No mistakes…yet!

I love the quote from Anne of Green Gables that “Tomorrow is fresh with no mistakes in it.” That’s pretty much how I feel about next week. The coming week is looking a bit more promising than this week in regards to my goals.

This week I struggled with a horrific rash/hives thing that I honestly still don’t know the cause of. The doctor *rolls eyes* prescribed a prednisone steroid pack because as far as he could tell I was having an allergic reaction to “something.” Duh! Anyway, I’m not going to take that medicine since I’m breastfeeding and everyone I asked (doctor, pharmacist) tried to pass the buck and told me to ask someone else. So anyway, I’ve been dealing with it and finally on Wednesday I got to see my naturopath. It’s finally getting better…I hope!

And Ridley has been very abnormally cranky. He’s always SO happy that it’s really thrown me for a loop. I don’t know if it’s been that he’s just growing and wanting to eat every 2 hours instead of 3 or if he’s starting to teethe…maybe some of both. I dunno. We’ll see what this next week holds.

So, here is my check up on my goals from this week:

Daily Goals:
  • Had devotions and prayer each day but one.
  • Didn’t write in Ridley’s journal this week. I need to, since he just started rolling over.
  • Took vitamins each day.
  • Ate pretty well this week…avoided sugar mostly.
  • Exercised each day except one.
  • Blogged each day except one.
  • Played and read to Ridley.

Reading Goals:

  • Didn’t really read too much other than my devotions this week. I’m determined to do better next week!

Ongoing Projects:

  • Still need to finish planting about 4 impatiens and rosemary seeds.
  • Didn’t even think about making curtains or cleaning out closets!
  • I kept my flowers watered and they are looking SO pretty. My oregano, basil and chives seeds have sprouted and are coming up!! I’m quite excited about that!


  • Haven’t done laundry all week, but I do intend to fold all of it!
  • Clutter pick up…went very well. It’s amazing how much trash accumulates!
  • I left the kitchen clean at night except for 2 nights.
  • I couponed a lot this week…probably too much! It was FUN though!
  • I’m planning meals based on the good stuff that’s packed in the pantry, fridge and freezer.
  • I stuck to the grocery budget!

For more goal check-ups and ideas, head on over to “Which Proverbs 14:1 Woman?“!


  1. Even though you weren’t feeling well, you did a great job this week! Next week is always fresh with no mistakes… love that quote too! 🙂

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