Hurricane Vases! {Frugal DIY Tutorial}


For years, I’ve “coveted” the gorgeous hurricane vases available at Williams-Sonoma. I mean, what’s there not to love? Well, to be perfectly honest…the price.  Williams-Sonoma hurricanes range from $70.00 to $118.00!  Ouch-y.  Too pricey for my thrift-store-loving wallet. So when I saw the hurricane brilliance over at Decor Chick, I knew I had try this project for myself.

Aren’t they pretty?

Now I’m going to show you how you can get your beautiful, hurricane vase party on at your house!!! Fun!


Supplies you need:

  • Gorilla Glue – I’d never used Gorilla Glue before, so I was stepping out of my comfort zone.  I bought GG (that dries white) at Hobby Lobby for $5.  It is super easy to use and I’m very happy with how it worked!
  • Candle Sticks – Over the last few months, I’ve developed quite a collection of clear candle sticks – from thrift stores and the Dollar Tree.
  • Glass vases – I already had three vases from flowers that my sweet hubby has gotten me and I also picked up a few more from the Dollar Tree and Walmart.

I followed the directions on the Gorilla Glue box which said to sparingly apply GG on one surface (the bottom of a vase)…and then dampen the other surface (the candle stick) before putting them together. Then I centered the candlestick on the vase…

PhotobucketYou can see how the Gorilla Glue bubbles up and turns white. That’s why you don’t need to use too much.  Ask me how I know.  {blush} I’m the one who had to use a knife to cut off the excess white foamy glue. Ahem.


Then, carefully balance a large book on the candle stick to hold it together while the Gorilla Glue dries.  The vase looks cloudy because I washed it and didn’t let it completely dry before starting my project.  Waiting patiently is not my forte…

For example, I lined up five vases to glue at the same time.  I glued them.  Put books on them.  And left to run an errand. When I came home, a vase was broken and not one candle stick was still on top of a vase. The domino effect had happened.  Oh and to make it even better…three candlesticks were glued to the carpet.  {brilliant, I tell ya!}

Love. Love. Love.

Simple, natural, candle-lit beauty.

These vases grace my simplified bookshelves and are the perfect addition to my simple, frugal Fall decor.  I filled the vases with cinnamon sticks, berries, ribbon, pumpkins, gourds and corn.  The only things I purchased this year for these two hurricanes, are the cinnamon sticks ($1.47) and the berries ($1.50).  Can’t beat that!

Eight glass hurricane vases cost me less than $20!!! {happy dance} Plus the time I spent getting dried Gorilla Glue out of the carpet. Snort.

Have you ever used Gorilla Glue before?

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  1. I LOVE these!!! I was just looking at hurricane vases today but at prices of $30 each I passed. So excited!! I cant wait to make them! Thanks!

    1. Love your ideas. I’m going to try and paint my old dresser and use in my dining room. been looking all morning for ideas. your dresser in Paris gray is great ! Thank You

  2. omg, what a great idea! ive always loved the crafty ideas but i love this one so much i had to comment. thanks for the great ideas and keep em comin.

  3. so fabulous! and I am SO not a waiter either. I can’t stand to wait for anything (glue, paint, etc) to dry. They look great! Are you really decorating for fall already? I can’t bring myself to do that until Oct 1.
    Mama Llama´s last blog post ..School Rules!

  4. My husband uses Gorilla Glue for everything! Love this post! Wishing I had the space to place such pretties!

  5. I don’t often (ever) do crafts or crafty things, but this was a great DIY… and I *might* actually do it!

  6. Thrilled to see this post/tutorial. Just loaded about 6 flower vases to send to local thrift store…..sorry they will not be getting them now because I will be making hurricane vases. Yippee! Thanks for the tutorial.

  7. What an awesome idea!! That would really be great for craft fairs!! My daughter in law is very gifted when it comes to arrangements. I have got to show her this. Thank you for sharing this idea honey!!

    I love you!
    Grandma Patty Ann
    Grandma Patty Ann´s last blog post ..Oh…

  8. I, too, had never used Gorilla Glue and just bought some the other day. What a fantastic idea! I love it. I am going to my local Good Will tomorrow to see if I can find some things to make these for my mantel. Thanks for the great ideas!!
    Melissa S´s last blog post ..This weeks menu!

  9. You did a great job! What a great idea. I love how you decorated the vases and stagered them in height:D Thank you for sharing this idea. I’m going to hit the Dollar Store up supplies. And no, I have never used GGlue but it’s in the house. My husband bought it once for some project but he ended up not using it. Yah! one less purchase for me;)

    Cheryl@My Own Snug Fireside
    Cheryl´s last blog post ..AUTUMN SMELLS!

  10. I LOVE this idea!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!! Dollar Tree has become one of my new favorite stores in the last two years (and totally gotten me out of my dollar-store-snobbery because it’s amazing what you can find in there!), so I’ll be on the hunt for some candlesticks and vases. Did I mention I LOVE this?! Thanks for the tip (and your story had me laughing because it sounds so much like me – I can’t wait for anything when I’m trying to do a project – I want it done NOW!).
    Carrie´s last blog post ..You CaptureSigns

  11. I did this for the first time as well. So excited. Then I found two small cheeseball domes w/clear glass plates and made two cupcake domes. So cute, what a great idea!! I am looking at everything in my cupboards now with new eyes. What can I glue next??

  12. Did you have any problems with the cheaper glass not being heat-safe? I have done candles in baby food jars before and had them get INCREDIBLY hot.

    They are very pretty!

    1. @Gina, I was wondering this, too. Anyone know how it works having candles in non-tempered glass? Would hate to have another mess on the carpet 😛

      1. I haven’t had any issues with my candles and I haven’t heard of anyone else having a problem either. I’ll let you know if I do! 🙂 Thanks for your comment!!!!

    2. Hey Gina! I haven’t had any issues and I haven’t heard of anyone else having problems either. Be careful and check to make sure that they are doing okay! 🙂

  13. Hey girly those look so beautiful!!! I am so excited plus Im gonna make a couple and give them as a gift to my best friend!! 😀 Thanks so much for coming up with it….Its one of those things that make you say “Why didn’t I think of that”? Thanks again!!

    1. Thank you Heather for your wonderful comment! I love to decorate on a dime, so I think you’ll find many wonderful ideas here! 🙂 Welcome!

  14. I have wanted hurricane vases for YEARS!!!! I am so very excited to find this and will be doing some this pay.
    And yes I LOVE gorilla glue. I went to County Living big craft event in Columbus, Ohio and there was a reps from gorilla glue and they gave out several different bottles of the glue. I love them all!

  15. What an awesome idea with the candle sticks and glasses! 🙂 I would have never thought of it. I love the berries and cinnamon sticks and plan to get some gourds this weekend at the pumpkin patch.

  16. Oh my goodness I love this idea! I’m definitely making these this year! They would probably make great gifts too. Nobody has to know you only spent a few bucks! As I was reading this I got to thinking…I have been wanting some cake stands but they can be so pricey also. This would be a great cheap way to do that! I read someone else used cheeseball domes to make individual cupcake domes…brilliant!

  17. You could also use GEII silicone, for windows and doors instead of the Gorilla Glue. It dries clear, and is strong enough to stand up outside if you wanted it to.

  18. My hat is off to you!!!! The only thing I was sad about after reading this is that I didnt think of it myself…and thus when we recently moved I got rid of some GREAT random vases I never needed. UGH. Oh well. now I am on the hunt for the nearest dollar store!!!! 🙂


    I posted a link in my blog so others can share in this amazing frugal, fall decor.


  19. A friend sent me a link to this, and what a great idea! You have so many cute ideas on here! I will definitely be visiting your site again! 🙂

  20. Popped over from Money Saving Mom. I love this idea! Yours look beautiful, and I can’t wait to try my hand at it. (Thanks for sharing your glue mishap too! I’m an impatient crafter myself – so I can relate to things not always going quite as planned! 🙂 )

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Amy! 🙂 It’s so great to relate to other not-so-patient crafters! 🙂

  21. If you glue a beautiful glass plate (think garage sale, Goodwill) to the candlestick you end up with a great cake plate to give along with the gift of a cake, cookies, etc.

  22. So pretty and clever! TFS! I can see the possibility of adding some glass etching (of course, I’ve never actually done such a thing) to ampup the purty! LOL Adding you to my reader right now!


  23. Can I ask where you got your cinnamon sticks and berries? This could also be changed into Christmas deco real easy. Could use the cinnamon sticks for Christmas and put christmas bulbs in the others.

    1. I found the cinnamon sticks and berries at Hobby Lobby. 🙂 Yes! Can’t wait to change them out for Christmas/Winter!

  24. Great Idea but…

    I stopped using gorilla glue after that news story about ingestion.
    Killed a few animals & I can only assume it would do the same to humans.

    I just decided that there are other products that I can have around the house with out having to lock the stuff up
    Camel “Ka Noa”´s last blog post ..WIP 65

    1. Thanks for your comment Katie! I got the berries at Hobby Lobby. They came on picks and I just took them apart. The cinnamon sticks came from Hobby Lobby too. 🙂

  25. I made these today and you are sooo right, I’m swooning for sure!!! It’s my first shot at something like this and I’m SO beyond happy with the turn out! You’re blog is my new addiction….no pressure or anything! 😉 THANKS!

    Oh and your Hobby Lobby is expensive, I got the Gorilla Glue for $2.99.

    1. Yay! 🙂 We can just swoon together!!!! 🙂 Very interesting about the GG…I might just have to look into that! Thanks girl! 🙂

  26. I made three hurricane vases today! I love the way they look on my bookshelf and bathroom. Even my husband noticed and complimented them. He said he loved them even more when I told him what I’d spent!

    I swiped some gorilla glue from my brother-in-law and returned it to him today. I don’t advocate stealing, but this was just “borrowing.” =) He actually told me I could keep it if I wanted it…lol!

    1. Sara, that’s fabulous! Aren’t they wonderful!? I can’t wait to use mine for Christmas and Winter decor too! 🙂

    1. Hi Amanda! I found mine at Hobby Lobby in the holiday craft section. They aren’t scented…just for looks. 🙂

  27. I FINALLY made mine today! Love them! I got brave and etched our initial on one of them. Hubby is very impressed. Made my mom, SIL, and grandma each some and etched their initials in them, too. The nice thing about theirs, is I used the tall cylinder vases that were part of the reception centerpieces from my sister’s wedding last summer. They have a little sentimentality to them, and I love that!

  28. I am brand new to your blog and adore it! Thank you~ I will be heading out tomorrow to pick the vases and candlesticks up. I already have the Gorilla Glue…lol. Hubby and I went hiking today and I picked up a bunch of perfect acorns to add inside one 🙂 Thanks again~

  29. Love these! I’m decorating this house on a shoestring budget & love beauty for cheap! I’m so trying these this week!

    Found you via A Few Shortcuts.

  30. I saw your post through Money Saving Mom and I am so glad she posted it. I don’t have much seasonal decoration in my house because they can cost so much, but after I saw your post it has made me want to decorate. I made 3 hurricane vases and I am happy with how they turned out. I just started a blog and I posted pictures. I linked it to your post 🙂 Thank you again!
    Angelica´s last blog post ..Fall decorating

    1. Super glue might work, just put books on them and let it dry well. Let me know if the super glue works! 😉 Gorilla glue expands when it dries and forms a really good “bond.”

  31. I made mine about a week ago. They had all I needed from the Dollar Tree! Glasses, candle sticks, and fun decor items and candles! Love this. So simple and fast and easy thanks so much!

  32. These Hurricane vases are beautiful. I have made a table in the same way. I glued thrit store glass flower vases and candle holders together and for the top I glued a large glass platter. I add flowers and floating lights on the top when we have dinner parties.

  33. Loved reading your post and even used your mistakes to stay clear of my own. 🙂 I made my own hurricane lamps thanks to you and I love them! First craft I have been inspired to do in over two years!

  34. I made 5 of these for a Halloween party I was having and filled each one with a different kind of candy. They were stunning!! I got so many complements on them and now I know what I am going to give everyone for Christmas. Thank you so much!! This is now my favorite decoration and the cheapest. I am on the hunt for what to put in them for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

  35. OMGoodness! Those are fantastic and appear to be super simple too boot! I’ve been looking for some additional gift basket gifts and now I think I’ve found it! Thank you thank you thank you!

  36. I just love this idea! I ran to Target to buy some GG this evening! It was 4 something but with as many uses as I’ll get out of it, it’s worth it! You can always get it at Hobby Lobby with a 40% off coupons as well. I also happened to snag my candle sticks at the Goodwill and they had red tags and this week was BOGO for red so even thriftier =) I can’t wait to see how it’ll turn out! I have one drying now! I love your blog and have already subscribed! Can’t wait to show off my beautiful new vases! Thank you!
    Meg´s last blog post ..Thanksgiving- 10 Months and More!

  37. You cracked me up! That would so have been me, if I’d made them. But I am definitely going to make them now. And tuck this away for Christmas gifts for next year. And I will be oh so careful to save my carpet!
    Beth´s last blog post ..November 18th

  38. Squeeeeeeeeal!! I am SO. GOING. TO DO. THIS!!!
    I’ve never used Gorilla glue before, so I THANK YOU for all the examples of what not to do. 😉 I’m sure I would have made at least one of those mistakes myself if you hadn’t. =p

  39. Thank you sooo much. I made these and they are AMAZING! I made three different sizes and filled them with natural things from the beach; i.e., shells, sea glass, driftwood, etc. $6 for something that looks priceless. I will also be giving them as gifts for the holidays.

    1. Woohoo Mareka! Your comment just totally makes my day! 🙂 I know the recipients of the hurricane vases are going to love them and you!! 🙂

  40. Hey Myra, I’m hopping over from Mandy’s…I LOVE the vases! I have looked for them at $ Tree but mine is so lame they never have what I want. Patience is not my forte, either. 🙂 But I will not give up! I need to do like you did and head to my thrift stores.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    Heathahlee´s last blog post ..Studio DaySpring Cards

  41. I LOVED this idea. And as a broke college student I found that getting the super cheap memorial candles that come in the tall glasses, and simply placing them on top of the candle stick holders is a really easy way to switch them up (the candles come in all sorts of colors) and they are cheaper than some of the pillar candles I’ve found.

  42. Wow! I honestly like yours better. All the different candle holders make it unique. I am going to try this, and let you know how badly I screwed it up (cuz I tend to do that!.. ha).

  43. I JUST made 2 of these with 2 different vases and 2 of the same candle sticks. Except I just glued them together not 20 minutes ago and went to work. Hopefully the glue holds and nothing breaks, and my cat isnt too curious…

  44. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS!! I am going to try this project for the fall!!! WOOHOO!! 🙂

  45. We made similar hurricane glasses for my friends wedding – instead of Gorilla Glue we used hot glue. This is a great idea – they’re beautiful! 🙂

  46. I have been following your blog for a couple of months now. I really love your blog!! I recently bought some glass vases similar to the ones you used at the dollar store. You can’t beat $1! I filled my with small gourds and squash. I didn’t think to glue candle sticks to them. That’s a great idea!
    Tanya´s last blog post ..Work At Home Success Website

  47. Love how these turned out!!! I am so going to make some of these… although probably for Christmas instead of Thanksgiving since we go to my parents for Thanksgiving and for Christmas they come here!

  48. ABSOLUTELY love these and have made several of my own. Gorilla glue – gonna have to check that out. Thanks!!

  49. I did these with E6000 glue and they are really beautiful. The E6000 glue dries clear and costs about $4.00 a tube.

  50. I was thinking about making these. Do you know if the hold water ok after gluing the candle sticks to the bottom? I wanted to add water and a floating candle in it. Please let me know!
    Love this idea!! Looks very elegant!

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