Friday Fails – Mom’s Eventful Sunday


Today I’m telling on my mom. Hehe. She knows I’m telling on her, so it’s all good!

This past Sunday was a crazy day for Mom. After getting breakfast served and Sunday dinner preparations made, Mom always has to get dressed and ready for church in a hurry.

This time it caught up with her.

As the church service was coming to a close, she all-of-a-sudden realized that she had forgotten to put her makeup on. Oops! 🙂 Fail.

Mom said she double checked to make sure that she had a matching pair of shoes on. HA!

After Sunday dinner, she began preparing a ham and bean soup for a church potluck. As she cooked the ham bone, Mom realized that it just didn’t smell right.  It was that lovely “old meat” smell…and it permeated the house. Fail.

At this point I got a text saying that her soup was a FAIL. I had to giggle to myself because I knew she would pull something together.

And she did – a roast beef and rice soup that looked and smelled amazing!

Have you ever completely forgotten to put your makeup on for church or another event? I think I’m incapable of forgetting my makeup because I look just THAT scary without it! Ask my brothers. Ha!

Do you have a “fail” to share? Link ’em up here! If you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment. Please follow the rules! I can’t wait to read your fails! Try to spread the love and comment on the other “fails” posts!


  1. Hm, can’t relate on the make up since I don’t wear any. I totally get the soup as I’ve had to change what I planned to cook at the last minute due to ahem, unforeseen events too, 🙂

  2. I’ve ended up at church (45 minutes from home) with two completely different shoes on before. It happened once when I was a kid and I remember throwing a royal fit and refusing to leave the car. Shameful, now that I think about it.

  3. Bless her heart. The pastor’s wife at church with no makeup. I can only imagine how she must have felt. She’s a great sport though. Hopefully this Sunday will be less stressful.

  4. I hesitate to call you a liar my friend 😉 , but I SAW you in that milking a goat video with no makeup and you were just as sweet and lovely as could be! For myself, I would never have forgotten my makeup in my teen/early 20s years, but I find that I am “fresh-faced” more often than not anymore. Though I do wear makeup for church… 🙂
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  5. After marrying my second husband, I was adjusting to a gas stove for cooking. I do not like gas since one blew up in my face. Cooking on the stove top was bad enough but the oven was useless in my opinion. At his request I was making homemade biscuits and the oven was not cooperating in the least. One part of the pan came out burnt and the other end came out hardly baked at all. I was so frustrated by this time I simply opened the back door and started slinging biscuits out for the dogs. Not looking outside I had managed to hit my husband square in the mouth with a burnt biscuit. In my fit of temper and just because he was laughing so hard at me, I told him that was the last time I would cook a meal for him on that stove and there was his biscuit for dinner. I had had it with 3 months of trying to cook on that ancient piece of junk. In two weeks time there was a new electric stove sitting in my kitchen when I returned from the grocery stores, with with the items on his list, which ended up being a ruse to get me out of the house long enough. He had some mouth pleasing beautiful golden brown biscuits for dinner that night. I was teased relentlessly about the incident but got rave reviews about my homemade biscuits.

  6. My dad is a busy farmer and he was always rushed to making it to my sporting events in school. One time he showed up to my basketball game with two different shoes on. I was more embarrassed than he was.

    But nothing beats the time my dad came out to clothes line while I was hanging up clothes and said these jeans just don’t feel right. He kept moving them around and as I analyzed the situation, I see the Chic jeans label on that back. Dad had put on my moms jeans! No wonder they didn’t feel right and thank goodness he asked before leaving the house.

  7. I’ve totaly done that! I am usually out of the house at a store when I finally realize it. I’ve also just forgotten on part of my makeup like my mascera or something. 🙂 I think its gotten more frequent since having a baby who is now a toddler.
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