Green Juice That Really Tastes Good

Good morning! Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great healthy habit to have. Whether you do a juice fast or juice for one meal a day, you are sure to see an improvement in how you feel.

Juicing greens is an incredible way to get your “salad” down quickly. The key to enjoying drinking vegetables is to include enough fruit and ginger. This amazing green juice is a little bit sweet and a teeny bit spicy with the ginger. So yummy!

Amazing Green Juice

Are you brave enough to try this delicious green juice?



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  1. Bianca says

    Hi Myra
    I love this recipe sounds yummy im just trying to figure out how much this makes? When you have a sec let me know if you remember. Thanks

    • Myra Hope says

      Hi Bianca, If I remember correctly it makes 2-2 1/2 pints? I might be off there, but I think that’s about right.


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