My Little Laundry Elf

Today, Ridley was just itching to get in the dryer while I was doing laundry. So, I caved and put him in there…only after I grabbed the camera, of course…


So cute! Now, if I could just train him to do the laundry from start to finish…maybe in about 15 years. Ha!

Have you ever put your kiddos in the dryer? 🙂

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    1. @tracey, Keeping the door shut tight when not doing laundry is a great idea… but I see no harm in a fun photo op when mom’s right there. Maybe because my own children’s scrapbooks are filled with such photos. 🙂

      Oh — and my guess is that it would be awfully difficult for a child to close the dryer door from the inside, but I suppose stranger things have happened!

  1. What a great “frame” for the shot. And I bet that made his day that you let him climb in. How fun! My son hasn’t shown an interest in getting in the dryer (yet) but you better believe I’ll grab my camera the 1st time he does!! 🙂
    MamaHall´s last blog post it- eat- pray- love

  2. I say veru cute shot of silly little monkey and I would definitely have done it except that my silly money’s daddy is a saftey N-U-T! But c’mon you are right there AND I’m sure when you are not right there, the door to the dryer and laundry room are shut.

  3. Really cute shot. I realize you were right there for the picture – so no danger involved. But, there was a 3 year old little girl that died in a town near me about a year ago because her little brother (who I think was 1 1/2) shut the door and somehow started the machine. Just devastates me still when I think about it. So, just a word of caution that these front loader machines can be dangerous.

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