Running For Liberia {Please Read}

This time next week, my husband, two of my brothers and my brother-in-law, as well as several friends, will have just completed a nearly-200 mile relay race from Chattanooga, TN to Nashville, TN. We’re talking about running, y’all. I think my muscles just screamed a little bit.

You might think that 200 miles sounds a little bit insane and it probably is, except they aren’t running for fame or for themselves. They are running for the children of Liberia and for a missions facility to better serve the Liberian people.

My heart has long been in Africa. My parents taught me to pray by praying for missionaries in Africa. My relationship with Africa is a little bit emotional because we go way back…in my heart. I thought my dream would be fulfilled on a college missions trip to Kenya, but that door closed. Someday, perhaps my feet will feel African soil between them. The time just hasn’t been right yet.

My husband’s Ragnar Relay Running Team’s goal is to raise $10,000 to help build the missions facility. Naturally, I want to do everything I can to help. My sister and I worked tirelessly on two successful fundraising yard sales this year. The team has also been raising money through t-shirt and arm band sales.

The following video makes me emotional every time I watch it because I’ve been cheering these guys on over the last year as they’ve trained so diligently.

We’re now down to the wire. One week away from the race. Today, I’m coming to you to ask if you would be willing to give. Honestly, I’m scared out of my mind because asking you, my dear reader, for money is wayyyyy outside my comfort zone and is something I’ve never done before. I love creating free, inspiring content each week for y’all to enjoy.

If every My Blessed Life reader gave a dollar, wow. What an impact that would have!! Can you give $10, $15 or more? If all you can give is prayer, that is a gift in itself. Pray for the people of Liberia, the mission work there and the safety and stamina of the relay team as they run Friday beginning at 10 AM through Saturday at 3 PM.

To donate, click the button below. You don’t have to use a Paypal account.

Thank you, THANK YOU, so much for your consideration of this great cause. To learn more about the race and running team, click here.

Blessings to you today!!



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  1. What an awesome thing they are doing. I looked at the route map and they’ll be going right through our town, probably Friday afternoon. If I see them, I’ll be sure to cheer them on.

  2. So glad you are sharing this. God will use it. Bless you today.

  3. Blessings!

  4. I know the Lord will use this for His glory! Thank you for allowing us to help bless others. (I also have a heart for Africa. They are in such need!)
    I love your blog, and it was time I introduce myself. :)
    God bless you and yours,

  5. I check out your blog often. Today, I just happened to notice your post about Liberia. It is such a blessing to hear your concern for Liberia. Both of my parents have done mission work at a school in Liberia. I have several friends who are Liberians and they are such loving, appreciative people. One is a Liberian librarian! May God richly bless your efforts. Also, thank you for your blog. It has provided me with much inspiration and motivation.

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