Whimsical Gum Drop Garland {Tutorial}

Okay, this is the last candy related Christmas decorating post, I promise!  Hasn’t this been fun?! :)

I adore how my Gum Drop Garland turned out. It is soooo easy and fast and just adorable. See?


And it cost me only $1.00!!

My gum drop garland is wrapped around a grapevine tree in my “collected” foyer.  However, you can use a gum drop garland anywhere your sweet, big heart pleases.  I thought it also would be cute to make little strung ornaments out of 3-4 gum drops.

Anyway, on to the tutorial…


Supplies Needed:

  • Gum Drops 1.00/bag at the Dollar Store
  • Scissors
  • Upholstery Thread or Fishing Line
  • Long Needle
  • Damp Rag to wipe off your sticky fingers and needle.


Cut a piece of thread as long as you want your garland. I cut mine around 4 feet long.  Knot the end.  Then begin threading on gum drops.  I alternated colors and the direction of the gumdrops as you can see in the first picture.


After several gum drops your needle, thread and fingers will begin getting sticky. Just wipe them off and keep at it!


Or, I guess you could lick your fingers if you’d like! :)


Looking a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!!!

Once you’ve finished threading the gum drops, knot the thread and cut off any excess.  Then have fun decorating with this whimsical gum drop garland!


…add it to a candle holder…


…or drape it over a mirror…


…hang it from a shelf…


…or wrap a grapevine wreath with it like I did in my foyer


So there you have it…how to make a fun, frugal and whimsical gum drop garland.  As always, please use discretion where you place your garland if you have little children.

P.S. I’ve had my gum drop garland made and in my foyer for two weeks and I haven’t had any issues with bugs! :)

Are y’all ready for Christmas? I haven’t even started wrapping yet! Ha!

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  1. Jennifer says

    I am new to your site but am loving it! I am going to make this with my 9 year old daughter for her Christmas tree in her room! Her tree is a “sweets” theme tree–candy ornaments, cake/cookie/ice cream ornaments…this will be perfect for her tree! I just wonder how many she’ll sneak and eat! Love your site!!

  2. carla sorensen says

    I love this idea! I may still make one, since I haven’t made any Christmas crafts this year! My grandchildren are coming and I think they would really think that the garland is great! Thanks for the idea!

  3. says

    I love the gumdrop garland! I did a gumdrop wreath and wanted to try a gumdrop garland, but have run out of time. I love how yours turned out, I may have to try next year. :)

    I found you on Tatortots and Jello.

    Jodi´s last blog post ..joy

  4. says

    I don’t think I have commented in a long time as I have been so busy. But I just had to for this post! I made one of these 4 years ago. I keep it in the freezer during the rest of the year and was able to reuse it with no problems, until this year. The gumdrops are finally loosing their sugar and it doesn’t look so pretty anymore. It’s also breaking in pieces from the thread disengrating, but four years for such a cheap decoration, it was worth it. I don’t think I will make another as mine is at least 20 feet long and I had blisters on my fingers when I was done. I don’t have any photos of it this year but here is a link to last years. It’s still in the same place. :)
    Love the way you used it in the glass, and I also like the pomadors from the previous post. Perhaps I’ll make some of those for next year as they look so fun and easy!


    Have a very merry Christmas!!



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