Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover


Happy Monday, beautiful people!!! Have you been on pins and needles to see the rest of the bathroom makeover?? I have been so excited to show you. It is the result of so much hard work, a lot of sweat, many man hours and a few tears along the way. I am so thankful for my husband’s support and help. We are a good team…especially when we are DIYing a project for the first time. 🙂 Are you ready to see?

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

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Love. Love. LOVE. I am so thankful and happy. If I go missing, you will probably find me in the bathroom.

Bathroom Reno

This is what it used to look like – operational, but dated. It suited my dear Granddaddy so well. I cried like a baby when I found his cologne as I cleaned out the bathroom. Precious memories!

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

On Friday I showed you the gorgeous bathroom vanity from VirtuUSA. There’s a Dream Bathroom Makeover Giveaway that you can enter, so click on over. I will wait!

Bathroom Reno 3

This is the other side of the room – before.

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

And after. Swoon.

The wall color is Revere Pewter from Benjamin Moore. I’ve used it in numerous homes for other people, but never for myself. It’s one of my favorites!

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

I adore these boxes. I found them at TJMaxx. They are kind of iridescent like mother-of-pearl.

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

I love this shot because it shows the crisp white marble countertop, white subway tile {Here’s a list of 10 Dos and Dont’s of Subway Tiling} and tub in contrast with the wood floor and wooden stool. This bathroom is for the boys and guests. The boys will stand on the stool to wash hands and brush teeth etc.

We re-did electrical (my brother is an electrician…hubby is too!) and plumbing because the tub had no shower. Thankfully a kind plumber friend came for a visit and he installed all the new plumbing for the tub/shower, sink and toilet.

We also replaced some sheetrock after removing all the tile from the walls. The prep work was SO tiring and tedious to get done before we could start making the room pretty.

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

A friend came over and helped with painting the ceiling, walls and trim. I did the board and batten and all the trim work all by myself. #girlpower

The light fixture is from Lowes. I love how sparkly and bright it is when the light is turned on.

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

I found this cute wooden shelf at TJ Maxx. It is perfect for hanging over the toilet. The glass jars are from Target. And I love my wooden spools.

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

I’ve had this picture forever. If you’ve been reading my blog for years, you probably are thinking, “Get a different picture already!” Ha!

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

Don’t freak out, but this gorgeous floor is actually the main subfloor of the house. We ran out of time to do the tiling work we had originally planned for the floor. I swooned when we uncovered this floor with the fabulous painted slats. So we are leaving it for now. And once we insulate underneath the floor it will be much warmer. It’s a tiny bit drafty in there right now. I put a coat of polyurethane on it just to give it an even finish and waterproof-ness. Yes, I totally just made up that word!

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

I snagged this basket at TJMaxx. Crisp white towels are just the best, huh?

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

Pretty mercury glass soap dish and lotion pump from Target. 🙂

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

Isn’t this blue vase pretty? TJMaxx score!

Obviously, I went to TJMaxx and Target for most of the items I needed to finish the bathroom. Ha!

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

A Target shower curtain…

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

This sign is a great reminder and I got it on clearance at Hobby Lobby. The style and colors are perfect.

Beautiful Cottage-Style Bathroom Makeover |

Well, there’s the fancy tour, y’all! 🙂

Bathroom Renovation before After

One more glance at the before & after. One thing that really stands out to me is how much larger the room seems now. I’m so thrilled with how it all came together!

What’s your favorite update?

If you have questions about anything, just let me know in the comments! 🙂



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  1. Myra…..
    The bathroom make-over looks great!! I love that it is so bright and cheery, and that it looks so spacious! I think my favorite part would have to be the wood on the lower half of the walls and the paint color….they look amazing! Your hard work definitely paid off!
    Thanks for sharing…..

  2. Myra,
    Looks like you hit gold when you uncovered the wood slat floors. They give the bathroom so much character! I love them and you just may have started a new decor trend. Your bathroom is beautiful…joette

  3. Wow! Just Wow! Let’s just say I’m really proud of you! 🙂 I will always love Granddaddy’s bathroom the way it was for him (especially finding his cologne on the shelf after so many years), but I love your updated look! 🙂

  4. Oh Myra!! It is absolutely stunning and gorgeous and all those other things. Wow, girl, I just love it all. I so want to gut both my bathrooms and start over like this, you 2 did an amazing job. I know you are over the moon at how pretty it is. Congrats! I’m sharing this on my Facebook page.

  5. It is AMAZING! You did a wonderful job! I know you must geel so accomplished. Hard to tell it is the same room! Love the sign…Yes, God is so very good 🙂

    Have a blessed week,

  6. Love the bathroom! My master bath is quite similar to your before. Could you share any info about the bath to shower transition and if you had to make changes to the window to accommodate water?

    1. We had to tear out the sheetrock and our plumber friend came and installed copper piping for the shower extension. We installed backer board all around the window and in the window sill. We tiled it all, grouted and caulked to make it as waterproof as possible.

  7. Love how this turned out!! We just did a bathroom makeover as well and our before baths are very similar as are the finished products! Love the ‘God is good all the time’ sign… great reminder 🙂

  8. Wow! Add up all ya’ll ‘s talent and hard work and—VOILA! This is gorgeous! I can’t pick a favorite part. It’s all wonderful! I was just wondering about the block on the sink that the blue glass vase is sitting on – a sentimental reminder of the old bathroom, perhaps? Oh, and love the birdie picture!

  9. Oh so very pretty!! It looks so classy. I can relate about finding your grandpa’s cologne…I was in my late grandma’s bathroom and found some of hers and it really brought back so many memories. : )

  10. What a delightful room! That looks like the original tub but it looks in really good condition…did you have to have it refinished or was it good as is? If i’m ever in your town I might just have to come make a pit stop! Love the wall color! Congrats to you and your husband!

  11. This looks fantastic! I LOVE the floor! My MIL tore up the carpeting in her house and fell in love with her sub-floor, so she coated and left it, too. (They just don’t make ’em like that anymore, do they?!) The color variegation is so wonderful and rich.

    And God IS good!

  12. This room looks great. I have been looking at that paint color for some time now and trying to decide where I want to use it. I would love to know the name of the Target shower curtain?

  13. Lovely makeover! I have an obsession with keys, where did you find yours? I love your light fixture, I am replacing mine this month and this one is now on the top of my shopping list!

  14. Your grandparents have got to be smiling down on you and very proud of how you are transforming this into your family’s home!! Good job.

  15. My the entire project is done and I can’t believe how quickly you completed this. I know, I wasn’t doing the work so it seems that it goes faster! The entire room is gorgeous. But what really caught my eye is I love the crown moulding and the neat pieces you used at stopping points. So unusual for bathrooms yet just adds so much!!
    My favorite functional update that also looks great is adding the shower to the tub. I like the shower curtain vs the doors. Don’t you still have small children? So a curtain is much easier in my experience at bath time than doors!
    The entire room looks like a pro planned and did this!!!

  16. It looks wonderful. Did you remove the tiles from the wall or did you install the board and batten over it? I am really hoping you say you installed the new treatment over the tile because I have hideous tile and that would be so much easier.

  17. Stunning renovation. We are doing the same thing in my husbands boyhood home. We’ve renovated the whole house except for the bathroom. We’ve saved that project for this year.. It’s not functional and needs a lot of plumbing work before we can do any of the “pretty” work. We will use it as a vacation rental once complete. I love everything you did in your renovation. I plan on using subway tile, but haven’t decided on beadboard/board & batten/or plank style on the rest of the walls… You’ve inspired me!.
    Dixie´s last blog post ..Renovation of the Family Farmhouse…

  18. Love the new look! Everything you did is amazing! Got a question….in the before pics it looks like the ceiling has a swirly texture but I don’t notice it in the reveal pics. Did you do anything other than paint? My sister has that kind of ceiling and wants it gone 🙂

  19. Stunning mix of new and old. Love the paint color against the white of the board & batten and the floors are so unexpected and beautiful. Strange question – can you tell me more about your toilet? (We are on the hunt for new toilets!)

  20. Myra ~ This is GORGEOUS and you shop at some of my favorite spots ! As a “hands-on” redesigner I truly appreciate the labor this transformation took!

  21. Hi, Happened upon this lovely bathroom redo through the site Hometalk. I’m beginning my bathroom redo and I do have a question for you. I have a window by the tub just like you and the previous owners of the house didn’t finish the window area correctly, in my opinion. they just tacked up some cheap wooden trim with nails that rusted! I like the way you did yours. How did you do it? Did you remove the trim from around the window and just put the tile up flush to the window frame and seal? and if so, what kind of seal? This is my first bathroom redo and I want to do it correctly.
    thanks in advance. Great job on your Grand daddy’s bathroom. I’m sure he’d be happy with your vision and results.

    1. Hi Eileen, We pulled out the wood trim and we installed backerboard, mortar, tile and caulk to make the area as waterproof as possible.

  22. We have that exact pink tile in our 1950’s home. We would love to have had your discarded tiles to fix up our retro bathroom. Do you still have any of them? Your redo looks awesome!

    1. Hi! The tiles were extremely difficult to get off the wall, so they were pieces rather than tiles when all was said and done. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  23. it’s refreshing to know that you can remodel/accessorize without going broke; thank you for proving that. the room is beautiful.

  24. I love it all, but seriously … LEAVE THE FLOORS! That is the best part of the whole re-do! Beautiful, beautiful!
    and yes … God IS good ALL the time 🙂
    Hugs & Blessings ..

  25. Wow! You knocked it out of the ball park! I love every detail! It makes me kind of want to do mine over but I’ll leave as is. I have vintage black tile in the shower and half up the walls in the rest of the bathroom with a black and white tile floor. I kept it only because it’s the vintage black and white look that is so classic. I really love your floor! It adds a beautiful rustic look. I’d leave it unless you get lots of water on the floor.

  26. I love this! Our house has a similar bathroom that is terribly outdated. Could you please share the dimensions of this room?

    1. Me too Jen! I want that key so bad!! I wonder if it was made? I don’t know but I know I want it! If you find out, tell me!

  27. Your beautiful bathroom has become the inspiration for my own current master bathroom remodel, especially having our antique wood floors refinished and duplicating our dining room wainscoting on the walls. I’d never have thought of it on my own, but as soon as I saw your post I knew it would fit our 103 year-old cottage perfectly! Thanks SO much for being our inspiration! I love every single detail of your bathroom!

  28. Just beautiful! I’m finishing my basement bathroom and this is EXACTLY the look I’m going for! Couple questions… 1.)what color paint is the trim? And, what sheen is it? Semi-gloss? 2.) What color grout did you use in the shower? 3.) Where did you purchase the vanity? Thanks for your help!!

  29. Wow, this is amazing!! LOVE your bathroom, clean lines, simple patterns, absolutely breath taking! I love white, it’s pure and refreshing and your added color is simply divine! It’s hard to believe its the same bathroom in the before pictures, what an amazing transformation. You are super uber talented!!

  30. Wow – what a transformation! I love the raw wood floors, clean lines and accent colors. Just had one quick question: Did you do anything on the wood that’s on the wall to protect it from moisture? Or do you think the paint will suffice? Great job!

  31. Bathroom looks great! I wonder, though – with it being so small (we have 2 (!) really small baths!), if you considered a new round toilet instead of the longer oblong one for space-saving. The picture makes it appear there’s not much room between the toilet & the vanity.

  32. We are getting ready for a bathroom redo and was wondering how you addressed the window in the shower ? My husband and I are at odds as to whether to leave it or not. I find it hard to keep clean and dry

  33. Wow! I love this bathroom transformation. It is gorgeous. I have a similar bathroom update going on. Did you get a new tub? I have a cast iron tub that I am contemplating refinishing (it has a few stains and is a little dull). Thanks!

  34. Hello! Saw this and commented on HomeTalk! I’m loving the whole complete picture… Gorgeous And I’d probably just stay in there! For some reason, I’m overly intrigued regarding the wooden key hanging next to God is Great. I’m really needing that. Would you kindly send it to me please or at least tell me where I can get it if not off your gorgeous walls? Thanks!

  35. I’m looking for he wooden key wall decor and I keep finding a set of 3. I just wanted the single one. Did you buy it as a set ??

    And also the god is good all the time sign . Did you sing it in stores or online?

  36. There are a significant number of things to consider when renovating a bathroom in your condo. You may want to drastically change the paint to give things a new look, for example. A fresh coat of paint is a common way to freshen up the bathing space. The replacement of old flooring or countertops will also change the feel significantly.
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  37. It is gorgeous. I have a similar bathroom update going on. Did you get a new tub? I have a cast iron tub that I am contemplating refinishing (it has a few stains and is a little dull). Thanks!

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