My Word Of The Year {2013}

Good morning and Happy Friday! I hope y’all had a good week! I’ve been home most of the week with two sweet boys who are getting over coughs. It’s been *good* to be at home. I love the simple routines that we have without the interruptions of having to go and do a million things. I’ve been thinking on my word of the year…a theme that I want to focus on for 2013.

This is my word. Embrace. I want to embrace life and every facet of it this year.

My family.

My in-real-life friends.

My online friends.

My home – the messes and the beauty.

Me. Yes. I want to embrace myself by taking care of me.

It’s too easy to sit on the sidelines and passively watch life go by instead of living in and embracing the {little and big} moments.

In order to “embrace” life and the people in it more, my second word of the year is…

I *have* to say “no” more often. I’m one of those people who has a hard time saying no. I love to make everyone happy even at my own and my family’s expense. Can anyone else relate??

Many times the result of saying “yes” too much is lost sleep and a stressed out, grumpy momma. I simply can’t be that way. To help myself learn to say “no” more, I’m learning to say, “I’ll think about it” or “Let me get back with you on that.”

The primary reason for my words for 2013…


Seriously, could they be any more adorable?! I love them so very much and I don’t want to miss a single thing about their lives. They are growing up and changing toooooo fast. I would love to just freeze time…like right now.These boys are God-given treasures that I have for a limited time. I want them to remember their childhood with the greatest memories possible.

My biggest parenting fear {after drowning and choking} is looking back with regret. I don’t ever want to go there.

Who knows, I may turn down some great opportunities and experiences this year. There may not be an earth-shattering project on the blog every week {or month} either. And that’s okay. It’s a fine balance to be true to myself and grow as a person while at the same time fulfilling my first calling of being a wife and momma.

The payoff will be worth it.

2013 will find me saying “no” more, so I can “embrace” more every day.

What about you? I would love to hear if you are pondering a word that will help focus you and your goals for 2013! :)

Have a wonderful weekend!



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  1. Anita says

    My one word is EXTRAORDINARY.
    2 Corinthians 4:7 But we have this treasure in clay jars, so that it may be made clear that this extraordinary power belongs to God and does not come from us.
    Each day I strive to listen to God.

  2. says

    Great post, Myra! I’ve had to stop beating myself up about not being able to do big DIY and Craft projects every week…or month. We just don’t have the extra $$$ right now, and I’m trying to cut back on my computer time. This will probably mean more round-up posts and stuff like that, but I don’t think I’ll regret it. :)

    Love your word of the year! You’ll have a wonderful 2013 with your two cutie boys. :)
    Amanda @ Serenity Now´s last blog post ..::Weekend Bloggy Reading:: Link Up!

  3. christy says

    You have my full support for saying NO and EMBRACING your world for God’s glory! Your balanced example will help all who read your blog.

  4. Kathy Mader says

    Hey, I’m so glad to see this post Myra because really, I’ve wondered how you do it all (how do you do it all??, LOL). If we burn it at both ends, we will pay for it one day by losing our health, our money, or, like you said, having regrets, etc. My words for the year sound strange, but they work for me: BLACK HOLE. Once my pastor brought up this concept that we pour so much energy into things that are really just a black hole – I think he used the example of following celebrities’ lives. But a Black Hole would be anything that keeps us from the essential things in life. I love the visual reminder of pouring ourselves into something that can never be saturated and, when all is said and done, is lost forever. When I list the essentials of my life, it doesn’t leave a whole lot of room for trivial pursuits. So Black Hole reminds me to focus on being and doing what counts and not wasting time/life. Hope this year is your most blessed ever! Love!

  5. Barbara says

    Excellent post, Myra! May God bless your pursuit of “embracing” the most important things of life this year! I’m so proud of you! I think my word must be “focus!” Love you! :)

  6. Heather says

    I can totally relate to having a hard time saying no. I’ve tried to just say “let me talk it over with my husband”. I, like you, wish we could freeze time with our children.

  7. Julie says

    The word God gave me last fall (and I’m carrying over into this new year) is gentleness. Because I wasn’t saying no, because I was stretching myself too thin, I was NOT being gentle and my family was suffering. Life has been quieter lately, slower, and I can feel God renewing me and allowing me to respond in gentleness to those surrounding me on a daily basis.

  8. says

    Beautiful post, Myra! I like your words so much I may use them instead of my own. But, I have been thinking a lot about ONE.

    “One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism…..” My word is not original!

    I have ONE day at a time – what I will do to use it well?
    ONE time of devotions, to keep my spiritual life strong, ONE big chore every day to keep my household running well, ONE hour of hobby time to keep me creatively satisfied, ONE walk every day to keep me healthy, a short conversation with at least ONE good friend every day to keep me connected, ONE nice supper every night to keep my hubby well-fed….. You get the idea. I’m also keeping a simple journal this year where I plan to record ONE happy thing from each day.

    Have a fabulous year!
    Suzanne´s last blog post ..Catching Up – First Quarter 2012

  9. Diana says

    Myra, girl, you are doing the absolute best thing possible for you and your family. I am a mother of three sons. My “baby” will turn 30 this year!! HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN!!! LOL.. and the only regret I have from when they were younger was not having enough energy and maybe some more patience. You always wish you could do/be more, but honestly, consistency and love with do it! My husband and I worked all kinds of crazy shifts to be able to have someone with them MOST of the time. As you know, their lives only get busier as they get older and so then does yours. Breathe, enjoy, give and take all those sloppy kisses and hugs… I truly miss reading those stories, baking the cookies and all the wild boy noises and messes.. hockey, baseball, football stinky equipment, well you get the idea!! :-) Guess I will have to use that patience to wait for some grandchildren, but none are on the horizon as of yet!! I am concentrating on GRATITUDE … I find when I do that, everything else falls into place. Bless you and your family in this new year. Take Care. Diana

  10. Paula Hardin says

    Thank you Myra, for that “word” of the year. You have been very inspiring and I enjoy reading your post. Now that I have made the decision to “retire” from my job, my new word of the year is “FIND”. I am trying to find my place in this life and try to make a difference. To inspire people, to create beautiful things, to help someone else that’s less fortunate, or someone who needs a shoulder to lean on. This is a new time in my life and I’ve got go “FIND” my way. With God being my guide, I’m excited as to where he may lead me and what I may “FIND” on the way. God bless you and your family.

  11. Gwen says

    I smile as I look at your sweet photo and how serious you are. I truly loved being a Mommy and isn’t bath time with the two of them fun? You know what? You simply will embrace it. And there will be happy and sad times and things you forget but your kids don’t. But yes. This today? It will freeze for you! God does that for us. We get to have specific memories of specific mundane days–for me it was buying that grocery store ball that looked like the sky and playing two square on the driveway with my girls. But my girls don’t remember!!!! How could they not when it was MY big memory?!! But oh yes, it’s a blessing and yes, it goes slowly yet so quickly. Blessings.

  12. Lisa W. says

    Wow. Thanks for your inspiration as always. I was asked recently my New Year resolution…I really like your way of picking a word and committing to apply to my circumstance throughout the year. I am sooo doing this. Thanks Myra. It’s so much less pressure to think of it this way instead. I know I can stick with this rather than a specific goal. May God bless you and help you ever step of the way this year to stick with your “words”.

  13. says

    Great word for the year… both of them! I definitely have had to tell myself the same thing many times— SAY NO! So hard when you genuinely WANT to do so much but know that you just can’t if the important things in life are going to get their full attention.

    You’ve inspired me to post my own post for my word of the year – I think the word that sums up my years goals is “Improve.” Improving my all around body health, improving my career & goals by starting the process of finishing school, and working on strengthening our marriage even more. It’s going to be a good one.
    Kem´s last blog post ..a jazzy date night

  14. says

    Love your words, and I agree saying No is so important. I never commit (after learning this through lots of too stressful moments) to anything without going home and talking it over with Brian and looking at the calendar. It’s hard at first, but then it is so liberating. Because in the end, I don’t want to short side my family because of outside commitments. Such a hard balance.

    Anyway, all that to say, I totally get it and I think this is an awesome goal! :)
    Johanna @ My Home Tableau´s last blog post ..Encourage positive behavior with a few beans

  15. Brenda says

    You are adorable… I can say that as a fifty-plus aged woman who so delights in seeing strong, young women (like yourself) that are extremely creative and brave enought to share their lives with the world. Bless you and your sweet little family. I just found your blog today and will continue to check in periodically. God bless!
    Brenda Yttrup

  16. Cheryl B. says

    Hi Myra! I enjoy your blog so much – you really are an inspiring breath of fresh air! A group of long time friends (notice I did not say old!) selected a “one word resolution” this year. They chose generous, strong, play, and I chose “try”. Thank you so much for sharing your corner of the world! :)

  17. Cathy Y. says

    My word for the year is embrace, also! I’m moving into a new season of life as my oldest girl graduates from high school this coming May. I feel the need to embrace all of these new life changes. Enjoy your boys’ childhood…they grow so quickly!

  18. says

    I chose Prepared for my word of the year. I blogged about it so that it would keep me accountable and remind me every time I write a new post to stay on top of my word related goals. Thanks for sharing!



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