Hawaiian Ham

It’s time for the main dish in our Progressive Dinner this week!

I first found this recipe in a newspaper kids column when I was around 10 years old. I thought it sounded yummy (and easy), so I made it for my family. It was a hit then, and it still is enjoyed today. I usually use turkey ham because it is quite a bit more healthy than pork.

Hawaiian HamTurkey Ham, sliced
Yellow Mustard
Brown Sugar
Canned Pineapple

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. In a greased baking dish, place one layer of ham slices. Lightly spread mustard over ham. Lightly sprinkle brown sugar over ham. Repeat until all ham slices are used. Sprinkle pineapple on top. Pour some pineapple juice over ham. Bake for 30-40 minutes or until bubbly.Enjoy!

For more main-dish delish visit Kate at Stolen Moments!

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  1. JessieLeigh says

    I LOVE ham! I'd choose ham over turkey any time. :) I am not a huge pineapple lover, but one of my children is. This looks like a fun way to indulge her!

  2. Kristen says

    I am truly inspired by your creativeness when it comes to cooking. I have never thought of preparing so far in advance. I can't wait to get started…and possibly make life a bit easier when it comes to meals. Thank you.

  3. robin says

    i have a question how can i make a ham flavorfull my son cant have pineapple any suggestions please help
    also he cant have stuffing something in the mix makes him ill is there a healthy stuffing please help

    • Myra says

      Robin, could you try brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves to flavor ham? I think that would be really yummy.

      Also, have you tried making your own stuffing with stale bread? My mom’s made it before that way and it’s delish. Maybe try googling it to see if you can find a homemade stuffing recipe.

      I hope that helps! Blessings!


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