Yard Sale Treasures

On Saturday Ridley and I got out early and hit a couple yard sales and an estate sale. I {heart} estate sales! It’s a little weird walking through someone’s house digging for stuff, but oh-the-wonderful-things that can be found!

At the estate sale, I spotted these beautifully framed map prints.

The maps are of Ireland, Scotland and England.

The mats and frames are in impeccable shape.

I also found this adorable embroidered piece.  I’m not sure exactly where I’m going to put it, but I love the simplicity and colors.  This piece will definitely be getting a new frame!

I scored all four pictures for $15.00!  {happy dance}

I love this cylinder candle holder that I got for $1.  I think I may give it a coat of Heirloom White spray paint.

Last, but not least, these moss balls were only $1 for all four!  I’m not sure that I’ll leave the moss balls on the jars, but it’s a cute place to photograph them. 🙂

I only spent $17 and couldn’t be more excited about these treasures!  It doesn’t have to be expensive to be beautiful, y’all! 🙂

Did you go yard sale-ing or thrifting recently? Did you find any treasures?

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  1. All of my home decor now comes through yardsales and thrifting! i heart it! i got an old window for $1! $1! My downfall? I collect it and then I sit and stare because I have no idea what do with it. lol

  2. I went to a few estate sales this weekend and I actually teared up in one. One of the lady’s friends was helping out at the sale and when I picked something up she would make a comment about how much so and so loved that item. It’s easier to buy stuff if you aren’t picturing the previous owner using it.

  3. Love the maps and the embroidery piece. You got them for a great price!

    I found a bunch of old bottles this weekend for free!

  4. I’ve never ever been to an estate sale before, from the looks of it I need to!

    I went yard sale-ing this past weekend. Though I didn’t get any home decorating items, I was thrilled with my blow dryer and waffle maker :0)

  5. What great treasures you found this weekend! I brought home only two items this Saturday – a decorative rustic white wooden church for $4 and a Pottery Barn baby quilt for $5. The church I plan to use on my mantel and the quilt may possibly get hung on the wall.

  6. Oh, those maps are KILLER!!!!! So much envy coming your way! Love love love them, ya lucky girl!

  7. I laugh when people ask me what I’m doing on the weekend… {really do I ever do anything BUT garage sales and thrift stores?}

    Sadly, no real gems this weekend… couple of clamps, wood chisel and a frame but I since my total was $2.50 I guess that’s still a score!

  8. You did good! : ) I love that cylinder candle holder, too! If you don’t paint it white it would be perfect at Christmas! I think I would paint the handle, though, even if you don’t paint the red.

  9. I love that cute embroidered piece and that tall candle holder!

    I hit one yard sales this weekend, yes just one. I was still recovering from being sick all week and didn’t want to “overdue” it. Anyway, I hit the jackpot at this one lonely sale. I walk in and the gentleman hands me a shopping bag and says, “Fill it up for a buck”. Well OK, I can certainly do that! Oh, and you know those gigantic shopping bags that the stores use at Christmas for all the toys and goodies, well it was that size bag! SCORE!

    I wish I had a way to attach the picture of all the goodies I got, but fill the bag I did. Let me just tell you, I was so excited to be walking around getting decor and craft stuff and even stuff for the hubs and it felt like I was getting it all for FREE! Some of the items were decorative jars/vases, a purse, holiday crafts, a waterproof hunting bag for my hubs, and a big bag of batting which I was in need of for my daughter’s pillow I am making, just to name a few.


  10. I am so jealous of your map prints. I don’t want to know anymore about them! Kidding, but you totally scored, and I actually like the lantern/candle holder in that shiny red color. That’s if it matched the rest of your decor. I see some red in your place right?

  11. Keep the red candle holder, and put it in your kitchen banquette area as part of your red accents

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