Blissdom Lovelies {my memories}

This year Blissdom was much different for me….different in a good way.  Last year I went having never met any of my online friends in real life which was really scary!  This year I was much more relaxed and just plain excited to see so many friends again. I went with different expectations too which helped me not freak out. 🙂

The highlight of the week for me was hanging out with my home blogger and crafting friends. They are the most rockin’ awesome, kind hearted, supportive group of women.  I {heart} them all!

I was a lousy photographer this week, so pretty much all of these pictures are from someone else.  {blush} Credit is given under each photo! 🙂

Group Shot via Chris

Silly Group Shot via Chris

LisaRichella, Allison, Jess, Denise, Me, Marian

Chris, Lorie, Beth, Sarah, Traci, Rhoda

{photo credit}

Nester and Melissa did a fabulous job with the home tribe.  I loved the fun, casual discussion and interaction!

{photo credit}

Jen, Layla, Ashley, Me, Shaunna

Lindsey, Beckie, Marian, Kristi

{photo credit}

We ate together a lot.  We laughed. We talked our lips off.

{photo credit}

Nester, Rhoda, Me, Chris and Beth {who took this picture} had a lovely time chatting over a great Mexican dinner on Thursday night.

Do you have any idea how fun it is to go thrifting with a bunch of other thrifting and antiquing loving friends? It’s amazing! I’m going to share more about our thrifting trip over on The Casabella Project soon! 🙂

{photo credit}

Kate, Chris, Me, Rhoda, Sarah

We were slightly worried about bedbugs in the old furniture! Ha!

{photo credit}

Layla couldn’t decide about this super cute bucket, so after she put it back I went and secretly snagged it. Ashley and I went in together and surprised Layla with it – how fun! 🙂

More wonderful women that I met:

Emily from Decor Chick, Megan from Honey We’re Home, Kellie from This Blessed Nest, Cha Cha from Sit Relax And Read, Shannan from Flower Patch Farmgirl, Kami from No Biggie, Kristen from High Heels And A Hammer, Sandra from Sawdust And Paper Scraps,  Brittany from Pretty Handy Girl, Amy from Positively Splendid, Edie from Life In Grace, Melissa from 320 Sycamore, Liberty from 16 Balls In The Air, Erin from Two Story Cottage and more that I know I’ve got to be forgetting!

I so thankful to my wonderful husband who took care of Ridley for three days so I could hang out with my peeps!   I immensely enjoyed Blissdom this year because of the fabulous people I hung out with.  The women who “get” me, challenge me and allow me to be their friend.  I’m blessed!

My best takeaway from the conference is this quote that Melissa shared :

“When you are able to be yourself, you will have no competition.” – Barbara Cook

That’s a great perspective, huh?

Love y’all!  Have a fab day! 🙂


  1. Looks like you had a lot of fun! My friend and I LOVE going antiquing!! I wrote a post on our last adventure a week ago…not quite a glamourous as you guys made it look though 🙂

  2. I’m behind on reading…Obviously
    Lived meeting a blogging “neighbor” and I wasn’t joking about style help…I’ll be in touch!

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