Why I Ditched Toxic Toothpaste

This post has been on my mind for a while. We have been detoxing our home for a long time now. It’s a passion of mine to know what’s in the food we eat and the personal care products that we use on and in our bodies. I have a thirst for knowledge and I don’t just do things because people say they are fine and good. I want to know myself. So I dig and I dig and I dig some more.

And I put on my thick skin when people look at me like I’m crazy. I got over worrying about whether I’m a weirdo or not a long time ago.

I have to be able to sleep at night with how I take care of myself and my family and that’s the bottom line.

You have to do the same.

I dare you to not worry about being different. It’s pretty awesome over here on the dark side. 😉

I recently heard a statistic {I can’t recall where at the moment!} that…

“We are exposed to the same amount of toxins in ONE day that our ancestors were exposed to in their entire lifetime.”

Y’all. That is bad news.

I’m on a mission to change that for my family…and for the world. I’m not willing to just give up and say, “Well, it is what it is.”



One of the numerous ways that we avoid poisoning ourselves slowly is by ditching commercial toothpaste. THIS was a biggie for me. I used to coupon all. the. live. long. day. Free toothpaste was where it’s at. I mean, I had BOXES of tubes that I got for free playing the drugstore game.

Well, the bottom line is that there are things that money can’t buy. And our health is one of them.

It doesn’t take much research to find that fluoride and other chemicals in toothpaste and mouthwash are very bad for you. Fluoride has been linked to white spots on teeth, arthritis, respiratory problems, cancer etc.  Not cool. We all know that toothpaste comes with a warning not to swallow it. That’s not just there for fun. Fluoride is no laughing matter…especially when we realize that our mouth is extremely absorptive. Hmm…So even if you don’t swallow your toothpaste or mouthwash, your body is still absorbing the toxins.

So what’s the solution? I’ve done all of these…

1. Make your own toothpaste.

I’ve made my own toothpaste. It was gritty, didn’t taste amazing and didn’t leave my mouth feeling fresh and clean. And my husband very much disliked it.

2. Buy fluoride & chemical free toothpaste.

We did this for a LONG time. It was painful for me because we used Nature’s Gate and Kiss My Face toothpaste. Kiss My Face was the only brand that gave my husband fresh breath–otherwise he was STILL using commercial mouthwash.

3. Buy Thieves toothpaste {and other oral care products}.

We have finally found our sweet spot. I know, I know. You’re probably over there rolling your eyes. I love my essential oils. And Thieves blend is like one of my favorites. I would marry it if I could.

Why I Ditched Toxic Toothpaste

What we use for our teeth and oral care…

Dentarome Ultra Toothpaste – It’s a little gritty, but not bad and leaves your mouth feeling clean. I do prefer to add a drop of Peppermint essential oil to my toothbrush when using this toothpaste (my husband loves using Peppermint!).

Aromabright Toothpaste – It’s the perfect consistency and leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh!

Thieves Mouthwash – Oh my word! This stuff is amazing! Ahhh!

Thieves Dental Floss – It works, but it’s not as good as good old regular floss. So I use both. 😉

What about the kids? Oh yeah! This is their favorite!

Bye, Bye Colgate & Aquafresh. Hello, Thieves! {Why I Ditched Toxic Toothpaste}

KidScents Slique Toothpaste has both Slique blend essential oil and Thieves blend essential oil in it. This toothpaste tastes GREAT without having any junk in it. My boys love this toothpaste. They are always begging to brush their teeth. It seems that twice a day isn’t quite enough for them. Ha! It is very important to me that they have good oral hygiene habits to carry with them into adulthood.

As with any of these oral care products, a little dab will do ya. Contrary to the “if a little is good, more is better” saying, a little goes a long way. :) Do we pay more for non-toxic oral care that leaves our mouth and breath feeling fresh and clean? Yes.

Is it worth it? Yes. Absolutely.

We always get rave reviews on our teeth when we go to the dentist. Even our dentist office is getting oily!! :) My husband had a cleaning this week and the receptionist was about to give him some free toothpaste and she said, “Oh, never mind. I’m sure you are using Thieves. I’m waiting for mine to come in.” Ha!

No matter where you are on your journey, I hope this has been an encouragement to you to evaluate your own oral care products. :) We are all in different places and stages and there is always room for improvement. At least I know that’s the case in my life. :)

If you would like to learn more about essential oils and how we incorporate them into our daily life, click here.




P.S. Even if I wasn’t a member of Young Living, I would still share the products with you. Because they ROCK my world and I want them to ROCK yours! Just had to put that disclaimer out there! :) Mwah!

*The statements in this post have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The products mentioned in this post are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  1. Stephanie says

    I would live to give the Thieves toothpaste a try! We diffuse the oil almost daily to keep everyone healthy now. I’m glad they make a kid’s toothpaste as well!

  2. Tiffiny A says

    I have been doing lots of research on making our home toxin free. I would love to use more natural remedies, both in the home and health wise. I would absolutely love to try the Thieves toothpaste!

  3. says

    I have been trying to elimnate toxins in my cleaning products (including face/body wash and laundry soap). I have fallen off my wagon, but I’m trying to get back on.

    I have a question about the toothpaste. I have severe sensitivity issues, how is this toothpaste with sensitivity? I would think, due to the Theives properties, it would be quite beneficial?

  4. says

    I use YLEOs for my lower back pain! Haven’t taken OTC pain meds for the back pain in over 8 weeks. I have started using Thieves cleaner…love the smell! And I just recently got my first tube of Thieves toothpaste. Can’t wait to see how it helps my gums!
    Jan´s last blog post ..Cream Cheese Shrimp Rolls

  5. says

    Hmm, why didn’t I think about toothpaste. DOH!! Good to know, I’m a huge fan of oils, DoTerra and Eden’s Garden, but I’ll look into this brand as well. Thanks for that.
    I always try to push oils before meds if we can.
    katie Skiff´s last blog post ..Projects

  6. Beth Anne says

    I have replaced all those horrible toxic cleaners in my cabinet with one product that does it all—-Thieves Cleaner. I love it, and my house always smells good to boot! I haven’t tried the Thieves toothpaste yet, so I hope I win it! :)

  7. Michell Maddox says

    My first essential oil class/craft night was this week. I must admit, if I had known our craft night at church this week was going to be about oils, I wouldn’t have come. However, after making a sugar scrub and detox foot soak and learning about the basics of the oils, I may not be anti oils any more.

  8. katie jones says

    I would love to give it a try. I’m so intrigued by the oils. I don’t have any yet but am so excited to try. We have 4 kiddos and I’m definately getting on this wagon.

  9. Sharon says

    I make my own laundry detergent, shampoo with only baking soda and water, rinse with cider vinegar and water, clean with baking soda and vinegar. Sometimes use baking soda to brush my teeth. Would love to try the toothpaste.

  10. Janie H. says

    I would love to rid more of the toxins from our home. Little by little, we’re getting them out. I recently switched to a natural makeup line. I’ve been looking for a toxin-free toothpaste for a while, especially for my children. Thanks for the review!!

  11. Mari says

    I am just beginning the Youngs EO journey, ordered the kit recently. I have replaced antacids with Peppermint oil, I would love to try the toothpaste.

  12. Aggie says

    We have changed what cleaners we use as well as using a veggie wash on all fruits/veggies, but I’ve not thought about my toothpaste. Thanks for the post. And thank you for the giveaway!

  13. Prudence Dagg says

    I clean with vinegar and baking soda! No bleach in my house.

    And I use olive oil with lemon juice for furniture!

  14. Kim says

    I make my own. Don’t love the flavor but my teeth do feel really fresh afterwards ! We make all our own soap and shampoo and stuff too, own yogurts, granola, breads…… I’m always on the lookout for a new product that actually WORKS, and saves me some time.

  15. itzy says

    Just started reading your blog and i didn’t know fluoride was linked to arthritis! Going through some arthritis like medical issues and I’m only 28! I have started using natural soap, paraben, scent free because my skin is super sensitive. And i did recently learn about bad chemicals in toothpaste just have not had time to check out other options. Would love to try thieves!

  16. kendra says

    We have thrown away all of our cleaning chemicals and soaps and now clean our bodies and entire home with just water and Norwex cloths! Toothpaste is our next move -thank you for the recommendations!

  17. Jo says

    Been making deoderant and laundry detergent and using natural cleaners in our home for a few years now and I will never go back! Would love to try the thieves toothpaste!!

  18. morgan says

    We’ve been working to eliminate toxins. I use many homemade cleaners. We have been using toms of maine toothpaste, but I’m sure this is even better.

  19. Erica says

    I was introduced to EOs a few weeks ago. Since they have come in, I’ve made my own face cream, deodorant and am currently testing recipes for cleaners. Would love to try this toothpaste!

  20. Julie says

    I got rid of chemical-based cleaning products. It’s all fruit-infused vinegar and baking soda for us! Very intrigued by the oils, I must say !

  21. Heather says

    I’ll have to try this brand. I’ve been using xylitol toothpaste for my kids since birth but this looks interesting as well. Thanks

  22. Kathy Thompson says

    Fluoride is in toothpaste (and in most public water supplies!) for a very good reason: it prevents dental cavities and inhibits the growth of harmful oral bacteria. Fluoride is the reason most adults in America today still have all their natural teeth in contrast to people in the nineteenth century. I assume you would not advocate treating pneumonia with a home remedy. Please understand that a great deal of scientific research has gone into the development of toothpastes and mouthwashes. These are not cosmetic formulas like shampoos or lotions. If you have concerns about ingredients talk to a DMD or a DDS about them.
    The mother of a hard-working Dental Student

  23. says

    Thieves cleaner – everywhere – in the laundry, dishwasher, spray bottles etc… I’ve replaced our stainless steel cleaner, tile, and granite cleaner – it even does windows and smells amazing!

  24. Vieve says

    This is an answer to a prayer! Where can I find good toothpaste for us!! Yay! I would be a grateful winner!

  25. Cheryl says

    I’ve been using cinnamon to repel ants in my kitchen! Granted we’re left with a brown border around our counters that I’m sure outsiders are like what is that, but it keeps away the annual attack of the moisture ants without using chemicals. We have a larger systemic issue to address on the outside of the house with insulation, siding, etc. that will help in time but meanwhile cinnamon is my kitchen’s BFFN (best friend for now). =)

  26. Joy says

    I have stopped buying all of my commercial cleaning products & have switched to making my own. I purchased some amber bottles with sprayers and love them. To top it off, I used my label maker I got for Christmas!

  27. says

    I never paid attention to the ill effects of commercial toothpastes. I used to trust the brands like Colgate and Aquafresh blindly. From now own wards I will use the toothpaste which is nontoxic.

  28. Mary Howe says

    I try to make my own stuff. My homemade toothpaste sucked. I would like to win this so I can try it before purchasing.

  29. Leah Jones says

    Thanks for letting us know about these products! I’ve made our own toothpaste, but it’s kind of a bummer. But, I’d rather use that then go back! I’ll have to try these out and see if we like them!

  30. Sondra says

    I can’t use regular toothpaste due to a sensitivity to floride. I’d love to try the Thieves product.

  31. Nitasha says

    We have ditched all chemical cleaners and use norwex. We buy handmade goat soap. We stay away from processed food and in the last two months have ditched the drugstore stuff for YL oils!! :)

  32. Alli says

    We’ve been making our own foaming hand soap with Thieves in addition to diffusing oils everyday! Thieves has even become my husband’s favorite! We’re slowly becoming oily in more ways and would love to try the toothpaste!

  33. Nicole says

    I love the Ultra toothpaste and mouthwash but have yet to try the Aromabright! Would love to give it a try!!

  34. Sheila says

    I am gradually learning all the benefits of detoxing my home and my health. I was told to use fluoride for the rest of my life due to my radiation and I am excited to replace my Crest toothpaste with Thieves! :)

  35. Acaci says

    We have been slowly changing out the cleaning products in our home with all natural stuff. Would love to work on the bathroom stuff, like toothpaste next!

  36. Jodi Brown says

    I just got my thieves reward kit, so I know have my regular thieves items but also the hand soap and the purifier! Need to get the kids one and try the aroma right one.

  37. Jen says

    I got rid of toxins in my home by ditching commercial baby wipes. One small change that’s kick-starting others for healthier babies and family!

  38. April says

    I started my oily journey a couple of months ago. I have made our own version of lavaderm and my own cleaner with thieves.

  39. Jessica Ekern says

    Toothpaste is the next on my list to get rid of along with deoderant. So far I have changed my laundry detergent, dish washer soap, face lotion, and all kinds of medications.

  40. Jessi says

    I like the Thieves Dentrome Ultra but my daughter didn’t care for the Kids version. We’ve been using The Honest Company brand and it suits our tastes and budget. I really want to try the AromaBright though.

  41. Jessica R says

    We have only just begun at our house! I am sing peppermint for headaches and pan away for pain. We replaced our bug spray and bite seems and I am currently looking into homemade sunscreen and body soap. I would love to try Thieves toothpaste!

  42. Holly Wallace says

    I would love to try thieves toothpaste! I am currently (just today) using oils for my daughters ADHD instead of her daily meds. Hoping it works!!

  43. says

    I actually found this blog and that is amazing thing I enjoy reading this easy to understand stuff. Keep it up.They all information useful for me and it’s a great post for every one thanks you for great blog. I actually found this blog and that is amazing thing. Thank you


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