Lovin’ My BOB RevolutionSE Duallie Stroller

Good morning, friends! I’m super excited to tell you about my new favorite toy — a BOB duallie stroller! I’m sure many of you have heard of BOB strollers before. Did you also know that they have bike trailers, car seats and more?

My boys love our BOB Revolution SE stroller. It is perfect for walking and light jogging…just what I need to be doing to lose this baby weight! Y’all. I can’t get over how smooth the ride is as well as how easy it is to push and maneuver.

Awww, look at them!

I love the swiveling front wheel. It makes steering the stroller ridiculously easy.

See that little red ring? And those sweet little fingers? The red ring is a favorite feature for tightening and adjusting the harness for different children.

The cup and snack pockets are fabulous because they keep everything organized and neat.

The parking brake is one of the easiest that I’ve ever used. And I have a stroller fetish, so I’ve used a bunch of them. Ahem.

The canopy window is perfect for checking on my littles. :)

This shows how far down the canopies go. How fabulous for napping children and for keeping the sun out of their eyes!

I’m thrilled to be working with the BOB brand to promote them and their high-quality products across my social media channels.

I am excited to hear if you own a BOB or if you’re interested in owning a BOB… and who knows, maybe we will see a giveaway in the future! ;)

In the mean time, connect with BOB on their website, as well as, Facebook and Twitter!

And check out the other BOB Moms’ sites:

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Do you have a BOB stroller?? 

Happy Tuesday!



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  1. We do have a Bob and love it! We decided on it over a traditional stroller just because we could use it for running, taking it to the beach, or a long day outing. We have an older version, but I love the changes that they made in 2012 (a more supportive backing and more padding in the seat.) It was a great purchase for our family (we found a used one in excellent condition on Craig’s List). Now its time to get a double with baby # 2 on the way. :)
    Tabitha´s last blog post ..Our Menu for the Week of April 1 – A New Adventure

  2. Allison says:

    We have a Bob Ironman and LOVE it! So easy to push! Wish we had a double though! I’m curious, how high does the back go on that one? Our three year old outgrew the ironman…he was too tall and had to hunch over. Wonder if the newer/other models are different.

  3. I actually own 2 BOB strollers! Which makes me sound like a bit of an addict, ha! I have both the single and duallie Revolution and love them and use them all the time. Mine double is a little older and I love how far down your shades go!
    Megan @ Coffee Cups and Crayons´s last blog post ..Acts of Kindness: Easter Egg Messages

  4. WOW. What an awesome stroller! My oldest two boys are 25 months apart. A double stroller was the highest item on our wish list at the time our second son was born. We were grateful for it, but it was big, clunky, and incredibly hard to manuever. Your stroller looks like it would be a breeze to use! I have a long list of friends who are pregnant with their second children; I’ll have to recommend this stroller to them!
    Richella @ Imparting Grace´s last blog post ..Decorating decision to make–please help!

  5. This stroller looks FABULOUS!! So many great features! Maybe I need one for my littles! :)
    Tonya @ Love of Family & Home´s last blog post ..Blissdom 2013 Recap

  6. I am constantly amazed at the newest strollers! I’m going to show this to my sister. She’s about to have a baby and she’s got a 14 month old. Perfect! Lisa~
    Lisa~´s last blog post ..A Boy and His Toothbrush: a love story

  7. Kristin Macri says:

    I have the single and double BOB and I love them! I only wish you could fit your diaper bag underneath in the basket!

  8. I would LOVE a Bob stroller! I will be watching for that giveaway! Great features and pictures!

  9. I have been wanting one of these!! Especially now that the weather is getting nicer – it would make it easier to get out and get some exercise and fresh air!
    Deborah´s last blog post ..Destinations – Utah – Eva’s Bakery

  10. Oh, I only wish I had this when mine were little! Your boys are darling! Strollers have come a long way! My niece would love this for her many littles!

    Becky B.
    Becky@OrganizingMadeFun´s last blog post ..Autism Awareness Month

  11. We love our BOB Duallie. It’s 6 years old and run still as smooth as ever. You can push two fairly heavy kids with one finger!! We got ours used, so they resell good as well. I always tell people, GET A BOB!

  12. Sounds like an amazing stroller!! Hope to see a giveaway soon! ;)
    Ashley @ Wishes and Dishes´s last blog post ..Slow Cooker Mississippi Pot Roast

  13. Looks like a nice stroller, Myra. We decided to purchase the Baby Trend double jogging stroller with the one wheel in the front. I was surprised to read many of the features you listed, our stroller had them too (I’ve since sold it as our little ones have outgrown it :( They are 19 months apart so it was my life-saver! I loved it too and think every mommy should own a double stroller :) so nice for day expeditions!

  14. I got my Valco 7 years ago when my oldest was a baby. It’s held up well through 3 kids, but if I was doing it over, I would get a BOB. The larger wheels are much better for walking/jogging. A sturdy stroller that I could get out and about in (along with my Ergo :) was the best baby/kid investment we’ve made. Totally worth it!

  15. My dream stroller!! I’ve only heard awesome things about them so hopefully one day… :)
    Emily@Decorchick´s last blog post ..A Virtual Trunk Show!

  16. Whitney says:

    I (not so secretly) want to have kids so we can get a BOB. We’ve got a game plan in place – REI Dividend + one of their 20% off coupons and we’ll be set! Maybe we should actually be pregnant first?! Ha.

  17. It looks like a great stroller! Just curious, how old is your oldest son? I’m trying to figure out if my 4 yr. old would be too big for this. Thanks!
    Lydia´s last blog post ..Tasty Tuesday: Flourless Chocolate Muffins

  18. Wow this looks great and super stylish!
    jessica @fourgenerationsoneroof´s last blog post ..Bathroom Refresh with Better Homes and Gardens {makeover}

  19. This looks great and comfortable.

    xo janika
    janika R´s last blog post ..Choco Lava..Yes Please

  20. Barbara says:

    I’m delighted with all the convenient features you highlighted! It’s easy to maneuver, comfortable for the kids, and convenient to use! :)

  21. I would love a BOB!! So many awesome features!

    I love the pictures, btw! :)
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Wedding Weekend #2

  22. this looks awesome Myra! strollers sure have come a long way!
    TidyMom´s last blog post ..April Chalkboard Wallpaper for Computer, iPhone & iPad

  23. Before I had my son I did a ton of research on the BEST walking/jogging stroller. I was walking 30-40 miles a week and knew I wanted something that was perfect. I ended up getting the BOB via craigslist and ADORE it. We’ve logged hundreds of miles on it and he loves it. The ride is so smooth! Someday we’ll have another little one and I’ll need to upgrade to the dualie!
    Leanne´s last blog post ..March 2013 Goals Update

  24. Such cute boys!! That stroller looks amazing!

  25. I have been dying to get my hands on a BOB! Now that he’s old enough and I’m ready to run, it would be perfect. Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa | With Style and Grace´s last blog post ..Kale, Sausage & Quinoa Scramble

  26. We love our BOB stroller too!
    Jane´s last blog post ..Double Chocolate Milkshake…Move Over, Starbucks.

  27. Once you go BOB, you never go back. I suffered through an awful double stroller with 3 kids, and finally with my 4th I got the single BOB and am SO in love! After 3 years, it’s still fabulous and worth the investment!

  28. Myra I love that stroller! If Courtney has another baby, I’m going to get one for her. She walks all the time and this will be perfect!
    Thanks for sharing,
    Cyndi Spivey´s last blog post ..What I Wore-Easter 2013

  29. Oh how I wish we had strollers like this when my kids were little, it looks fantastic! I love the colors and the drink holder – awesome * Thank you for sharing.

  30. I’ve heard so many great things about the Bob strollers. Yay, that your kiddos are riding in style. They are wonderful!
    Jen (Balancing Beauty and Bedlam)´s last blog post ..Tips for Buying Second Hand Furniture from Thrift Store/Yard Sales

  31. What an awesome stroller!!

  32. We have the single and fell in love. Baby #2 is due in a month, and we just purchased the double without hesitation. BOB strollers are the best ever!

  33. Myra, we’re so glad that the BOB Duallie is working out for you and your kids. It looks like they’ve found my son’s favorite feature, the rock-collection-pocket in the side of the seat. Enjoy the nicer weather and we look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  34. Spring is finally here in the northeast! Need to get this for my little party of 2!! Thanks for the helpful review:)

  35. I have had my BOB Ironman since I was seven months pregnant almost five years ago. I wished I would have logged all the miles I have put on that thing! People in our small community know it’s me by the bright yellow color; I am the only one here with one. :) I have ran several 5k races pushing my little man along with me and I wouldn’t have another stroller if one was given to me. I have several accessories that make carrying my phone, a bottle of water, keys, and anything else I need to perfect. The rain shield has come in handy so many times on long runs. It stores nicely in the bottom basket and I leave it there just in case. BOB strollers are well worth the price and because my son is such a light weight; 38 pounds; he will out grow it by age before he excedes the weight limit. It is the only stroller we have had for him and we love it!

  36. Nice Bob stroller i like that BOB duallie stroller! and perfect canopy window to see little baby.

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