The New House Tour

Hey y’all!  I’m so excited to show you our new house! If you’re my friend over on Facebook, then you probably saw the sneak peek picture that I posted last week.   We had to move because of termites and mold at the other house. Ick.  I still have to finish up some projects before the end of the month there.  Anyway, the new house was built in 1886 and was our town’s first police station and city hall. Cool stuff! :)

Okay, so let’s start in the living room.

{before we moved in}

{in progress}

I love, love, love this room.  The light, high ceilings, tall windows and general coziness are my fave!


{in progress}

{dining room before}

{in progress}

{master bedroom before}

This room is teeny, but it’s really working well for us.

{in progress}

Don’t y’all be jealous of the gorgeous wall paper, umkay?! :p

This is the one full bath…and again, more wall paper that matches the linoleum so well.  Don’t you think? Haha!

We have basically no counter space, so I stuck the sewing machine table in here for now.

{study, craft room, guest room before}

{in progress}

{in progress}

Both desks and the filing cabinet will be getting makeovers. It will be so fun!!

{Ridley’s room}

{in progress}

Ridley loves his room.  He enjoys playing in there so much! His last bedroom was hardwood which wasn’t very fun for him to spend a lot of time on the floor.

{in progress}

You can see into the dining room and living room.

{breakfast area in kitchen – before}

{kitchen in progress}

Do you see the pegboard on the ceiling??!  What in the world? I’m thinking beadboard wallpaper might just be the best solution!  The breakfast room and kitchen were an addition to the house. This area was the back porch, so the floor and ceiling slants.  I think it just adds extra character. :)

There’s an adorable little gazebo in the backyard.  We love it and already used it for a party on Friday night.

That’s the tour, y’all! I hope you enjoyed it! I did do a video tour that lasts for eight minutes.  Wow.  If y’all really want to see it, I’ll upload it and then link to it from Facebook. Does that sound good?

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    • Myra says

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! God is so good and you know what, I love this house more than the old new one too. XO

  1. Rebecca T says

    Sorry you had to move so soon after putting so much work into the other house, but the Lord knows best! Love this house! My house is an 1850’s house, so I can wait to see what you have in store for yours. I’m always looking for ways to “update” our home without taking away from it’s old charm and character. Hard to do on a limited budget with panel walls *everywhere*!

  2. says

    What a neat space. I really like the layout, and where you have Ridley’s room… and all the fun projects you have in store! Girl. That gazebo is AMAZING!!! What a wonderfully beautiful blessing!!

  3. Jill C. says

    Hi Myra, your home is lovely–I have really enjoyed looking through your blogs, I’m so inspired! You mentioned the pegboard on the ceiling and that you might put beadboard wall paper over it. You may well already know this but in case you don’t…be sure to put down a heavy liner paper first. I tried papering over pegboard once and as the paper dried and tightened it kind of sank down into the holes–not the look I was going for! Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing your lovely ideas and stories.

  4. Francy M. says

    Wow, the house just oozes a quaint charm, can’t wait to see all your transformations and all your own personal touches!! Would love to see the video tour also :-) Good luck!

  5. says

    Myra, what an adorable new home for you and your family – I wish you the best of luck. I can not believe how unpacked and “lived in” it feels already – you’ve only been there for a week! I can’t wait to see how you will transform the spaces. Are you able to make some changes since you are renting?

    All the best

    • Myra says

      Hey girlie! Thanks for your sweet comment! Yes, we are able to make changes…we just can’t move walls. LOL! XO

  6. says

    I cant’ wait to see where you go from here. So charming! I love your idea of beadboard wall paper on the ceiling…I just did my backsplash and loved working with it! :) So inexpensive and such a huge impact finish!

  7. Kellie says

    I love an old house with character. I will be excited to see more pictures. My 1920s home needs help too.

    BTW – I have the same MBR light fixture (hobnail style).

    • Myra says

      Thank you so much Rhoda! We are settling in so well and I’m beyond thankful for this house. We are feeling so at home. I hope you are having a good day! XO

  8. Jillian K says

    Wow, looks very cute already! I can’t get over all the history that must have gone on in that house. Do you know any old stories? That is so neat.

    • Myra says

      Awww, you are so sweet!!! :) I think I’m going to start in the Jack n Jill bathroom because it’s teeny….and has wallpaper that needs to come down. It’ll be a good way to get my first experience with wallpaper, dontcha think? LOL! XO

  9. says

    Adorable house! I love it! One question, seriously, how did you get this “settled” in a week! We’ve been in our house 5 weeks and I have boxes everywhere, nothing on the walls, and feel as though I’m living in complete chaos! I haven’t even thought about blogging since we sold the prior house! Please come settle me into my house too :) I want my house as cute as you’ve made yours!
    Its Sew for You´s last blog post ..Color Block Dress

    • Myra says

      Thanks for your sweet comment! :) I *think* that moving went much more smoothly for me this time because 1) I had a yard sale and 2) I packed myself and took a week to do it. I pretty much knew where things were going to go before we moved in so I directed where boxes and various things needed to go. AND…call us crazy, but my husband and I decided to host a party at our house less than a week after we moved in. So, I was insanely motivated to get things put away. :)

  10. angie says

    We live in a home built in the 18oo’s too! It was crazy to see some of the same architecture in your home found in ours. We have those interesting board grids on the wall (that are in your living room) throughout our whole house. Ours are also extend across the ceiling. And the bathroom! We have crazy mismatched flooring and walls as well. Here’s to new homes! With all their eclectic charm!

    • Myra says

      Aww, yay! It’s amazing how much character this house has. It makes me feel like I’ve gone back in time a little bit. :)

  11. Amy says

    I am loving your house, especially the living room! Did you repaint or does the light make the wall color look different? I would love to know what color it is because it’s gorgeous! It looks like you’ve lived there for at least 6 months already! :)

    • Myra says

      Hi Amy! Thank you for your sweet comment! I didn’t repaint. I think it’s the lighting. :) I’ll see if I can find out what the color is for you! XO

  12. JC says

    Love, love, love the living room! We have the same big windows with the same thick white trim. Great color walls too, love the blue!

  13. KIMBERLY S says

    Love the charm of the new house. I must have missed something while I was away on vacation. You bought another house recently, it had mold and termites so you moved into a rental until those issues have been resolved? BTW I wish I had half your energy!!!

    • Myra says

      Hey Kimberly! We were renting where we found mold and termites…and we’re renting now another house. I hope that clarifies it for you! :)

    • Myra says

      Thanks sweet friend! I hope you are well. Your Five Guys story had me dying laughing. :) We’ll have to be getting together stat! XO

  14. says

    I try not to judge other peoples decorating choices but it is hard not too! What with that gorgeous wallpaper, that inspiring floor and that amazing ceiling! 😉

    This house was decorated very strange but it was built in the 60’s when people loved BRIGHT COLOURS in all rooms! I couldn’t imagine having a neon orange bedroom but that is just me. 😀
    Sarah´s last blog post ..International Homeless Animals’ Day – 20th August 2011

  15. Laura says

    Beautiful home! If you don’t mind me asking, I would love to know the color on that desk in your living room? It looks Green and I love it. Green is not my favorite color but its looking awesome in your livingroom.


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