about getting the house organized. With 4 kids, it just isn’t going to happen!

  35. I have learned to let go on having the house organized to my “perfection.” With 4 kids it just isn’t going to happen!

  36. For me, embracing beauty in imperfection means letting my kids help me with what ever I am doing and not re-doing it when they dont do it “right”!

  37. It seems like I am learning to see beauty in imperfection in different ways each day. Today at lunch I saw my little girl’s face (and hands…and dress) covered with lasagna and it reminds me how blessed we are to have the food that we have and how the Lord has provided our needs!

  38. Beauty in imperfection? Well that would be my life. We are just leaving behind us a very long period of my husband’s incarceration. That was ugly, yet God gave me a beautiful boy to rear and a life to live even though circumstances were hard.

    I think the key is truly being content where I am and with what I have.

  39. I’m seeing the beauty in imperfection by focusing more on relationships than trying to keep up a “perfect” house.

  40. I can stop being a perfectionist and let things “go” a little more often. After all, I DO have FOUR (ages 9 to 9 months) small children now!

  41. For me, first and foremost I strive to embrace the beauty in leaping without seeing the landing, in the imperfection of that fall which will turn out either which way.

    That said, I’m also in love with crafting, photography and writing and constantly try to embrace the imperfection I find in these and regarding these things, because it’s always more fun to make something imperfect seem perfect 🙂
    (Yes, I’m still working on losing perfectionism, but think I’m on the right track.)
    Estrella Azul´s last blog post ..Some Love letters won’t be sent

  42. Isaiah 61:3 says that He “gives beauty for ashes.” He can take what is imperfect and less than beautiful in our lives and use it for His glory in ways we can’t imagine!

  43. Thanks for this post! It’s helpful to see the “imperfect” things in our life have a greater purpose…to bring Him glory!

  44. I try to remember that my “imperfect-ness” (ha, so not a word, maybe imperfection?!:) helps bring Him glory when I’m willing to be transparent about it. Not flaunt my mistakes but be honest about them if/when I’m asked. Hope that makes sense…it’s what I’m currently learning right now.

  45. Ooops, sorry for double-posting:( Didn’t think it went through originally:) Already like DaySpring on FB:)

  46. I embrace beauty and imperfection by remembering that a perfect being doesn’t exist. I don’t judge people by their superficial qualities.

  47. now that we have a 2yr old we embrace imperfection everyday. The kitchen may not always be clean because we are busy making memories.

  48. Our fallen world is full of imperfection. It is still beautiful and the best we have before Heaven!

  49. Imperfection is when my 2 year old wants to help me clean the fridge but instead uses the eggs are baseballs. Imperfection is when my 4 year old tries to clean the bathroom but floods it instead. Imperfection is what makes my daily life interresting, creates lasting memories, and eventually laughter.

  50. I embrace beauty in imperfection through thankfulness…I am thankful that the perfect God in heaven looks on this imperfect poor sinner with mercy and delight. And I remember His promise, “he which hath begun a good work in you will perform it until the day of Jesus Christ.”

  51. I love what you wrote about imperfect furniture. I love finding used pieces that tell a story like the farmer’s table in my kitchen.

  52. I embrace beauty through imperfection everyday by learning how to soon be a new mom and knowing that im going to make mistakes but that its ok because there are no perfect parents 🙂

  53. I embrace beauty in imperfection when I am teaching my music classes. Other teachers may hear a racket, but it is beautiful music to me!

  54. I can realize that there are some things about me I can not change (as in looks, etc)- but God made me this way and He sees beauty in His creation

  55. You can embrace beauty in imperfection by looking at the creator…none of us are perfect, but in creating we create something that is uniquely a reflection of “us”. That’s most definitely what makes it beautiful!! Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  56. Though I think my kids are perfect, I certainly have had to learn to let go of some of my expectations for them to do everything I want, the way I want. So what if their rooms are messy? It’s all good 🙂

  57. Rejoice in your imperfections as they will always point you to the One who created those imperfections in your life and loves you just the same! That, to me, lets your beauty shine. It’s not easy to be happy with those imperfections but you can remind yourself that it is because of those imperfections that you see your need for Jesus.
    2 Corinthians 12:9

  58. I realize that I am no where near perfect when compared to Jesus Christ. But that is okay. I just try to be the best me that I can.

  59. I came to realize that nothing is perfect in life! I try hard not to stress if my life and what is going on around me isn’t perfect. i look to nature for example and see the immense beauty in nature and yet it isn’t perfect! What counts is that we are perfect in God’s eyes regardless of any imperfections. And i love my family so much that even though they are far from perfect, i love them just the same ;)Thanks for running such a special giveaway!

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