Friday Fails – I Caught A Break!


I must say that this has been a most unusual week at our house. Usually I’m swamped with “fails” so I just choose the most hilarious (or sad) fail to share with you.

But this week I’ve had more successes than failures. Finally I caught a break!  Ha!

In all reality, my man and I spent a lot of this week resolving many, many fails.  This week we finally took time to spring clean.

We cleaned, de-cluttered, threw junk away, donated left over junk, made the garage habitable (watch for that “reveal” next week) and emptied closets so we can remove the “open at your own risk” signs from the closet doors.

Highlight fails from the week:

  • After I finished sweeping the floor, I opened the refrigerator to put the dust pan away and then realized I meant to open the pantry door.  Duh!  Sometimes I wonder where my brain has disappeared to!  If anyone sees it, let me know!  Please?!
  • I’ve been frustrated with WordTwit (which tweets my newest post link) because for some “odd reason” it just stopped working a couple weeks ago. When I finally took time to investigate the problem, I remembered that I changed my Twitter password two weeks ago to avoid getting hacked.  Nice.  My brilliance amazes me!
  • Does the fact that I don’t have a picture in this post count as a FAIL?  Yeah.  I thought so.
  • Oh, and I currently have about 6 loads of laundry that need to be folded. I think I’m a totally hopeless case when it comes to my laundry ineptness.  Seriously, folks.  It’s bad.

Whew!  I feel so much better to have all that off my chest!

Do you ever experience “mommy brain?” Or have a silly moment where you wonder what in the world you’re thinking? Surely I’m not alone! :)


Do you have a “fail” to share? Link ’em up here! Please follow the rules!  I don’t want to have to delete posts that don’t link back to My Blessed Life.  I can’t wait to read your fails! Try to spread the love and comment on the other “fails” posts!

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    • Myra says

      @Jessica, We JUST did the paperwork today to list our house. I’m dreading having to keep it perfectly ready to show. Ugh. But maybe it will sell quickly! :) I hope yours will sell quickly too!

  1. says

    I just put away our Christmas decor Tuesday. And that was only because we had company on Weds. I don’t even have a baby anymore like you. So I can’t use that excuse. At the very least you will feel so much free-er this coming week, now that you have tackled so many fails!

    • Myra says

      @FrugalFriend, Ha! Last year I had a Christmas JOY sign that stayed up until August! Ack! :) Our Christmas decor came down before New Years this year because our baby’s birthday is January 13th and I couldn’t have a party here with the Christmas decor still up. :)



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