Backyard Suppertime


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One of our favorite places to eat supper during the summertime is in our backyard – at least when it’s not 100 degrees! Sometimes we have fresh garden produce with homemade chicken fingers or sandwiches and salads, but when we get really fancy, we {my brother} will grill hamburgers on the ancient charcoal grill. It’s such a treat for our family.

Cookout 1

The best addition to home grilled hamburgers is fresh hickory branches and leaves. The real hickory smoked flavor is worth writing home about. 🙂 Trust me.

Cookout 4

These hamburgers are the best ever because they are from home grown beef. Absolutely delicious!

Cookout 2

Oh my word, how delicious!!

Cookout 3

This is what the picnic table may look like for our outside backyard suppertimes. As a mother of little boys I am well used to the many messes that come in every day life. Ha! I’m not sure we ever make it through a mealtime without a spilled drink. But when you add ketchup and mustard to the mix, there are sure to be messy faces and hands as well.

Cookout 6

But I don’t fear the messes because having a roll of Brawny® paper towels on the table makes cleaning up messes simple and stress free.

Cookout 7

In the spirit of keeping it very real, Brawny® paper towels also make wonderful food covers to keep the flies away. 😉

Cookout 8

I love watching my boys play on their swing set. Ridley knows how to pump on the swing, but Cameron still wants to be pushed five million times a day. Haha!

Cookout 9

Okay, back to the suppertime food. 🙂

Cookout 11

This was my bun-less burger. YUM!

Cookout 16

I love eating outside with these munchkins because at least the food that falls off the table doesn’t have to be cleaned up. 😉 Folded Brawny® paper towels work beautifully as napkins.

Cookout 12

Gatherings around food are extremely common in the South. Some of my favorite childhood memories are centered around these gatherings. We are so blessed to live right next door to my parents and beside them my aunt and uncle. It’s easy to get together for a meal.
Cookout 13

Clearly, it was a good supper because two out of the three people pictured above are wearing some of their food. It wasn’t anything my resilient Brawny® paper towels couldn’t handle though.

Cookout 14

Yes, definitely a great backyard supper!

Did you know Brawny® has “More Sheets on every Roll” vs. leading national brand comparable roll and sheet size? Pretty cool for this always-cleaning-up-messes-mama! 🙂

Do you eat outside during the warm months? What’s your favorite meal to eat outdoors?



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