Vitamin D3 {Dr. Mom Series}


Happy Friday, y’all! Yay for the weekend! I just wanted to share a quick healthy tip that I use for my family daily — Vitamin D3. We receive Vitamin D3 naturally from the sun. D3 is incredibly important to keep our immune systems going strong. Many different ailments, diseases and illnesses are directly linked to Vitamin D3 deficiency.

We take liquid vitamin D3 daily to maintain good immunity and bump it up if we begin feeling sick. I love the liquid because it’s super easy to get into my kids.

It is important to note that it is always a good plan to have a blood test to confirm that you are indeed Vitamin D3 deficient. Studies have shown that most Americans are because, “Hello! We mostly live our lives indoors!

I highly recommend reading this article because it is chock-full of helpful information on vitamin D3…especially dosage charts.

Okay, so I’m curious! Do you take a Vitamin D3 supplement?

Have a happy weekend!



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  1. I have been taking vit D now for 3 years since my Dr told me to. My daughter is taking RX vit D because she is very low and she lives in NA with a toddler so she’s always protecting themselves from the sun.

  2. I do take a high dosage of D3 daily. My family is crazy low in it. When I had the first labs drawn on it to check where my levels were I ended up getting a late night weekend call from my Dr because my levels were so low, a 9. I have been taking it for years now and have felt much better since getting it in my system. It is something simple that can really affect your overall health so thanks for sharing.

  3. absolutely helps with osteoporosis prevention that all women should be trying to prevent.

  4. My vitamin D is low, and I have been taking the drops for about a year now. I have recently added D3 gel caps to get my numbers up. My dr. also agreed that most Americans are low and should make that something that they check during a check-up. Thanks for getting this info out there!

  5. My doctor prescribed 2000 UI a day of vitamin D3 last fall during a physical checkup and I have to say I have hardly been ill at all since. Living in Canada where the winters are long and we are at a higher latitude, we don’t get the required natural vitamin D3 from the sun so we have to supplement. Thanks for your informative post! ~Thea
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  6. I always have low levels at my yearly physicals. I love being outside, but I think my low levels have come from my caffeine use. I have significantly cut down my coffee and tea use, and am almost off of sodas. I need to get the liquid form because it would be so much easier for me to remember to take.
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  7. I have been on a prescription 50,000 units of vitamin D once a week for the past 4 years. PLUS I take another 1000 units a day. I have many autoimmune diseases and my vitamin D was down to almost zero when they found it. They extended low levels of vitamin D made my parathryroid levels go crazy, so my specialist keeps a close eye. After all this time, I am still only half way to where I need to be. Just a note. People with extremely low vitamin D levels often have elevated calcium in their blood. I can’t take anything with calcium in it to keep my calcium levels at bay.

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