Fall is in the AIR!


Happy Monday, y’all! Guess what? Fall is in the air in Alabama. Saturday was cool, cloudy and a little misty. I haven’t been ready for Fall yet this year, but after the chilly weekend, I’m definitely getting in the mood. 🙂 Yesterday was beautiful with very little humidity, so I took a quiet Sunday afternoon walk around the yard with my camera.

Fall is definitely on it’s way. 🙂 Every step I took sounded crunchy.

Fall 2014

These leaves have been begging me to come take their picture. I finally had time. Aren’t they pretty?

Fall 2014 2

Berries are on the holly bush. Now they just need to turn red!

Fall 2014 3

The pond through the crab apple tree.

Fall 2014 4

More leaves at the front steps.

Fall 2014 5

I managed to snap a few photos of this beautiful butterfly.

Fall 2014 6

Stunning. #findbeauty

Fall 2014 7

I could have taken a million more photos.

Fall 2014 8

This momma cat is ready to pop with kittens…unless she just had them. 😉

Fall 2014 9

Cicada exoskeletons are everywhere this time of year. The boys think they are creepy. I think they are so cool!

Fall 2014 10

Acorns are fall often. Sometimes I hear them falling and I feel like Chicken Little. Ha!

Fall 2014 11

And my hydrangeas are beginning to dry up.

It has been a wonderful Summer. Now I’m ready for Fall.

Bring on the pumpkins!

Are you ready for Fall this year??





  1. I loved your pictures….thanks for sharing! I’m ready for fall, too! We are having nice fall temperatures already here in VA and enjoying it so much. I’ve done a little fall decorating and anxious to do more, especially when the pumpkins are ready! Looking forward to seeing your fall decorations and projects…..
    Blessings to you,

  2. Very charming, rustic pictures. I enjoyed these especially since I live in Florida and our fall season is iffy, at best :0

  3. Happy Thursday! This week is flying! We had SO much fun Tuesday night at the county fair. We {not me} indulged in corn dogs, polish sausage and funnel cake. The boys loved the kiddie rides and feeding the animals too. I just loved being out and about with my family. Sweet memories.

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