Potatoes, Onions and Eggs


I’m not sure what the “real” title of this dish is because my family just calls it “Potatoes, Onions and Eggs.” It might also be called Breakfast Hash. No matter what you call it, your family will love it, I promise!


Potatoes, Onions and Eggs

These are guess-timate measurements. You just have to go with how it looks, smells, feels, and tastes. That’s my favorite way to cook, anyway!

  • 1 med. onion, chopped
  • 1 lb. potatoes – frozen cubed or shredded
  • 5-6 eggs
  • Salt, pepper, garlic powder

In a large frying pan, saute onion in 1 tablespoon olive oil.  Add potatoes and brown.  Crack eggs into a bowl and whisk with a fork.  Slowly pour eggs over potatoes and onions.  Scramble eggs…stirring and scraping pan often until the potato, onion and egg mixture is crumbly.  Season with salt, pepper and a dash of garlic powder.

Serve alone or with waffles/pancakes, bacon and/or fruit.  We love it with salsa or ketchup as well!

Note:  My Mom has successfully made this with mashed potatoes left over from Sunday dinners.  I’m not sure how she does it because when I use mashed potatoes, it turns out mushy…but I know it can be done!

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  1. Oh, this looks yummy!! Daniel likes to make “hash” every once in a while but we’re never sure what to add to it to make it REALLY good. I’ll keep this recipe in mind for next time he feels like cooking 🙂
    .-= Miriam´s last blog ..Menu Plan Monday ~ Feb. 15 =-.

      1. @Myra,
        You can do it with fresh and it is delicious! I make something similar to this all the time. It is my specialty. I cube a potato or two and nuke them in the microwave before putting them in the pan. That way they cook so much faster!

        I like to add eggs, bacon, onions, sometimes a little cheese even. All that with the potatoes, yum! I also have recently started making “patties” of the stuff when I add the egg (which holds to the potatoes and fixins together) and I throw it on a leftover roll from Jason’s work (does that make sense?)…amazing breakfast sandwich!
        .-= Shelley´s last blog ..Our Valentine’s Day =-.

  2. My mama made this for breakfast all the time…minus the onions for me 🙂 She added sausage or bacon whichever you prefer and cheese to the fried potatoes and eggs. super yummy! Now my husband makes this for me on special occasions.

  3. I make this all the time as well. You can use raw potatos. I cube them very small so the cook faster. Sometimes I grate them. Just be sure not to add the eggs till the potatos are soft.

    I often add bell pepper, chopped tomato, a little leftover homemade salsa (adds moisture if it is a little dry), and sometimes grated zucchini (squeeze out the juice). Think it would be good with spinach as well

    We often throw in in a tortilla with cheese to make a burrito. If you have leftover breakfast trio do this the next morning for a new twist. Family will never know it was leftover!!

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