Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

I was beginning to think that I couldn’t make a decent cookie.  My last attempt was a miserable cake-y, crumbly fail. Ahem. When I found this oatmeal cookie recipe in my Mom’s recipe file, I knew I had to try it. What could be better than a plain oatmeal cookie? An Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookie, that’s what!

Oatmeal Cranberry Chocolate Chip Cookies

These cookies are perfectly delicious, easy to make and apparently fail-proof. Ha!



What is your favorite kind of cookie?

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  1. says

    Oh my goodness those look so yummy! I hate baking cookies, but these may get me out of my baking slump…thanks for sharing all your great recipes with us!

  2. says

    These do look yummy. I would have to make some adjustments for my food allergies…but I will be trying them. Thanks Myra!

    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  3. Tara G. says

    I grew up in the town where Northland Cranberries is located- I love cranberries! I have a similar recipe that uses white chips and some orange peel.

  4. Ann M. says

    I’ve been wanting to make some of these for quite awhile. I hate it when people put raisins in oatmeal cookies (sorry, Julie) but I love cranberries. :) You said that you used “spelt” flour. What is that?

  5. says

    Chocolate chip cookies are definitely my favorite! We actually call it our “feel good cookies” at home. Thanks for sharing this recipe, those cookies look yummylicious — it’s something both kids and adults would love!

  6. Mandy says

    Those look great! I actually make the same type of cookies, but I like to use the white chocolate chips. My friend actually gave me the recipe, and she calls them “Cowgirl Cookies.” I asked what “Cowboy Cookies” were and she said the same but with nuts. 😉

  7. Alicia says

    Girls you gotta try these with the Cinnamon Chips that come out seasonally about this time of year…And try different dried fruits, blueberries, dates, cherries, apple bits…white chocolate chips or the small M&Ms instead of chocolate. My grown kids each have their opinion on which is the best combo.

  8. Carrie says

    These look great. I’ve had a recipe for Chocolate Chip Oatmeal cookies for over 30 yrs, and love them because the oatmeal seems to tone down the sweetness a bit. The last few years I’ve been adding cranberries or dried cherries to the recipe…yummy! I always double the batter and freeze it all into cookie balls. I bake a dozen at a time, and always have fresh cookies available when friends drop in.

  9. Susan says

    Do you have a print button on the site for recipes – my computor is not in the kitchen. Please reply by email! Thanks.

  10. Leesie says

    I’m not a baker but came across this recipe to use up cranberries. How do you measure 2/3 cup of butter/how does that translate in tablespoons? lol

  11. says

    I have just put these cookies on to one large tray and am waiting for the oven to reach temperature while I finish my dinner and play outside. It is a rainy January night on the coast of Japan, the silkworms are asleep in their warm barn, and I am absolutely positive that these will be the perfect amazing cookies I am led to believe they are capable of being. Will let you know.

  12. Evit S. says

    Made these with my two children, 4 & almost 3. They wanted to bake cookies and I thought I would try to find something with cranberries in it. This was such a hit, simple to make and a whole lot of yumminess! The kids also loved rolling the dough into balls! I usually don’t have many staples, as i like to keep trying new things but I think this one is a keeper! Thank you!


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