The Party Where I Used A Saddle As The Centerpiece!

Hey, hey! I hope y’all had a great weekend. I’ve been working on putting together this post of photos from my dear friend {and mother’s helper} Hannah’s graduation party. She asked me to help decorate for the small, drop-in party. Hannah loves horses and I immediately got the crazy idea to use her saddle on the food table as part of the centerpiece.

graduation party

See the saddle?! :)

Oh, here is a senior photo I took of Hannah, so you can put a face with her name. :)

graduation party

I used my barn door as the anchor across two rectangular tables. Grey chevron fabric and lace gave the table the soft texture that it needed. LOVE that combination!

Hannah brought some of her books for us to use as risers under the food. Decorating with books is cheap, easy and meaningful.

graduation party

There were sausage balls. Yummo!

Veggies and dip.

graduation party

 Plenty of inexpensive flowers. {And you can see the saddle well here too!}

graduation party

A lot of delicious fruit was served. I loved the fruit cups. They were easy to serve, simple to eat and easy to refill if guests wanted more.

graduation party

Pretty flowers in milk glass jars were a fun addition as well.

graduation party

In the lower right corner, you can see a vintage blue Ball jar with nuts in it. I love serving food from jars!

graduation party

More flowers. I love how happy the colors are.

graduation party

My sister helped out by making cupcakes. They turned out so pretty and yummy too!

This is the fruit bowl where guests could re-fill their fruit cups.

graduation party

More cupcakes…

graduation party

And more flowers. :)

graduation party

So, yes. I certainly did decorate for a party with a saddle on the table. Ha! It came together so beautifully and reflected Hannah’s personality quite well.

Oh my word! Would you have ever thought that a saddle combined with a barn door, lace and grey chevron would work together?



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  1. says

    I love your Use What You Have Philosophy Myra!! I never thought of using books as Risers!! Great idea. I also saw the Blue Ball Jars at Target the other day but I did not purchase them. Will head back there for some!!
    Arlene Grimm@ Nanaland´s last blog post ..Down On the Farm

  2. Lanita says


    The table looked great! Can’t believe a saddle worked, but it did! As always, your tables, decorations & ideas look great!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Barbara says

    Awesomeness! It was such a special occasion! The sausage balls were almost gone barely 20 minutes into the reception!

    • Kim Mikatarian says

      Your party looked great! Love the saddle on the table! Congratulations again! Love to you all!

  4. Andrea Brown says

    Beautiful as always…Just wondering if you had a recommendation of an Essential Oil to help with muscle pain in my shoulder?

  5. Sharon says

    Myra, I’m Hannah’s Nana. Her grandfather and I traveled to be at her graduation, but we were unable to be there for her Open House. You photos are such a treasure for us. Thank you for helping organize this lovely event, and thank you for sharing the photos.


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