All Except The Santa Maria

Last week, we went back in time on a little field trip to see the Nina and Pinta. My mom organized a group and we had a great time…except for the fact that we all about died from a heat stroke. It was SO hot…like 98 degrees HOT.


The Pinta


My sweet Ridley


Apparently, I was in love with the ropes. Ha!

Have you ever gotten to see the Nina and Pinta on their tour?

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. We got to go last Friday with some fellow homeschoolers when they came down to Huntsville! It was hot that day too though and being almost 38 weeks pregnant just added to the miserableness of standing out in it. BUT the kids loved it so it was totally worth going! (and seriously who can’t handle a ‘small’ amount of sweating anyway, right? lol) Glad ya’ll had fun!
    Tyra´s last blog post ..Crazy Days

  2. What a neat experience! We didn’t make it up there but it would have been great because our 9 year old had just studied Columbus and those ships in History the past few weeks. Looks like fun despite the heat.

  3. LOL that’s because the Santa Maria is in Columbus, Ohio! Our homeschool group just went to see it last Friday and because of events at church, the girls and I couldn’t go. 🙁 I was so sad to miss it! But, the pictures they came back with were just great! Glad you had a good time!

    1. Jenilee! How fun is that?! I’m sorry y’all couldn’t go, but I’m glad to know that the three could be all back together. 🙂

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