Awesome Chore Chart For Kids!

Ridley is growing up so much that it just blows me away. Recently he’s been helping me with the dishes and laundry. He washes dishes {cups and measuring cups/spoons} and he puts the laundry in the dryer from the washing machine. It’s amazing what kids can help with even at two years old.  I’m not “quite” ready for this resource with Ridley, but I can’t wait to tell you about it!  Have you heard of My Job Chart?

Recently I was contacted by Gregg Murset, the creator of My Job Chart and father of six children.  Gregg brilliantly created a free online chore chart to help parents teach their children the value of a dollar, how to work and be responsible in a fun and positive way.

In today’s digital age, it’s oftentimes quite a challenge to get kids motivated {read: away from their Xbox360, Wii, and various other digital toys} to accomplish their chores.  My Job Chart combines cutting-edge technology and opportunities for positive reinforcement. The system is one of the most effective tools in teaching children how to save, share with worthwhile charities and spend on things they need and want.

After seeing how My Job Chart empowered his children to stay on top of their tasks, Gregg launched My Job Chart online and it’s been an amazing success!

Suze Orman highly recommends My Job Chart!

My favorite My Job Chart features are:

  • It’s free!  Holla!
  • It’s online! Bye, bye poster chore charts!
  • Phenomenally easy to set up.  Seriously, folks. It’s amazing!
  • It’s easy for kids to use
  • Customize each child’s account with their age appropriate tasks!
  • It’s fun!
  • It teaches kids how to save, share and spend.
  • Parents can receive emails or texts when their child’s chores are completed.

Check out this informative video that shows how My Job Chart works!

I adore the save, share and spend option. It’s a fabulous way to teach kids responsibility as well as reward.  You can set up both non-monetary rewards and rewards through

I’m thrilled to have learned about My Job Chart. Our family account is ready and waiting for the appropriate time when Ridley is ready to begin using it.

How do you keep your children on task with their chores?  Do you use My Job Chart?

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  1. says

    Looks like a great idea! And you can’t beat free! 😉 I’ll definitely check this out.

    One thing I’ve done to keep my middle child (age 8) on track with cleaning his room is to take pictures of what it “should” look like (after cleaning it up with him, getting rid of what he doesn’t play with, and deciding where everything should go) and post the pictures (6 pics, printed on one page, with notes like “empty trash cans”) on the wall behind his door. Now he can pick ONE AREA at at time, make that area look like the pic, and be less overwhelmed with the entire task. This idea would work great in showing how the bathroom, living room, etc., should look after being cleaned, too.
    Amy @ Cheeky Cocoa Beans´s last blog post ..Works For Me Wednesday- Kitchen hint

  2. says

    Thank you for sharing this great resource with us. I appreciate it. I will head over there after this.

    My toddler is 3 and I don’t have set chores for her but she does love to help. I think I need to get her into a more structure method of chores.
    LaVonne´s last blog post ..Photoshop Elements Actions

  3. Tammy says

    Just signed up and got it all set up! That site is awesome!!! Thanks so much for sharing! My kids are so excited!


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