AMAZING Oreck Vacuum {and Handheld Vac} Giveaway

Happy Monday, y’all! I’m so excited to share my new vacuum love with you! I’ve been without a vacuum cleaner for almost a year – our previous house didn’t have any carpeting, so I swept with a good old fashioned broom. Yikes, that took a long time!  The cheapo vacuum that we owned before that came apart every time it was used. Not so fun.  Enter the brand new…

Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner


Can I just say that the  incredible Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner and Ultimate Handheld Vac have been not only a huge blessing to my house cleaning tasks, but they are a dream to use!

I can’t get over how light the Oreck Magnesium is, yet how much power it packs!  Wow.  I barely have to push or pull the vacuum because it just glides along.  My engineering husband is amazed at how the Magnesium operates!

I love the two speed Quickswitch which enables me to move smoothly across all floor types using appropriate power level – see, I told you. A dream. Cleaning from room to room of not-so-beautiful rental house carpet to 150 year old gorgeous hardwoods is a breeze.

Besides that, the vacuum head is so flat that I can easily clean under furniture.  Oh, and did I mention the cord?  It is 30 feet long, y’all! Can you hear me hollering “freeeeeedommmm” in a Braveheart kind of way? Ahem.

Dust seems to accumulate everywhere at my house.  Surely I’m not alone, right?? Haha!  The New Ultimate Handheld Vac is a perfect solution. Weighing only five pounds and having a handheld or shoulder strap makes cleaning furniture, walls, light fixtures and blinds so easy.  It has five accessories including an extension arm, dusting brush, crevice tool, upholstery tool and a large floor tool.

Okay, enough about me extolling the beauty of the Oreck Magnesium and Handheld Vac. I’m sure you’re ready to find out how you can win the glorious combo of an Oreck Magnesium and the Ultimate Handheld Vac, right? :)

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Giveaway Rules: This giveaway is open to US {48 contiguous states} RESIDENTS ONLY. You must be 18 years and older to enter. No duplicate comments. There will be one winner of the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum & Ultimate Hand Vac package. This giveaway will run from December 12, 2011until December 31, 2011@11:59 pm. Winner will have 72 hours to respond otherwise a new winner will be selected.  Email will only be used for point of contact for winner.  Facebook does not sponsor or endorse this giveaway. They are not affiliated with this blog in any way. Winner will be determined via drawing on  Odds of winning will be dependent upon total number of entries.

Disclosure – I was given the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum with Ultimate Hand Vac to review from Oreck. All opinions stated in this post are entirely my own opinion. Oreck Corporation provided the prize for the sweepstakes but is not the sponsor of the sweepstakes.

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    • chris says

      @raina, The Oreck Magnesium is self-propelled and can use on all types of floors high carpet to hardwood and tile. I would love to own one!! Thanks

  1. Ginny A says

    I love the feature of manuervability for high pile carpets! Yay! Alot of the light weights do well on floors but not high pile carpets so thats exciting!

  2. Gini Walker says

    I found that it has a direct route for the dirt to go to the bag. Hopefully that will mean less clogging.

  3. Cindy P says

    I like the “dirty-air system” that breaks the dirt up into smaller particles by the fan. It will also fit under my furniture easily. Sounds like a great vacuum!

  4. says

    WoW! Fabulous giveaway! I need a new vacuum so badly. My son has asthma and we have to vacuum a lot! Our vacuum is so heavy. I learned that the Oreck Magnesium weighs on 7.7 lbs. That will feel like a feather compared to the one we have :)

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  5. Gracen C. says

    I learned that it will go completely flat to get under furniture. That would be so great for under the bed.

  6. Kathy Hart says

    •7-year limited warranty with 3 annual tune-ups
    •Weighs 7.7 lbs.*
    •Magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel
    •2 speed settings
    •30 ft. cord
    •Large, high-performance wheels
    •Long-lasting Endurolife™ Belt•HEPA inner bag
    •Twin LED Headlights
    More Features » More Photos »
    New Product Free Shipping 30 Days Risk-Free Trial
    Write the first review


  7. Sara H says

    I learned more about the quickswitch! It’s great that it’s gentle enough for oriental/persian rugs! But I need it for the power (carpets, dog and a lot of carpet)!!

  8. Heather D says

    Wow. It lays virtually flat!!! Perfect for all kinds of surfaces. I have hardwoods and carpets and could seriously use one of these vacuum cleaners! :-)

  9. Amy says

    I love that it has a hepa filter bag!! Not wild about my canister vaccum, seems like i am getting a lot of the dust back into the air when dumping it out.

  10. Din T says

    I think it sounds great but I think the fact that it lays flat would change the entire way I vacuum. Less furniture moving!

  11. paige says

    It has a direct suction path different than the bagless ones that have dirt travel in all kinds of crazy ways. Awesome!!

  12. krys says

    It is powerful enough for carpet yet gentle enough for oriental rugs, and as a bonus it is not a heavy or bulky vaccum…also love that it lays flat makes it great for under the couch or for storing……

  13. Debby G. says

    Just visited the Oreck website and read about the Magnesium. Oh how I would love a nice lightweight vacuum like this! The one feature I read about was how it can lay flat for cleaning under furniture. That would be great for getting under those beds!

  14. Kerri says

    I LOVE that it has a quick switch to move from hard floors to carpet! That would be such an awesome feature since all levels of our house have both types of flooring.

  15. Britney says

    I love that this Oreck Vacuum cleans thouroughly enough that it only takes one pass through the carpet or floor and you dont have to keep going over areas that you have already vacuumed! We have a german shephard and she sheds like crazy! It would be awesome to win this giveaway!

  16. natalie says

    I learned is very light and easy to use, easy to push through high pile carpet, comes with accessories to help tackle every job. It has a 3 year guarantee

  17. Jennifer Monroe says

    I learned that it has a inner HEPA bag. That means alot to people that has a child with severe asthma.

  18. Janel Jackson says

    That it has headlights, so you can see what you are doing as you get under small dark spaces ,which it says is easy because it lays virtually flat . And the handheld has a shoulder strap!!!! I love that :-)

  19. says

    Great giveaway; I’m definitely interested in learning more about this super vacuum! What doesn’t it do? :) I like the two speed quick switch feature, our latest model at home doesn’t have the option. I also like that it’s gentle enough for fine or expensive rugs too. The handheld vac looks like it’s just the bee’s knees though … I can see vacuuming out the car being much easier with it’s help!

    Thanks for hosting this AMAZING giveaway!

    Happy Holidays!

    Kate –

  20. says

    I love that you can use it on hardwood!!! I’ve had the same vacuum for 15 years…and it has lost all suction in the attachment thingy…and smells like decade old Christmas tree every time we vacuum…so I’m kinds stoked about this!
    Victoria´s last blog post ..God Ain’t Sorry

  21. Sally says

    I learned that you can use it on all types of floors – from hardwood to thick carpet – awesome! Thanks for the opportunity to enter such a great giveaway!!

  22. Donna Stout says

    I could SO use this vaccum cleaner. Ease of use, ease of switching floor surfaces, the ability to clean under furniture with the flatter head, What a find!

  23. Stacy says

    I love that the 102mph of airflow makes for direction suction and ultimately a lighter vacume. I’m in love!

  24. Linda Toss says

    Oh, my! Your blog got me excited about cleaning house. I would put it off for a few years because I did not like my vacuum cleaner. My body would ache afterwards carrying it from room to room and switching the lever from floor to area carpets with a short cord. I went through three vacuum cleaners because they were broken. After checking the Oreck website, I learned that they have a 7 year limited warranty and 3 annual tune ups. That tells me this may be the best quality vacuum cleaner I will ever had and I will be happy to clean house again!

  25. Debra McGowan says

    Perfect vac for helping my elderly mom in her little house. Light enough for her to use, but lots of features and attachments to reach those hard to clean areas. Easy to push around! Hope I win it for her!

  26. Amber Arrout says

    I learned it produces 102 mph of airflow. Which is perfect for this house, as we live in the dustiest part of the state. We live across the street from an almond orchard, and it is amazing how much dirt we get in our house. Thanks for the giveaway. :)

  27. Rene Scott says

    It lays almost completely flat to get way under furniture. Yay, would be able to get all the way under the kids bunkbeds!

  28. says

    Bless your heart for sharing this great news about the Oreck vacuum. I’ve heard of them but have never had the privilege of using one.

    The fact that this vacuum cleaner lays flat for getting under furniture is a big plus to me. Dust bunnies beware!

    Here’s to hoping I’m a winner. :-)

  29. Bunny says

    I just visited and discovered that the new Magnesium Oreck has an inner HEPA bag.

    The HEPA filtration is especially important around our house since we have a daughter with asthma.

    Thank you for offering such a great giveaway!

  30. Terri Gossage says

    I learned that the new Magnesium Vacuum is even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs (not that I would need to worry about that).

  31. Pam H says

    It is the lightest, full-powered upright in America. That is important to me as I have two flights of steps! Maybe Christmas money will go to getting one. Or at least start the funding for it. Heehee!

  32. Janelle O. says

    I love the 2-setting strap for carrying the vacuum! My arms always get so sore carrying our current vacuum up and down the stairs in our home, so this would be a real blessing!

  33. Madina Ghobity says

    I learned that it is lightweight…lies flat to get under furniture yeahhhh………… for my area carpets…and too expensive for me ever to buy on my own 😉 add to my wish list :) xoxo

  34. Amanda K says

    I love that the handheld has an over the shoulder strap for easy carrying and especially love that 7 year limited warranty! This would be the perfect vacuum to have as we move into our first home!

  35. Michelle says

    It can lay completely flat to vacuum under furniture! So COOL!! Plus it is gentle enough for oriental carpets, yet strong enough for flat surfaces like tile!

  36. Amber Lamb says

    I just checked out the website and I can’t believe the handheld only weighs 5 pounds! That us amazing! Crossing my fingers that I win!!!

  37. Cynthia Browneller says

    I learned that you make a great pitch! Most of what I read on the site, I already new because you had already told us! I did learn from their site though about the 3 year limited warranty which is really nice, most vacuums expire after 1 year so with a 3 year backing, you know it’s a good machine!

    cynthiabrowneller (at) gmail

  38. Christine says

    I learned that the HEPA bag captures 99.97% of dust particles. That’s a great feature! Thanks for the chance to win!

  39. Ashley says

    Learned about how easy it is to maneuver and how light it is. Also that they guarantee that its a one pass vacuum and glides from carpets to bare floors easily.

  40. Cynthia Browneller says

    I tweeted about the giveaway! P.S. sweeping your whole house with a broom sounds like a nightmare! Sweeping is near the top of my Chore Hate list.


    cynthiabrowneller (at) gmail

  41. says

    What I learned was that The Oreck® Magnesium weighs less than 8 lbs.* and is the lightest full-powered vacuum in America. That makes it a dream to use and it get’s the job done the first time.

  42. beth says

    So…you said it’s great for cleaning under furniture, but I didn’t realize how good you meant until I saw the picture of the lay-flat picture…cool!

  43. SalBug says

    “Best of all, it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.” How fabulous is that???!!!

  44. Kathy says

    Learned it will lay flat enough to go under furniture for cleaning. Sounds like a great feature…I really dislike moving the furniture.

  45. Karen McNally says

    I learned that it has a 3 year warranty!!! I would love this vacuum for my old house with all the dust!

  46. sherri says

    I would loove to have this vac because it is the lightest weight but the most powerful! It also has a HEPA filter which would help my allergies and great cleaning for my dog and two cats! Thank you!

  47. Amy B says

    I love that it’s lightweight and the slinky hose extends up to 5 ft – that’s seriously helpful to me when I’m trying to clean large areas while my 2 yr old dances around the vacuum (-:

  48. says

    This looks like the coolest vacuum ever! I love that the smaller one has a shoulder strap so its easier to carry around while you’re using it. And I have to say when I read that it had a 30 ft chord, that’s awesome too!

  49. says

    This looks like the coolest vacuum ever! I love that the smaller one has a shoulder strap so its easier to carry around while you’re using it. And I have to say when I read that it had a 30 ft chord, that’s awesome too!

  50. says

    Heres my tidbit from Oreck’s website: The Oreck comes with a HEPA filter – great for those with allergies or even for those who live in a desert type environment!

    OOOOHHHH I LOVE ORECK! I had one many, many years ago and it was fantastic, I passed it on to my oldest daughter when she moved out of state!
    I’ve been looking to purchase a new one, mostly because we bought a vacuum just eight months ago and the stair attachment beater brush quit working already. We have no warranty. MS has given me muscle tremors and weak muscles, couple that with Grave’s disease related arthritis and I am struggling with the carpet on the stairs. Hubby has tried it, but we have a cat and two dogs and I really want them fully vacuumed (sorry Mark)!

    We are considering purchasing JUST the little hand held Oreck for our stairs only, but what a blessing it would be to win BOTH!!!!

    Let’s face it, they are pricey, but oh so worth it! They last forever (unlike the cheap-o vac we just bought)!

  51. Rhiannon Rowland says

    The Magnesium has 102 mph of air flow! I wonder if that is fast enough to suck up all my hair?!? Most vacs I have used before my hair gets stuck in the rollers and then it ends up burning up the belt and then its ruined. I go through a lot of vacuums with my long blonde hair.

  52. Gayla says

    This vacuum looks so wonderful. In Texas, we have a lot of dust and a lot of dirt with a husband, three kiddos, and a dog. The Oreck® Magnesium weighs less than 8 lbs.* and is the lightest full-powered vacuum in America. Its magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel yet this is the lightest upright Oreck has ever offered. Magnesium makes it light; Oreck makes it powerful.
    In this house, it would be put to good use!

  53. Nancy says

    It’s the lightest vac, in America! Would love to have the handheld for my stairs, where our black lab loves to pace up and down!

  54. Priscilla Swanson says

    I learned that they have 2 speeds and use a hepa inner filter. I need a vacuum so badly and I like Oreck on facebook.

  55. Charlene says

    It has two-setting shoulder strap for carrying by hand or over the shoulder. Nice! I have an Oreck upright and love it!

  56. nangy says

    WOW!! I learned that I want one!! The HEPA filter trips my trigger!!My carpet is 30 years old and so is my vacuum cleaner!HA!HA! Maybe this vacuum would even make my carpet look better!!

  57. says

    I learned that this vacuum weights less than my 1 month old…which would be a dream! I can’t even lug our huge vacuum up our stairs, and it does absolutely nothing to help get the dust & cat fuzzies off our wood floors – this would be lovely!
    Crystal´s last blog post ..Right Now…

  58. Michele says

    The Magnesium produces 102 mph of airflow and my Bissell does not! We live in the dustiest house ever, it’s quite a chore doing the baseboards every week.

  59. says

    You did such a great job with your review, I was doubtful I’d learn anything new on the Oreck site! :) but I read more about that dual speed switch and I gotta say…….it seems like a must have! great giveaway ~ thanks for the chance to win!

  60. Karen hornsten says

    Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns from that air, such as pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores. Now that just one of the things I learned. WOW, lots of folks want this remarkable gift! Thanks for the opportunity.

  61. Michelle says

    I love the way it lays flat to vacuum under furniture, and it’s light enough to use on the stairs. I also like that with the QuickSwitch it can go from hard floors to carpet easily. My vacuum is old and sooo heavy – winning the Magnesium would be a dream come true.

  62. Kathryne says

    My parents have had an Oreck for YEARS and I love vacuuming at their house. :) I love the seven year warranty with three yearly checkups! Definitely a long lasting investment.

  63. Gina says

    Wow, I didn’t know that it lays flat to get under furniture. I did some deep cleaning this weekend and had to use the attachments to get under beds and dressers that I can’t move….how cool that the Oreck would’ve allowed me to skip that step! I’ve heard great things about Oreck and would love one for myself. :)

  64. Natalie S says

    I learned that I really really want one!! :) Also has a 20 ft cord which is fantastic! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  65. Pam Bratcher says

    When I clicked on the blue link, “compare all upright models,” it shows that the height adjustment is automatic. I’m not sure what that means, but it sounds really good.

  66. says

    This sounds like an amazing vacuum! I didn’t know that it is the lightest full-powered upright vacuum in America!! My old one is 23 years old and a new one would be great!

  67. Sharon O says

    I learned that it is lightweight which is a huge plus for me and it cleans efficiently. I found it very interesting and would love to win one.

  68. Jennifer says

    Oh please let me win this!!!!! This new Oreck looks great! I learned that it will fold almost flat (perfect for getting under furniture!)

  69. Lisa says

    I found out that it lies flat for easy cleaning under furniture, which is a major selling point to me! Thanks for a great giveaway!!

  70. Jackie says

    I learned that the large rear wheels help it to clean even thicker pile carpet. Sounds great and hope to win!

  71. Jennie says

    “Best of all, it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture”
    finally! i always know mine won’t fit under the couch but that doesn’t keep me from trying.

  72. Stephanie says

    I think the ability to use it as a push vacuum and on the shoulder vac adds good flexibility in use and light enough to handle.

  73. says

    it’s the lightest, full-powered upright vacuum in America. With its extremely strong, durable magnesium frame, the Magnesium™ packs all the power you expect from an Oreck vacuum — so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces

  74. KatieK says

    Whoa. Sounds amazing but learning that it is 599.99…ouch. I learned it’s out of my price range. sigh. thanks for the opportunity to win!

  75. Stephanie says

    I learned that it has a 20ft cord! i wouldnot have to unplug it and be able to vacumm my whole apt:)

  76. JeannieP says

    Wow, what a wonderful giveaway. I like the fact that this vacuum virtually lays flat so you can vacuum UNDER the furniture!!

  77. Janice J says

    The Oreck Vacuum has a two speed Quickswitch. That would be awesome to have especially when changing from slate flooring to carpet. :)

  78. Jen J. says

    An Equation:
    2 Dogs+
    1 Cat+
    1 Infant=
    A lot of vacuuming…
    Light weight+
    Maneuverability +
    Hepa Filter =
    Dream come true!

  79. Amanda Dein says

    I learned that the Oreck Magnesium vacuum is super light and is good for all floor surfaces. I think it would be perfect for our home and my 4 year old son, who loves vacuums so much that he asked Santa for a real one for the second year in a row, would be ecstatic – even if it isn’t the red ball Dyson from Target that he asked for. 😉

  80. Michelle T says

    It comes with a limited 3 year warranty – that’s great! My parents and Grandma both love their Orecks, and I’d love one for our home too!

  81. Jaime Phillips says

    “The Magnesium produces 102 mph of airflow”! Wowsers! Sounds powerful.
    My mom has an Oreck and loves hers. I have old carpet, and cheap plastic vacuum with a hose that always detaches when I use it.
    This would be a huge blessing to have in our home!

  82. says

    I like the idea that it lays flat to vacuum under furniture and how light weight it is . Thanks for opportunity to win a new vacuum!

  83. Monique says

    I learned that the Oreck on weights 8 lbs., which makes it the lightest vacuum in America. And yet the magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel. Thank your for this giveaway!

  84. Andrea says

    I learned~
    “Best of all, it lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture.”

    This is a feature that would get a serious workout in this house! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  85. says

    I follow them on FB! No pressure, but my vacuum just broke….and it is Christmas…..and I have been really good this year…….

  86. paula hardin says

    I like the fact that this vacuum goes high for carpets and low for hardwood and tile. Some vacuums don’t do that.

  87. Michelle says

    I liked on Facebook and found out the Magnesium has an inner HEPA bag, which would be great for us, because we have allergies and that helps to filter dust, etc. I also like how you can smoothly go from one surface to another:)

  88. Trisha says

    I love it that this Oreck vacuum can be used on any floor type and is so powerful that it feels self-propelled. It would make my work feel less like work! :)

  89. Angel Blue says

    I learned that it is Lightweight < 8 lbs.. for me that is almost a deal breaker as I have difficulty with lifting anything heavy. I learned that even tho I have some trouble manuevering myself.. I won't have any trouble with the Oreck. And I learned that as it cleans it is not "dirtying the air" with dust from exhaust… Can I get a witness? HEPA .. so the biggest blessing I learned.. is that you got one ! that.. in and of itself. made my day! Happy Clean House!

  90. Melanie says

    I learned the Magnesium vacuum is Oreck’s lightest vacuum yet. I’ve always wanted to own an Oreck because they are so lightweight- this one would be perfect!

  91. Denise Wilson says

    Learned that it lies virtually flat to get under furniture!
    (We desperately need a new sweeper…)

  92. Brenda says

    I learned several things and all would be helpful. I have checked into Oreck vacuums before but I learned today they have tune ups as part of the warranty.

  93. Valerie says

    I learned that not only is this vacuum the lightest oreck vacuum but it is also a full powered upright vacuum!

  94. Linda from Georgia says

    I liked the Hepa filter and was truly interested in the cylindrical wheels. My vacuum, was supposed to be self-powered, but has no manuverability. Now that I am older, that is a biggie.

  95. Krissy says

    What I learned when I visited the Oreck website is that this new vacuum has so much power it feels like it’s self-propelled on most surfaces. Wow, that is awesome and this is a great giveaway. Thanks!!

  96. Pat K says

    Love the fact that the Oreck is lightweight and fits under most furniture. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great vacuum.

  97. Heather Burdett says

    I had no idea Oreck came with hepa filters built in. Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns from that air, such as pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores. — That is brilliant! With my allergies, that would work wonders!

  98. Anna says

    ohhhh…. awesome giveaway. Learned about the uber-long cord. Awesome. Love how you can get under furniture too!

  99. Michelle says

    I learned it has a 20 ft. power cord. I have to keep an extension cord plugged into mine now and that still does not make it long enough. Great give away. I have heard nothing but good things about Oreck.

  100. ACMommy3 says

    I learned that not only is this considered the lightest vacuum ever, but it’s gentle enough on rugs and can lay flat to reach under furniture. Wow. :-) creedamy [at] yahoo[dot] com

  101. Miriam McCann says

    I learned that the Magnesium has a very low profile, and a nearly “lay-flat” option to get under furniure. Thanks for the opportunity!

  102. Crystal says

    A 7 year warranty! I think that is amazing! It seems like most companies give you a year…so this vac must be a very reliable dirt sucking machine!

  103. Mary Beth says

    I learned that it weighs less than 8 pounds and the Magnesium produces 102 mph of airflow. Woo hoo!

  104. Bonita Dale says

    My daughter has problems with her hands/wrists and I would love to win this light weight Oreck for her. Thanks for the opportunity!

  105. Courtney S says

    it lies flat and has a 20ft cord?!?! not to mention a 7 year warranty and weighs only 7.7lbs!! wow!

  106. Jess McCarthy says

    If you don’t win the giveaway the payments are only $40.90 a month. And I love that it lays almost flat to get under furniture!

  107. Roxanne Reinhart says

    Hi, I was looking at an old posting of yours about the hurricane vases you made and liked it so much that I wanted to look at your other postings and came across this.
    I popped over to “Oreck” and learned that even though it has bags it has a hepa filter and it looks like emptying or changing the bag will be just as easy as the canister type vacuums.
    I also learned that I’d really, really like one!! AND I like your blog!

  108. Amber E. says

    The Oreck Magnesium offers one-pass cleaning so it picks up dirt in virtually one pass and glides from carpets to bare floors. I’m so sick of having to vacuum over the same spots again and again with my current vac!

  109. Katy P says

    It weighs less than eight pounds! It is the lightest full size vacuum in America. This would be wonderful for my back!

  110. Jennifer Marie says

    I learned that it has The two speed Quickswitch™. This would work well in our house since we have carpet in some and hardwood in others.

  111. Crystal says

    I learned that the bag auto closes so I won’t get a puff of dust in my face when I take it out. Yay!

  112. Tina Rath says

    I learned that it had a HEPA filter and that the bag closes so no dust escapes when you change the bag.

  113. Mary A says

    I learned Oreck uses a HEPA filter with the saniseal bag system. This would be great for my household with our allergies.

  114. Becky Hamby says

    The Magnesium has been awarded the “GOLD rating” by the Carpet and Rug Institute for its’ exceptional cleaning ability. This is their highest award possible.

  115. DJ says

    Lightest Oreck ever–weighs about 7.7 lbs. Arthritis makes it hard to clean like I want to…simple tasks like cleaning floors often times go undone. This would be perfect for us “older generation” to guide thru the house.

  116. Jackie B says

    I’ve learned that it now has a HEPA filter!!!!! I already knew that they have crazy long cords so you can pretty much go anywhere you want without having to plug it in somewhere else!

  117. Leslie Anne says

    I learned that the Oreck Magnesium is less than 8 lbs – just 7.7 lbs! I’m tired of lugging heavy vacuums around! Please enter me for a chance to win!
    Leslie Anne

  118. Cheryl Toungate says

    I learned the Oreck Magnesium Vacuum has a 2 speed Quickswitch on the back. that will make it so much easier to switch from one surface to a different surface.

  119. Amber says

    I learned that you can use it on ALL floor types which is a HUGE selling point to me since we have 3 different types of flooring in our house!!

  120. says

    One thing I learned is that the Oreck Magnesium is super light weight, but it’s powerful enought I pick up tough messes. I would really love to haw this vacuum for my carpets, my vacuum just isn’t cutting it!

  121. LoriAnn says

    I would love to win this sweeper. We just rescued a dog after ours passed away 3 years ago and I have forgotten how much hair they leave around..

  122. carol mueller says

    i went and saw that it is made of magnesium but it acts like it is self propelled. interesting.and it lays virtually flat though it seems big so you can vacum under most furniture.. it looked most amazing.

  123. jerikay says

    wow! what a generous giveaway! i found out the at the ORECK magnesium vacuum only weighs 7.7lbs!

  124. Zelda says

    Oh how I would love a new vacuum cleaner, mine is on its last suction. Found out the Oreck Magnesium lays virtually flat for easy cleaning under furniture and has an inner hepa filter!

  125. CeCe says

    I learned that the Oreck Magnesium produces 102 mph of airflow! Now if only I could move that fast, too :)

  126. Paula Caudill says

    I learned is that the Oreck Magnesium is powerful and super light weight, would love to have it! Thank you and Best Of Luck To Everyone!

  127. Susan says

    I love that the vaccum has a 30 foot cord, but it is lso nice that the hand held has a 20 ft cord! I hate having to move the plug!

  128. Lynette Corbin says

    I learned that it is actually made from magnesium, a super light durable material, which is why the Oreck Magnesium vacuum is so light yet powerful!

  129. Shayla says

    I learned that the two speed Quickswitch™ on the back of the vacuum enables you to use the vacuum on carpets, hardwoods, and tile! “It’s even gentle enough for fine Oriental and Persian rugs.” With a 2-year-old running around the house, my rug is constantly full of ground-in crumbs, and my current vacuum just can’t cut it. Has anyone else had the tedious pleasure of going around on hands and knees picking up crumbs using strips of tape between period (and expensive) cleanings?!

  130. Vicky Carlson says

    It uses 1/3 the energy of the leading upright !! Yippee! I’m drooling like Homer Simpson! Thank you for the chance!!

  131. Monica says

    I learned that there is a easy to reach switch to go from a high pile to hardwood setting. I like that.

  132. Kristin says

    It’s 50% lighter than the leading upright. We do not like the vacuum we have – it’s very heavy and my kids have to lug it upstairs all the time for their bedrooms and it’s tough for them to do. Plus the accessories are always falling off!

  133. Denise says

    It is lightweight and has a convenient Quickswitch thing on the back so you can switch from carpet to bare floors easily.

    Very cool!

  134. TammyW says

    Wow! Love me some Oreck!! And love that the new Magnesium is still a lightweight vacuum at under 8lbs! Awesome :-)

  135. Linda Tossoonian says

    I just vacuumed today. I really would like to have a new vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and I can go from room to room without huffing and puffing. I learned on the website that this Oreck goes flat. That would be great to get the dust out from under the beds without moving the beds! Awesome! Please vote for me.

  136. Nicole Mc says

    I lIke that it lays flat and weigh less then 8lbs I also like that it has a handheld attatchment for the stairs and vacumming out the couch!!!

  137. Becky B. says

    Followed your instructions. 360 spin, light weight but gets the job done, hepa inner bag and no reviews as of yet. :)

  138. Cindi T says

    Love the 7 year warranty and 3 year tune ups. I have owned an Oreck before and those tune ups are awesome, but had to pay for mine.

  139. Bronwen says

    I learned that it is really light and that I could choose different levels so it would be easy to go from my carpet to hardwood floors

  140. Rachel Dow says

    Love the look of this new Oreck! How wonderful that it only weighs 8lbs has a HEPA filter & a 30 foot cord! Sounds like a dream! The added bonus of the Ultimate Handheld Vac how can you go wrong? With a house full of stairs ( some carpet, some not) two children ( 6 & 2) a dog, cat & a very bad back, this would cut my cleaning time ( and pain!! ) in half, I bet! Who wouldn’t love to own this vacuum??

  141. Rachel Dow says

    I liked Oreck on FB!! Thank you for the contest and all you do! ( LOVE that you have a link to Family Talk on your home page!! :o)

  142. Julie says

    I would love to try this Oreck Magnesium. I have an old upright Oreck that still works great (purchased in 2001), but it doesn’t lie flat to go under beds, etc., which is one of the things I don’t like about it. Also have the old handheld vacuum that is ok. With new technology and styling it would be awesome to win this set!

  143. Lori Williams says

    I learned that it feels like it is self-propelled on most surfaces!! WOW! Would love to have a vacuum that feels like that. Thanks!

  144. Christine Kim says

    I visited the website and learned that this vac is less than eight pounds. Wow! I’d love to win this little treasure!

  145. Beth says

    It’s very cool that this vacuum’s filter captures 99.97% of the dirt– for our allergy prone family this is a must. I also like that it lays flat to make sweeping under beds a breeze.

  146. Virginia says

    The Oreck Magnesium is the most lightweight vacuum in America and goes flat to get under furniture. that is awesome.

  147. Kathyn says

    At I learned that it has a 2 speed Quickswitch…wow, I could clean my whole house with one machine!!

  148. Cinda says

    The Saniseal® System automatically seals shut, locking dirt in the disposable filter bag and ensuring a strong seal. The the filter system!

  149. says

    I love that it virtually lays flat and it is very light and powerful! Looks like an awesome vacuum and I love Oreck vacuums! I have one that is like 20 years old an still working well.

  150. Amber Arrout says

    It comes with 3 annual tune-ups, which includes replacing any worn or damaged seals. Love it!

  151. Chris Cox says

    The Magnesium is lightweight and lays pretty flat for easy cleaning under furniture. I love that it is lightweight, because I have 3 levels to vacuum, and two flights of stairs! Whew!

  152. hollie says

    I liked them on Facebook. I like how lightweight the vacuum cleaner is. I need a new one for my upstairs!

  153. Ana says

    Three annual tune-ups are included and can be used to replace worn/damaged seals. Awesome sounding vacuum! :-)

  154. Kristi Carter says

    “The large high-performance rear wheels with cylindrical wheel bearings give the Magnesium maneuverability, making it easy to push through high-pile carpet.” ……dream come true for a girl that has a favorite high-pile purple rug along with 3 doggies who love to take naps on her favorite purple rug!

  155. says

    What I love about the Magnesium (besides that it’s cute!) is that is has a 7 yr warranty with 3 tune-ups! I live outside of Indianapolis and there’s an Oreck store so that would be great! (assuming of course that’s where I’d take it for the tune-up! haha)
    Jaime W´s last blog post ..Happiness Abounds

  156. Kathie young says

    I love the combo of the standing vacuum and the hand held vacuum. It seems like the perfect fit for my home.

  157. Sandi says

    I learned that it has a HEPA inner bag which will catch the lovely golden retriever dander in my house and that The Saniseal® System automatically seals shut, locking dirt in the disposable filter bag and ensuring a strong seal.

  158. Pam Hricenak says

    I learned that the Oreck magnesium has a HEPA inner bag that captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns

  159. Karen Gibby says

    I learned this vacuum is only 7.7 lbs!! and has a longlasting Endurolife Belt! I would really love to have a light weight vac. And I’ve already replaced the belt twice on my less than 2yr old vac! :( Please pick me – *jumps up and down waving her hand wildly*

  160. Jess :) says

    There is a HEPA Inner Bag :) and I like the Quickswitch option for carpet vs. hardwood/tile floors! Sweetness!

  161. Debbie C says

    I learned that the Oreck Magnesium has a Long-lasting Endurolife Belt. I like that because I so dislike it when a belt breaks and has to be replaced.


  162. Debbie C says

    I follow @oreck on Twitter. That is how I found your blog. @chrisdeglen


  163. Debbie C says

    @chrisdeglen tweeted:!/chrisdeglen/status/152877721855332353


  164. says

    I “Liked” Oreck on fb. The Oreck Magnesium Vacuum Cleaner Combo is Lightweight & Easy To Use — Powers Through Dirt — HEPA Inner Bag — and I would love to be it’s new owner!!

  165. JoAnna says

    The Oreck® Magnesium weighs less than 8 lbs-just exactly what I need. I have fibromyalgia and 3 cats and sometimes the hair takes over because I am unable to vacume!

  166. Barbara says

    The Magnesium has a two speed Quickswitch that allows you to move smothly across all floor types.

  167. Mika Fulkerson says

    I learned that it’s certified from the carpet and rug institute! Here’s to hoping I win, I would really love to give my Mom a new Vaccum, ours is on it’s last breath!

  168. Lucinda Bostick says

    We just moved from a house w/ all hardwood floors to a carpeted floors. With three small little ones, this would be such a blessing! Thanks for the great giveaway! Happy New Year!!!

  169. Anna Johnson says

    it has two different power settings for different flooring types.

    oh, i’m crossing my fingers for this machine! 😀

  170. Lesley C. says

    What an awesome vacuum. I learned it uses bags. I wonder how much they cost? My vacuum hardly works, sometimes i wonder why I even bother :)

  171. Kristin Shaw says

    This would be amazing for the house we just moved into with a majority of hard wood floors. So cool that is lays flat and has lights!

  172. Alathia says

    Oooh, a HEPA filter and it lays almost flat!!!! The carpet under our bed needs vacuumed so badly (3 cats)…. Icky! Icky! Thank you for hosting the giveaway.

  173. Nicole Rogers says

    I like the quickswitch feature my house has a mix of tile and carpet would be nice feature. The oreck vaccum is the only vacuum my daughter doesn’t cry when it’s on!

  174. says

    It’s lightweight which would be awesome on my soft wood pine floors…it’s maneuverable which would be awesome because I have way to much furniture to vacuum around! :)

  175. Jill says

    Glad to know it is light enough for ALL the kids to be able to use for chore time! The toddler will be thrilled. :)

  176. Kayla says

    Ahhh, how I would love to have a great vacuum! Thanks for the awesome giveaway. I love that the vacuum lays almost flat and has the hepa filter –would be a dream for my allergies!

  177. Kayla says

    Aaahh, how I would love to have a great vacuum! Love that it lays almost flat (since I have hardwood/tile floors in all but one room of my house) and the HEPA filter would be a dream for my allergies!

    Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  178. Cathy says

    I visited the Oreck site and learned about the Quickswitch that you use depending what type of surface you are vacuuming. Would love to win this and replace my cheapo vacuum cleaner.

  179. Johanna says

    Love that it is light. I might be able to vacuum with a baby in my arms without killing myself :) I also love the filter for my allergy-prone daughter!

  180. Karlie says

    OMG what a fabulous give-a-way! Love this & the hepa inner bag what a fab idea & the 2 power switches–love this about this vacuum!
    Please oh please the vacuum gods listen to my plea & let me win this amazing vacuum! 😉

  181. Joan Tilley says

    Wow! whoever thought of using a vacuum cleaner ABOVE the floor. It never occurred to me till I read about the handheld vac. Thanks for sharing!

  182. Lisa says

    Wow, the Oreck Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag and has the Saniseal® System which automatically seals it shut! No more dust blowing back on you when you vacuum! :)

  183. Karen R says

    Being the wife of a mechanic, I like that it has cylindrical wheel bearings so that it is easy to move around! Thanks for the chance to win; I need a new vacuum. I, and my children, have bad allergies, and we need a vacuum that will help us with this issue! Thanks again, and I hope to win!!

  184. Jean F says

    Wow, this vac looks awesome to use on the stairs! I really like that the Magnesium frame is durable, stronger than many kinds of steel. It should last for years! This is an awesome giveaway prize. Happy New Year!

  185. Terri says

    My 90 year old mother likes to vacuum, but our vac cleaner is too heavy for her to use. One of the best features about the Oreck is its magnesium frame is stronger than many types of steel yet it light (less than 8 lbs.)

  186. Deb says

    I visited and learned that this vacuum works on all types of flooring and acts like it is self propelled. Awesome. I would love to win this.

  187. Darlene Stewart says

    I would sooooo enjoy and love to own the lightest, full-powered upright in America!!!!

    : ). Happy New Year!!

  188. Ellen B says

    I like that it glides – I have a shoulder injury and perhaps this vacuum would be easy for me to handle. My vacuum is so old and heavy I hardly even clean the floors anymore :(

  189. Becca says

    I loved that it is lightweight with the full power of a full size vacuum. I follow you on Facebook and receive your emails.

  190. Mrs Hancock says

    I learned this interesting tidbit: the handheld has a 20foot power cord and 5 foot slinky hose. WoW! could almost leave the machine at the bottom of the steps and get the whole job done without dragging it up the steps… but “Dragging it up the steps” is even out since it is so lightweight.

  191. Kristen Hernandez says

    Amazing that the handheld vac comes with a telescoping extension rod and 2-position shoulder strap! Sounds like a great product! If I were to win the giveaway, it would go to my sister who has wall-to-wall carpet, 2 small kids, and no working vacuum cleaner. :)

  192. Kimberli says

    With an asthmatic in the house, this is a good thing…

    Magnesium uses a HEPA inner bag. As air passes through the HEPA inner bag, it captures at least 99.97% of particles as small as .3 microns from that air, such as pollen, dust, smoke, animal dander and mold spores.

  193. says

    Liked them on facebook and I love that there are two HEPA filters… the bag and the main vacuum! Keep counting my blessings!

  194. ronda crowder says

    to start the New Year with a new vacuum cleaner from Oreck would be wonderful, especially one that is so powerful that you think it’s self propelled. I keep my grandchildren and my floor is well used! Thank YOU and Happy 2012!

  195. Mary says

    This vacuum has a twenty foot power cord AND a five foot hose on it! Sounds like heaven on a cord to me! 😛

  196. Pamela says

    Love a HEPA filter and also that it goes flat for under the bed and furniture..and it is very light…being disabled in a wheelchair, that is a big bonus!!! Thank you for this opportunity! Happy New Year!