Kelly’s Baby Shower

It was so fun to host my sister’s baby shower at my home last night. We had such a great time! It was so nice to visit with both old and new friends. Kelly got a bunch of sweet gifts. Several were handmade…so precious.

Baby Girl Clothesline

Food Table–before all the food was out…oh well.
Sweet crocheted hat and blanket from Aunt Jan
Surrounded by just a few gifts at the beginning of the shower.Isn’t Kelly gorgeous?!

Kelly and our 94 year old MemawI hope I look this good if I make it to 94! Ha!

We meant to take photos of the mothers/grandmothers with Kelly and Lily, but neglected too. I have no pictures of my own baby shower. So sad, right?
Today I’m catching up on laundry and making baby food. It’s good to have a day just to catch up! Thankfully Ridley is feeling better from his cold. I’ve been doctoring him with several great natural things.
Please pray that Kelly’s pregnancy continues to go smoothly. She is in her 3rd trimester now and we are just trusting the Lord to bring both momma and baby through pregnancy and birth in good health.
Happy Friday!


  1. Very pretty shower and mommy to be! I love the cute little clothes line. Would you mind sharing your refreshment ideas? What did you serve and what went well. We have a baby shower coming up next month.

  2. Beautiful, beautiful shower – and momma to be! Love the decorating and photo with Memaw!

  3. I'm so sorry I couldn't be there. I know it was lots of fun. Looks like she got lots of sweet gifts. And yes, she is absolutely beautiful! Talk to you soon.

  4. Yeah 3rd trimester, doesn't she just look so beautiful?!? Simply glowing, skinny and radiant! She's going to do great with the rest of her pregnancy! The details from the shower look great!! i can't wait until I grow one for someone. I don't have a sister… so maybe I won't get the change 🙁

    I know what you mean regarding your comment to my post. Myra, there are must SO meaning feeling and thoughts that swarm my head and it's hard to write them down and make your emotions into words. I can't wait to read yours!

  5. I just found Kelly's blog, and through that your blog and I love them both!

    That little baby clothesline is adorable! I'm might have to copy {steal} your idea the next time I throw one!!

  6. What a beautiful shower! I am so excited that she is in the 3rd tri! Healthy thoughts sent to them both.

  7. Congrats to a successful baby shower for your sweet sister!
    Is this her first bundle of Joy?
    Great pics, too! Rest, dear! You need it!
    *God Bless!

  8. You did an amazing job with the decorations! I love the idea of the clotheline, and I totally dug your centerpeice! Good job, you are a GREAT big sister!
    Your little sister is very beautiful, especially with that sweet pregnancy glow; she and her daughter are in my thoughts during her last few months carrying.

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