The Picture Doesn’t Show It All

I’ve written here before about how the hammock is my happy place. Well, I’ve struggled feeling super happy about getting in the hammock this year.


Well, because the backyard {my place of peaceful rest, beauty and quiet} isn’t so pretty right now.

Last night, I had enough of my “poor me” attitude and I just got in the hammock anyway.

It was such a good decision for my soul. I closed my eyes and imagined how everything used to be and what everything will look like when it’s all put back together again.

What you don’t see in this picture….

-a pile of leftover brick

-a massive yellow dumpster

-a embarrasingly huge spray painted sign that says, “Please leave parcels here” that Dad made with a shelter over the picnic table, since the carport is gone.

-a porta-potty

-the grill and a box fan for the workshop

I mean, the back yard is a class act….if you’re a hoarder.

I’ve struggled with the mess, the ugly, the junk everywhere, the things out of place.

But today I’m embracing it because progress and improvement is messy.

And I’m likely getting back in that hammock today to enjoy some more solitude.




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  2. Cannot forget my days in LA.
    One of my favorite cities in the world
    I will be there in September and I can’t wait, thank for for the photos

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  4. Love this idea! Thought about the places that make me the happiest and it was a tie breaker. Sitting under a shady tree and reading or watching my bees has always been very relaxing.

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