The Zig-Zagging Missoni Craze

I don’t typically write about fashion because it’s not my passion {although I love it!}.  I don’t pretend to know everything about current trends or fads. When something becomes popular, I’m not the person who immediately rushes out to buy it.

When I do shop for clothes I do so at Old Navy, TJ Maxx, Target, Belk or Ross and I buy things because I like and need them, not because they are necessarily on the cutting edge of fashion. This is my same philosophy for my home and the homes of my design clients – buy it and use it because you love it.   Almost everything comes back in style anyway…as is obvious by the latest Missoni craze at Target.

Hello 1970s!

I, ever-so-embarrassingly, must live under a rock because I knew basically nothing about Missoni until today. {blush} Yes, I had seen a few Target commercials, but I didn’t give it a second thought.  Ridley and I went to Target this morning on a mission to look for school supplies on clearance {we scored 0.10 notebooks!} and possible outdoor furniture which they didn’t have.

While we were there, I saw a couple Missoni scarves I liked and a cardigan, but as I mentioned on my Facebook page, there was no way I was going to pay $50 for a cardigan that could get stretched or snag.  It didn’t matter whose name it had on it. Call me cheap! Ha!

I came home and chatted with my sweet friend Emily about it and she enlightened me of craze.  I wished that I had looked more at Target because there were apparently 400 Missoni products, so when Ridley woke from his nap, we headed back to Target to look around.  Let’s just say, they were wiped clean.  I couldn’t believe how much Missoni was gone in just a few hours!  Good grief!  People must like this stuff!

My personal opinion is that a piece or two of zig-zagged Missoni is nice. More than that might make me cross-eyed. Ha!

I spotted this cute umbrella which I didn’t get because around here umbrellas tend to get lost or broken and for $20.00 I could buy 2 or 3 decent umbrellas. Ha!

Aren’t these ballet flats the cutest?  I’m not a ballet-flat-wearing-girl, but even if I was, it was too late because my size was cleaned out.  I checked on Ebay and people are selling them for over 100.00 a pair. What in the world!!?!

These tights are going for a pricey 16.00 a pair. Yikes!  If they were guaranteed to not snag or get holes in them, then I might consider getting them. 🙂

Okay, now for my confession.  I succumbed to the Missoni craze. But it was a wise, practical, needed purchase, y’all!

My sister and I have been talking about getting rain boots for months now.  So, when I spotted these babies in my size, I knew they were coming home with me. Alabama winters are very rainy and I live in boots almost every day. These Missoni rain boots will keep my feet dry and warm. Yay! 🙂  I love the colorful zig-zag pattern!

I also picked up a travel makeup bag and a lady actually tried to take it out of my cart!!! Seriously. People are crazy! continues to be down because of this craze, but you can see the entire Missoni for Target line here. 🙂

Did you go to Target to snag a piece or two of Missoni? Or is the zig-zag pattern not for you?

While you’re thinking about that, go check out Emily’s fabulous Missoni finds – she got the cutest cups!

photo credits: rackedology



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  1. Wow – 70’s for sure. I saw the commercials, but (not being super fashion-conscient) didn’t feel the need to run out for anything. Who knew so much of it would be GONE right away? Crazy. Love your rain boots and makeup bag. Glad you were able to snag something! I”m really admiring that ?tube? scarf. That looks fleecy and warm! Have a great day! ~Sally
    Sally´s last blog post ..An Autumn Treat

  2. Oh. My. Word. People are so crazy(believe me!I’ve worked in retail for 8 years-I’ve seen it all!) What did you say to her when she tried that? I’m dying to know! Haha I’m going to Target today b/c it’s one of my happy places. It will be interesting to see if we are wiped out here too. P.s. Faboo boots!! 🙂

  3. I was aware of the Target Missoni products, but when I saw a facebook post about “avoiding Target at all costs today”, I didn’t understand it.
    Now I do!!
    I love the rain boots….here in the mountains of NC, we get rain all winter, also. I guess I won’t be able to find them at our Target, though! {Just guessing}
    I, too, agree……a couple of the accessories would be more than enough. There are other ’70’s designs that I would love to see even more than the zig-zags!!

    1. @Mand @My Perfect Mess,
      see, there’s a whole craze over Missoni becuase an original piece would go from 500-2,000 dollars. Missoni has always been admired in the fashion world and since I have an aunt who lived in Italy for 12 years and worked at a boutique that sold the original i’m lucky enough to have some of the real expensive clothing. I honestly didn’t know it would get so out of hand here! I always thought Missoni was only known in Italy and that I could take my time to buy stuff since no one would really buy it. I guess I’m completely wrong though, haha!

  4. Oh my…those. are. awesome. I love them! Super Target was my most favorite store in the whole world before we moved, and I would find a reason that I needed to go there almost every day even if I didn’t buy anything! But now, sniff sniff, we moved and there is no Target in sight :o( J is sweet enough to stop when we see one when we’re traveling so I can do a quick run-through and get my “fix”! LOL! Go and rock those boots! You don’t need to wait till rainy weather!
    Shona´s last blog post ..My Etsy Shop

  5. Yeah, I didn’t know anything about the whole craze until yesterday either. Craziness! I agree, a few things would be cute but too much would give me a headache. I’ve always been a fan of wellies–they’re fun to wear and yours are REALLY fun!
    Kat´s last blog post ..More Treasures

  6. I just received a Target gift card yesterday for a belated b-day present, so I guess I’ll be buying something zig-zag! BTW, I didn’t know about this craze until you shared it, so I guess I’ve been under a rock too! =)
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..That kid….

  7. I’ll admit, I do love the colors that are coupled with the zig-zag but the pattern is not my thing – a bit too 70’s for me. I lived it, I don’t have to go back to that era. Love the boots by the way. I got a pair from Target years ago, Black with White polka dots on the outside and a hot pink fabric on the inside – great price from Target!
    LOVD´s last blog post ..What I Made Wednesday {Oyster Cracker Nibblers}

  8. I saw a news article yesterday that said the Missoni craze crashed Target’s website…. YIKES!

    I’ll confess though, that I had no idea what it was until I read your post. I’m not much into being “in-style.” I purchase items that I like and will use and if they happen to be a trend, so be it. If not, I probably wouldn’t know anyway!!!

  9. That’s hilarious! I must admit, I laugh at people who get so into certain things that they become desperate characters. Out of your cart? What is this world coming to?
    Grace´s last blog post ..Crafty Clues

  10. Don’t feel bad…I didn’t know what it was either until last night when someone tweeted about it! I went to my Target tonight…mostly sold out but what I saw and felt were fabulous! I will be revisiting soon 🙂 Love the boots!

  11. So, total confession, I too had no idea what Missoni was until yesterday morning. I went out of curiosity and couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought the overwhelming majority of the line was actually pretty undesirable. I know, I’m crazy, but I just didn’t see the point…or understand the demand. And it was so EXPENSIVE! But, from the pictures I’ve seen on blogs I think I would’ve liked the makeup bags and there was one blanket that I like that had flowers on it.

  12. I was at Target yesterday and didn’t see those flats (all I wear is flats)! O, I LOVE those!!! I’ll have to go back tomorrow, even though they’ll probably be sold out. Some of the clothes in the pictures that Emily showed reminded me of the Brady Bunch, lol.

    Great recap Myra!
    xo Jenna

  13. Hi Myra,

    Yep that pattern is definitely from the 70s. I remember my Mom crocheting ripple afghans in bright colors and I still have a bright orange one!

    There is nothing new under the sun….right?
    Your boots are adorable and so is the make up bag, have fun with them. You’ll be so stylish in those boots!
    Debra from Bungalow´s last blog post ..New Living Room Drapery Panels

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