So, I’ve Been Holding Out On You…

I’ve been so excited to tell you all.

But I’ve also been kind of scared.

And no, I’m not pregnant.

It feels a little bit too-good-to-be-true, but it’s not.

I’m going to HAWAII this week!!!!!!!



The last few months of last year were pretty amazing and I ended up earning an all-expense paid trip to Kona, Hawaii from Young Living.

Oh my WORD!

For this country, Alabama girl, who doesn’t dig flying or leaving her boys, I’m kind of a hot mess right now. I’m crazy excited, nervous, anxious and excited all over again. I’ve never been farther west than Dallas, Texas and I’ve never traveled beyond the continental U.S. and Canada, so this is going to be a HUGE once-in-a-lifetime adventure.

My to-do lists are miles long – as you might imagine. I need to leave lists and routines written out for the boys, as well as, food prepped for the week. My precious boys are going to be taken care of by loving, responsible people {including their daddy! ;)}, so I’m trying not to worry too much.


I invited my dear friend Alyssa to be my guest on the trip. We met blogging years ago and I’m so glad that Alyssa convinced me to sign up for my own Young Living essential oils! Our wellness has been so supported with essential oils. I am thankful and grateful.


Anyway, I’m taking this week off from the blog, so there won’t be any new content. Momma needs a break for some good old fashioned R&R! 😉

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Have you ever been to Hawaii? What is a MUST see on the Big Island?




  1. Myra….
    We are all jealous!! Hope you have a wonderful week in Hawaii!! I’ve never been, but have heard it is beautiful. Enjoy the sightseeing – we will look forward to hearing all about your experiences. Hope you are able to rest and relax as well.

  2. I wish I’d planned better so we could have attended the big luau. We were only on the big island half a day before, and after, our cruise of the islands left for 8 days. Enjoy!

  3. My husband and I went 6 years ago to Kona. It was the best trip I’ve ever taken. The best experience we had while there was going on a mini snorkeling cruise. Just imagine you are out in middle of ocean where the water is literally turquoise. And you’re floating on top of the water with your head looking down into the ocean deep….watching all the fish and other sea creatures (it feels like being inside an aquarium tank) and in the meantime the crew on the boat is grilling you lunch. How cool is that?! It is a must do in my book. I did not realize how awesome this experience would be! You won’t regret it.

  4. So excited for you! We went to Hawaii for our 10th anniversary, and the Big Island is one of the islands we visited. In fact, it looks like you are staying at the same hotel! We actually LOVED the Big Island. I’m sure you know about the Kiluaea volcano… a must see. And we enjoyed driving down to the southernmost tip of the USA! There are some AMAZING waterfalls… and don’t miss the chocolate covered macadamia nuts!! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Sondra @ Sondra Lyn at Home´s last blog post ..Share it Sunday {16}

  5. Myra – you deserve it – youre going to have a great time – never been to the big island but have been to Maui and you are going to love it. Enjoy every minute of it and don’t worry about your boys – they can totally take care of themselves and they will have their own fun. Enjoy your time with the rest of the YL gang. Tina
    Tina Halvorson´s last blog post ..Cleansing Trio Kit

  6. We just went to that same resort in January. It was AMAZING! The best vacation we’ve had since our honeymoon. ENJOY!!

  7. Love the Big Island. Try to see the volcano while you’re there. We love the travel books, “Hawaii Revealed”.

  8. What is the name of that resort? It looks amazing! We are planning a trip to Kona this year, and would love to check that one out!

  9. How EXCITING! I have never been, but dream of going someday, if it is the Lord’s will. Have fun 🙂 looking forward to hearing/seeing all about it!



  10. Best family vacation…EVER. Every minute in Hawaii is a beautiful experience. We hope to spend more time there in the near future. The flight there is easier than the flight back to the east coast, but so worth it!!! Enjoy!

  11. I promise you, it will be worth it! Beautiful and so different from our Southern roots. We went a year ago and had so much fun. We dove with sea turtles, swam with spinner dolphins and so enjoyed the culture. Enjoy every moment &soak up that Island culture! Praying for more blessings &safe travels!

  12. Not sure how much time you will have but get the Fromer’s Guide to the Big Island–I’ve visited there 3 times now and the Fromer’s guide showed me things I’d have never found on my own (Green sand beaches, black sand beaches, southern most tip of the USA, etc). It looks like you are staying in the same hotel I stayed in the first time I went–SO FUN!!

    ENJOY AND CONGRATULATIONS on earning this trip!!
    Kristi @ Creative Kristi´s last blog post ..How to Relieve Stress and Promote Calm Naturally!

  13. Congrats! The Big Island is well…BIG. LOL That being said, if you get the chance to go to Volcanoes Nat’l Park, go, even if it’s a bigger time commitment than seems reasonable. It’s awesome and extra bonus points if you can do an evening lava walk but I don’t know if the lava is active right now so check before you go to the trouble. It’s really cool if it is. We also did an amazing helicopter ride but that was $$$ so if it’s not in the cards, don’t sweat that too much. Hawaii is divine, soak up every minute.

    The southern most point of the US was also very cool but it is a long ways off the highway so know that before you go. I’m glad I went but I had a lot of time.

  14. CONGRATULATIONS! That is so exciting…the first time I left my little boys I cried the WHOLE first day – I feel for you. So hard! But I’m happy for your time away to refresh and enjoy. Have fun!

  15. Go see the volcano. You can go to the craters rim and look directly into the volcano. When I went 5 years ago, there was still lava flowing into the ocean. There are two breathtaking waterfalls. One is over 400 feet tall and another falls into a beautiful lagoon. Take the captain zodiac excursion out into the ocean. They will take you to a marine sanctuary on a reef where you can snorkel and see the fish. It’s beautiful. Highly recommend the excursion. There is so much to do on that island, but make sure you snorkel the marine sanctuary. It’s breathtaking.

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