5 Ways To Decorate With Maps

A trend that I’ve noticed in recent months is a resurgence of decorating with maps. Not just “normal” decorating with maps like hanging a world map in a classroom or placing a floor-standing globe in an office. This recent trend takes decorating with maps to a stellar level.

source: xJavierx

The thrifty part of my brain loves the concept of decorating with maps because they are incredibly reasonable, easy to find {school supply stores, flea markets, antique shops} and so versatile.  Having many different options is a great way to get creative with your own personal home decor.

You’re probably thinking that I’ve completely lost my mind, but I’m going to show you several phenomenal ways to use maps as home decor which might change your mind!

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  1. I have a plan – but haven’t done it yet!
    I want to take a map of our state and spae it into a giant heart.
    Then, I’ll take 2 different colors of markers to track all the places my husband and I worked, lived, and spent most of our time – during the 23 years between the time we met in college and when we married.

    (We’ve already figured out that we have seemed to coincidentally lived near each other – and I think it would be fun to see how God kept us close, yet apart, until HIS timing was perfect.

    Thanks for the reminder to get that project done!

  2. I love maps! and globes! I always wanted to have one of those huge maps on my wall so I could put the tacks in all the places I’ve been……but so far, it would have just a few very lonely tacks. haha!

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