8 Favorite iPhone Photo Apps

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It will probably come as no surprise to most of you that I love taking pictures. I love using my DSLR, but more often than not, I use my iPhone. I love the ease of using my phone to capture the small moments in life and I enjoy sharing them on Instagram. Are you following me there?

7 Awesome iPhone Photo Apps
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I’ve gotten a few questions about phone photo apps lately, so I thought a post would be a great way to have this information all in one place. 🙂

My Favorite 8 iPhone Photo Apps

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1. Rhonna Designs

This app is phenomenal. There are so many different edits you can do to photos – overlays, text, lots of different colors, shapes, sizes etc. It’s one of those amazing apps that just takes time and practice to get the most out of it. My friend Shelley from House of Smiths rocks this app. See her Instagram stream for examples. Wow! I just love the endless possibilities that this app offers. Rhonna Designs is only $1.99 and is the best money spent! 🙂



2. Camera+

If you have an iPhone and you’re using the regular camera, let me tell you…you MUST download Camera+. It will change your life and your photos. The quality is incredibly better. I love being able to tap my finger and add extra light into the photo before I snap it. Camera+ is 0.99 and is worth every red cent.

3. Wood Camera {Vintage Photo Editor}

I love the editing options with Wood Camera. You can easily import photos into the app and then crop, adjust brightness, sharpen {amazing!}, contrast, textures and more! Wood Camera is 0.99 as well.

4. Picfx

You know the pretty bokeh {circles, hexagons and hearts} that you see on photos these days? Well, Picfix is my favorite app to use to add bokeh to my photos. I also really like some of the Picfx filters – the vintage ones are fab! Picfx is $1.99.

5. Labelbox

When I want to add a cute label to a photo, I use Labelbox. It’s quick and easy to use. Labelbox is free to download and the labels that come with the app are just fine. You can purchase fancier labels if you’d like.

6. Diptic

I use Diptic all the time for creating collages. There are many various layouts, so the possibilities are endless. It is 0.99 in the App Store. It looks like Diptic is a free download for Android users! Yay!

7. A Beautiful Mess

This app just recently came out. I really love the borders, doodles and phrases that are super easy to add to photos. A Beautiful Mess photo app is 0.99 and I just read that they are working on an Android version too. 🙂

8. ProHDR

Have you ever wanted to take a photo of something, but one part was too dark and the other part was too blown out? Well, ProHDR has you covered. If you just hold the phone still in one place, the ProHDR app will take a light photo and a dark photo and put them together as one. It is awesome! ProHDR is 1.99.

I use these eight photo apps regularly and really love how they make phone pictures special and unique. 🙂

I would love to know if you use any of these? I would also love to hear of other great photo apps that are “must haves.”

Happy Friday!!!!




  1. Thanks for this…I use the new one from A Beautiful Mess all the time along with the Camera+…got to check out the others!

  2. I guess I need to break down and get the camera+, I just have a hard time with change 😉 I use moreBeaute2 to help with my new found wrinkles 😉 and I use PicFrame for my collages, just used to it. I do LOVE Beautiful Mess and Rhonna Farrer has some great ideas too! I think she is making an app now, but she does make things as fonts and then you have to add them using phonto, but tons of chalk art and things like that!

  3. I have a bit of a photography app obsession. I have all these except for one. *blush* A few other must-haves for me are: Camera Awesome (using the ‘awesome-ize slider’ will clean up and brighten just about any photo like magic), Afterlight, VSCO CAM, and PhotoToaster. There are others I like but the user interface is so clunky I tend to not use them. Thanks for sharing! PS- I bought the one you mentioned that I was missing! Lol.
    Lauren @ Style of One’s Own´s last blog post ..Outfit: My Fav Way to Style a Maxi Skirt

  4. What a great list of camera apps! Already have and use Camera+, but will check out these other ones!
    If you were looking for apps to inspire you for taking photos, you should check out the Photography Assignment generator apps.
    Lots of great ideas, info, random objects, scavenger hunt lists, great if you are taking part in a photo 365!
    There are free versions you can try out too! Highly recommend them! You can find out info on them here: http://www.learnphoto.ca/apps

    Snapseed and photoshop touch are great for editing on the iPad as well!

  5. Great list! I’ve gotten out of the habit of using camera+ , I’ll heve to break it out next time I take a pic! One of my favorite new apps is Afterlight. The filters are gorgeous! Vintique is also another great one that I use a lot. Such dreamy filters! I’ll have to ck out the others u mentioned!

  6. I have never heard of these apps before…I just use my regular camera on my iPhone. I am going to download all of these- I love taking pictures on my phone (I can’t remember the last time I used my Nikon) and I’m excited to try out these features.

    Thanks so much!!

  7. I love using Beautiful Mess… One of the ones not mentioned is PicsArt.. It’s free and can be used in many awesome ways.

  8. I agree with your list but You haven’t mentioned apps like picsart, snapseed and photoshop most people use picsart as their primary photo editor so please when You list it next time include these apps in your list will be very helpful to people.
    Thank you!

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