DIY Tiered Plate Stand {Tutorial}

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I’ve been meaning to share my frugal tiered plate stand project with y’all for a couple of weeks now. It isn’t an original idea by any means. These tiered plate stands are all over blogland. But, I’m excited about the one that I made, so I’m sharing it anyway. 🙂

Cute, huh? Less than $5 cute is even better!

I picked up two melamine plates from Target about a month ago.  I love the colors especially for Spring and Summer!  The candlestick was $1 at a thrift store.  {You can’t ever have too many cheap glass candlesticks, right?}

I broke out my white drying Gorilla glue.

Then I followed the Gorilla glue instructions – dampening one surface while putting glue on the other.  You don’t need a ton of glue because it expands while drying.

After a couple of minutes, I added the top plate the same way.

Books acted as a clamp to hold the glued parts together well.  I let it dry for about 45 minutes and then I had a totally adorable tiered plate stand!

This fabulous plate stand is perfect for outdoor entertaining, picnics or a birthday at the park!  Have fun with it!

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  1. Nice! I love the look of this! And it’s so easy and cheap too. Thanks for sharing. I’m a wanna-be crafty person. I try but seem to struggle with either my drive for perfection or my lack of crafty talent…probably more the latter. Anyway, this looks like something even I could do successfully and feel proud displaying it in my home.
    Yay!! 🙂

    Rosann´s last blog post ..By- finding joy in the day in and day out – Christian Forums

  2. Hopping over from Censational Girls Outdoor Party. Hope you enjoy my ‘patio time’ post. (link #205)

    Love your idea here . . . so pretty and inexpensive. I am picturing all sorts of yummy things on it . . . on my back porch.

    Glenda Childers´s last blog post ..Anatomy of My First Cubs Game

  3. Adorable! What a GREAT idea. These would be amazing, unique gifts. I’ll be giving this a try. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I picked up some very unique and beautiful china plates at the thrift store for less than a dollar. I am going to try this. So excited! Thanks!

  5. Too Cool! I have extra plates I picked up at the Goodwill (for cake giving) and extra candle sticks now I just need the glue. So glad we are going to town this week! What a great gift idea. I am thinking of filling it with treats for teachers and giving as an end of year gift. THANKS!!!

  6. I love this idea and so I went to Target to get these plates and found that they actually sell these 2 plates already tiered. It was totally cute, had a silver pedestal in the middle that came out the top plate with a small handle, cute right. Well cute until I noticed the price… $17 – ACK! Do you believe that? $17 for 2 little plastic plates. GAG!
    So I am toally sticking with your thrifty version of the tiered plates, much, much easier on the pocket book! And I can make several with the different designs they have for $17! BOO YAH!
    Thanks for the thrifty tip! You’re THE BEST!

  7. I tried this project this weekend and LOVED it! It came out so cute, I can’t wait to have a dinner party so I can use it!

  8. I just picked up this tiered plate a few days ago for $5.08! I liked it so well I bought one for my mom as well. My mom loves to make delicious sweets that would look(and taste) wonderful on this. I thought it would give me an excuse to have a group of ladies over for coffee, conversation and cookies. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Modernism in the design of plate stands. Nice creativity . I too want to be a crafts man and a design a plate stand for myself like this. This is really lovely one.

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