I’m In Hometalk’s Bloglight!

Hey y’all! I’m excited to be in this week’s Hometalk bloglight! Some of you are probably saying, “Huh?” What’s Hometalk? And what’s a bloglight?  Well, let me tell you.

Hometalk is a wonderful community of people who love all things home. From contractors and designers to diy bloggers and homeowners, Hometalk is a place where everyone can share projects, ask questions, offer encouragement and high fives.

I’ve been participating at Hometalk for several months and I love it! Each week Hometalk features a blogger of the week and this is my week…hence the “bloglight.” ;) My friend Miriam is the brilliant director of comunity over at Hometalk. She has made Hometalk a wonderful place to be. Oh, and their Facebook page rocks!

Miriam sent over a few questions for me to answer, so grab a cup of coffee or a glass of iced tea and get comfy…

>>>How did you first get into blogging?

I wrote my very first blog post in June 2006.  It was a perfect way to express my thoughts of newly married life and home. I thoroughly enjoyed my Xanga blog {does anyone use Xanga any more??} and I still keep up with friends that I met there. I blogged off and on until after Ridley was born when blogging became a much bigger part of my life. My life drastically changed when I left a high-end furniture sales/designer position to be a stay-at-home-mom to a newborn. Blogging became my outlet from baby talk and changing diapers.

>>>What was the first project you ever posted?

My background is in interior design, so diy decorating was and is my cup of tea. My taste has definitely evolved {doesn’t it always?} over time. Looking back at the before & after photos of my breakfast room {three houses ago} makes me cringe for multiple reasons. Please don’t judge. ;)

>>>Which project has brought you the most traffic? 

My frugal DIY Hurricane Vase Tutorial has brought me the most traffic to date. They are so easy and very cheap! Runner up project for the most traffic is my Pine Cone Book Page Wreath.

>>>What do your friends and family think about your blog?

My husband is my biggest fan and supporter. He fully supports all the projects, crazy photo shoots and late night writing as long as I keep everything somewhat balanced. This means everything is good as long as I put good food in his belly and clean socks on his feet. Ahem.

My mom and sister are both very supportive as well. My mom attended the Haven conference with me last year since I was two weeks away from my due date with Cameron. She loved getting to know so many of the bloggers that I talk about frequently. My extended family and friends probably think I’m a little cray cray, but that’s okay. :)

>>>Do you stick to a strict posting schedule? How do you keep track of when and how often to post?

A year ago, i was posting five days a week. I was exhausted, uninspired and writing too many round-up posts of other bloggers’ content. There’s nothing wrong with roundups, but readers like to see your own content more often than not!

I’ve found what works for me by typically posting on Monday, Wednesday, Friday each week. I try to post a project, a recipe and one other post that’s usually a giveaway, family update or sponsored post. Having this simple schedule helps me plan ahead and keep my creative mojo cranking right along.

>>>What advice could you give to other bloggers that you wish you had known before you started blogging?

My #1 piece of advice —– Be Yourself.

I purposely took a year and a half off from reading blogs. I needed a break. I needed time off from feeling discontent and insufficient. Removing Google Reader from my bookmarks was *such* a relief. I was able to step back and evaluate why I was blogging and how I could be a better version of me.


It’s great to observe successful bloggers to see their habits, posting schedule, photography and what works for them, but don’t waste valuable time trying to be them. Be yourself and people will come to read and love you and your blog!

Well, that was fun! I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my blogging story! ;)

Thanks again to Hometalk for featuring me in the Bloglight this week! Join Hometalk and follow me!

Happy Thursday!



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  1. Loved your post, Myra!! You did a great recap of your blogging journey and how it all works.

  2. I enjoyed reading this! I also really enjoy your blog. I am starting a blog soon. I just moved to a new state and I don’t know anyone and I feel the need to have an outlet. I hope it will allow me to meet people even if we don’t live near each other.

  3. Wow, I had no idea you took a year + off! That is so bold and brave. I’m just so glad it worked for you because I can’t think of anything I’d want you to do differently today!

    Your effortless, eclectic, anything goes style is one of my favourites… don’t change a thing! :)
    Funky Junk Interiors´s last blog post ..An update on Cindy’s family… on her birthday

  4. As a newbie blogger it’s so nice to have the ‘shoulda, coulda, woulda’s from seasoned bloggers as a cliff note spring board. I’m sure I will experience many of the same trials but it’s quite comforting to know you have been there and pulled through quite well. Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as your wonderful projects.
    Dee @ DeeConstructed´s last blog post ..DIY Dumpster Dive

  5. Loved your post Myra! I know what you mean about evolving style. I was going back through old house photos and was like, “GAH! Did I really like that?!” I love your blog & congrats for being in the BLOGLIGHT!

  6. Great post, Myra! I totally agree with you on keeping a balanced posting schedule because otherwise burnout sets in quick. Congrats on being In the Bloglight!
    Beth@Unskinny Boppy´s last blog post ..DIY Sweater lampshade Tutorial (Vote for me!)

  7. Great post! Love you, sis, and so proud of you!!
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Weekend happenings.

  8. This was so fantastic Myra! I loved learning more about you and how you got started but especially appreciated that you shared about stepping back from posting as often and from reading so many other blogs. I think we do need to give ourselves permission to regroup and refocus so that we don’t forget why we started blogging in the first place! Thanks so much for this! :-)
    Vanessa´s last blog post ..Strawberries and Cream Pound Cake! I heart it!

  9. Love reading these spotlights… so great to learn more about so many awesome bloggers. Great to read yours!!!
    Maryann @ Domestically Speaking´s last blog post ..Making a Window Family Frame

  10. So fun to read about your blogging journey!

    Also, no judging your old style (you should have seen my green striped sofa from years ago)!!


  11. You are such and inspiration! Thanks for sharing and congratulations on the Hometalk Spotlight.
    Debbie~refreshrestyle´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Day Card

  12. Great Post! Enjoyed that!!! Awesome advice too! ~Tammy
    Tammy Killough´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Day Breadsticks and Marinara Sauce

  13. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your ‘story’. I’ve been a fan for a long time and it was great to get to know you a little bit better.
    Mary Beth @ Cupcakes and Crinoline´s last blog post ..Valentine’s Day DIY ~ Sharpie Marker Inspired Vase

  14. Congrats on the feature, Myra. I love what you said about being yourself and not trying to recreate someone else’s style. So easy to fall in that trap!
    SheilaG @ Plum Doodles´s last blog post ..Rustoleum Countertop Transformations Makeover

  15. I enjoyed reading a little more about you! You are by far one of the sweetest bloggers out there- love your style and Love how you blog for you. Awesome. I liked the ending to this post… Agree with it 100%- blog for you. Well done my friend.
    Jen Marrs´s last blog post ..Cheap Grass Stain Remover

  16. Congrats on the feature, Myra! I enjoyed reading more about you. I think that it’s interesting that you said you had to take a break from reading everyone else’s blogs. I think that’s good advice for someone who is trying to find his or her own blogging voice!
    Jane @ Cottage at the Crossroads´s last blog post ..Easy to Make Fabric Hearts

  17. I so love your “blogging philosophy”….I do not have a “blogging schedule”…I post when I feel I have good enough content….I just loved reading about your “journey”… love your wonderful attitude…and that will certainly make you go far!!…Congrats on you “being in the Bloglight”!!

  18. Myra,

    I must tell you that in the midst of having my email shut down (by someone else unexpectantly) and drastically cutting down on what blogs I allow myself to read, I ALWAYS keep subscribing and ALWAYS read yours even when my inbox is full. Now I see why:) Your blog is so different (in a good way) from everything else out there. I love reading it:)))

  19. Loved reading more about your blogging journey, Myra! Love following your blog – it is always an inspiration to me.

  20. Myra, I totally needed to read this post! Thanks for keeping it real, girl. BTW, your new boy is just gorgeous (as are your other boys). My little man, Eli, arrived Nov. 16 (http://livingrichonless.com/?p=2063). It’s been – as you put it – cray cray ever since. Take care and God bless.
    Susan´s last blog post ..Organizing nuts and bolts

  21. I loved reading these things about you and meeting you last year at Haven. Hope to see you there this year!

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