Dining Room Paint Makeover {PaintStick Review & Giveaway}

Good morning! This past weekend, I worked on the beginning stages of a makeover for my dining room. I painted it before we moved in back in November. I haven’t liked the color ever since then. It was just too blue for this space. I had the opportunity to review HomeRight’s PaintSticks, so I used one of them to change the dining room paint. I *love* the new color – Sherwin Williams Amazing Gray.

This room is in progress. We are renting, so changing the carpet isn’t an option…at this point, but there’s so much I have planned for this space. I can’t wait to share it all with you! 🙂

Here you can see the difference that the paint made. Before & After. And yes, the door is getting painted too. All the trim in this house was painted that hideous yellowy color. Ick.

HomeRight sent me the original PaintStick, as well as, the PaintStick EZ-Twist which I chose to use for this project.

How stinkin’ cool is this?! The paint is kept in the handle of the paint stick, so you don’t have to use a paint tray. The PaintStick EZ-Twist most definitely expedited the painting process.

I got the entire area cut in first while the PaintStick perforated roller dried. {The instructions say that the roller works best when washed with water and dried, so that’s what I did!}

Above you can see the box contents – the PaintStick EZ-Twist, Fill Tube, Can Cover, Roller Cover and Spatter Shield. The can cover does exactly that. It goes on top of your paint can with the fill tube which you use to pull the paint from the can into the PaintStick. It’s really simple to use.

My husband was out of town this past weekend, so I didn’t have a photographer to take a picture of me in action. Just imagine this is me…painting a wall. 😉

Oy! With the chandelier on the paint color really looks brown. I promise it’s a wonderful gray. I applied two coats of paint because I painted the first at night and could see some places that I missed when the sun came up. You can see the paint in the stick. I LOVE how long the stick extends too.

Clean up took a bit longer because of cleaning out the stick and the roller, but the time I saved painting is worth the extra clean up time.

Next on my to-do list for this room is painting the door. The dresser too! 😉 Oh, and some new seating has been ordered for the dining room table.

This contest is now closed. Congrats to Sue {comment #65}!!

Do you have a paint job to do soon? HomeRight is giving away a PaintStick to one of you! Yay!

To Enter:

  • Leave a comment with what project you would use a PaintStick for. 🙂

Note: You must leave a comment on this blog post. Email or Facebook entries will not be counted. This giveaway is for U.S. residents only and ends Tuesday, April 16th! 



*This is a sponsored post on behalf of HomeRight, however all thoughts and opinions are mine…as always. 


  1. Six years ago I made the mistake of painting my living room hunter green. For five I’ve been saying I need to repaint it. This might be a good time!

  2. I’m totally painting all of my house giving it a much needed face lift. Hey, where do you buy your yellow chevron fabric? Have you ever ever used fabric.com? I’m really enjoying decorating and organizing after following your blog for a while and I love your yummy recipes, too. Have a blessed day!
    jackie Brown´s last blog post ..Feta Basil Turkey Burgers {Freezer Style}

  3. Thanks for the review! You just never know until you get “the word” about a product, from an actual person. I will definitely try this. I’m updating my living room walls/ painted a light pine green – converting to a warm medium grey to better go with our stone fireplace. Saw an article about a home done in warm grey, which allows poppy and aqua accents to really pop! Yeh! Two great ideas that I will use to get me out of my creative block!
    Shelley´s last blog post ..Signs of Spring

  4. We’re painting our master bedroom and bath soon…tall walls and lots to cover! This would be a huge help!
    Amy´s last blog post ..March

  5. We are remodeling our basement and I was looking at these paint sticks to tackle the painting. It would be great to win one. Perfect timing.

  6. I am dragging my feet. I have to paint my bedroom and this seems like it would make it alot easier !!! It would be really nice to win one of these.

  7. Oh, I would love to try this paint stick on my dining room too. It is green and I think I need to go some other color. Thanks for the chance to win this.

  8. I need to paint all the ceilings – kitchen, dining room, living room, bedrooms… so I could really use one of them. Thank you!

  9. I would use a Paintstick to get rid of the bright RED wall in our living area. The last owner must have liked red. There is also a red bedroom and bath. It’s not my color, and I know it takes a log of coats of paint to cover. A Paintstick would streamline the painting process as well as keep my kids from getting into any paint!

  10. Wish I would have had this for the rental property we just painted! It’s time to do some painting in our own home now and finish some projects….this will come in handy! Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. What an awesome tool for painting! If I had it, I would re-paint some rooms in my tired old 70’s home. (Not that they need updating! LOL) This is very cool – I’m super excited Myra – you’re dining room is lovely. 🙂

  12. I would use it to paint our bathroom and all of the kids room — they are all a yucky sponged on yellowish beige color.

  13. We’ve been in our house 10 years now so it’s time to pretty much re-paint all painted areas. I’d start with the downstairs guest area because I think it’s been the longest and is just a blah color. This might inspire me to get started!!!

  14. This is o cool!! I would love to try this! I’ve had paint since September (ashamed to say so) for my bedroom….. It’s still not done!!

  15. My husband and I just bought our first house. The whole place needs to be repainted. It is exciting but also a little daunting. It is hard to pick paint colors!

  16. My kitchen is calling out to me to be repainted – this sounds ideal. I would love to give it a try.

  17. My kitchen and dining room and living room ceilings need to be painted. Thanks for the opportunity. I enjoy following your blog.

  18. I was just telling my husband that is was time to start painting as it has been many years since we have done so. What a great tool.The first room that needs to be done is the family roon,then right on into the kitchen!Thanks for the chance to win one.

  19. I know how you feel about the space being too blue, my living room was painted blue by the previous tenants. We spend 80% of our time in this room, it’s our TV room as well as our boys play room. I would definitely use a PaintStick to paint our living room a neutral color with an accent wall.

  20. I have a kitchen and hallway needing to be freshened up. Thanks for the opportunity 🙂
    Love your blogs!

  21. We bought a brand new house in June, it is all a lovely off white shade, so it needs some color and we have some high ceilings………..thanks for the giveaway.

  22. I need to repaint our entryway and stairs and really don’t want to have to put up a scaffold on my stairs to try and paint! The paint stick would make that job so much easier!! Thanks for the opportunity to win one!

  23. I need to paint my bathroom. This paint stick looks like it makes painting almost fun.

  24. I would use it to paint the kids game room upstairs, we are planning to redo it this summer 🙂

  25. We are ripping out and replacing all the walls in our house. There is a lot of painting to be done.

  26. I would use the paintstick to paint my daughters’ room because it hadn’t been painted in a long time. It has clouds on the wall with the bkue sky. I want to make it a more girlish room, not babyish. If it’s as easy as you say, I may just be tempted to paint other rooms.

  27. I’ve been meaning to paint my daughter’s junior high room. She’s now a junior in college. I want to paint it in something more neutral.

  28. WOW! How cool! I was just telling my husband the kitchen and playroom need to be painted. There is little boy fingerprints all over the walls!

  29. I would paint my bedroom.It hasn’t been painted in about 10 years. It needs it desperately. This looks pretty easy to use use. I’d definately like to try. Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I would like to repaint my dining area as well. I think the color is a little dark and think that something a little softer would make the room pop. I love looking at your redorating projects. I also am working on a bathroom at the present time and this paintstick would really help with the smaller space…

  31. I would use the PaintStick to paint the upstairs stairwell. Kind of hard to paint, and I keep putting it off!

  32. My next painting project is our bedroom and this paint stick would be perfect for the high walls we have in there! Would love to try it out!

  33. I hate to paint near the ceiling but would love to have this! I’ve seen it one other time and can totally see myself transforming my home with new colors without all of the paint anxiety! I love your blog, always excited to see what’s next! always ready for more…..

  34. I’d use it to repaint my daughter’s bedroom. I can’t wait to try out the paintstick.

  35. I am so eager to try a “griege” tone in my sitting room with a stacked-stone fireplace. It has a tired yellowy-beige paint color. Your dining room color inspries me to hunt down the perfect griege & the paint stick would simplify the tricky climbing & reaching necessary to get the job done. Would LOVE to try it and share my before & after shots.

  36. I would use the paint stick to paint my living room. This product sounds fabulous, no tray.

  37. Several rooms in our home will be getting a facelift with a little paint this year, but my biggest project will be our entry, stairway, and upstairs hallway. The paint stick would be a huge help!

    BTW, really like the gray color in your dining room. I keep flip-flopping, but am considering gray for our entry, stairway and hallway. It’s a great modern neutral.

  38. We are going to be repainting all the main living areas in our home. I am making the switch from browns to the light grays. I would love to have a tool that will make our painting easier!

  39. 38 days to close on my new home and then the fun of painting over the awful flat paint begins before moving in. This definitely looks like a must for me as I prepare our home for move-in! A time saver and the ease sounds fantastic!! Thanks for sharing your review!!

  40. My husband, 15 month old daughter Priscilla, and myself are moving from Chicago to Salt Lake City this Friday! The WHOLE place needs some color! We are moving out there with the fact of not knowing anyone, especially anyone to help paint! =) thanks for the chance to enter and win, hun! Loving the blog!

  41. The paint stick looks like such a wonderful time saver, Myra! Love the new color too! (And the stock photo of the smiling gal painting away had me laughing out loud, since your husband was away.) I’ve got three major rooms in mind in our house that need to be painted – they are still (sadly) the “builders’ white” color that came with the new home: our master bath, our bedroom, and our guest room! 🙂
    Laura / The Shed blog by Pet Scribbles´s last blog post ..Steps with Walgreens is Very Motivational #BalanceRewards

  42. My ten year old daughter has decided she is to old for her pastel pink, purple and green room and would now like to redecorate so this would be perfect for us to use in the repainting process. Love your dining room color by the way

  43. That is so cool! I was just looking at my bathroom walls thinking how badly they need painting. Hmmm….

  44. My son just moved out and I am turning his room into a craft room. There will be lots of painting involved. This would be great to win!!! Thanks I love your blog 🙂

  45. My whole house. The people we bought from used FLAT paint and we have children. Little children at that. My two year old colored on the wall about a year ago and for the life of me I cannot get it off, even with a magic eraser. We need to paint in a bad kind of way so we can put our house on the market!

  46. I wondered how it works against gravity! This is so cool no more trays! The room looks cleaner/cooler thanks!

  47. My bedroom is in need of change. Our daughter painted it for our 25th….,ten years ago. She did a great job, but time for a change. I love your gray.

  48. My baby girl just turned 16 Sunday and one of her Birthday wishes was to have her bedroom updated. This would life saver for me 🙂

  49. We’re planning a remodel of our family room as soon as hubby and I can agree on a color scheme.

  50. I just painted the ceiling of my room a wonderful yellow. I Love It! It has totally got me pumped to paint the first floor rooms of my home, foyer, dining and living rooms. It’d be great to have a tool that made that work more fun and quick! Fresh paint in the right color should encourage my family to scale down on their excess… Thanks for opportunity for newness

  51. Always looking for an easier way to paint !! I am preparing to redecorate my college graduate’s bedroom into a sweet guest room and would use the PaintStick for the ceiling and walls if this project !!

  52. I hate painting with a passion….but anything that will make it more bearable will be a Godsend!!!! Would love to paint our bedroom…been here 5 years and still haven’t tackled it!

  53. My husband is re-painting our master bedroom, which has cathedral ceilings. This paint stick would work wonderfully for this task. We are going with gray and have thus far tried 3 samples with no success. So, Amazing Gray is good, huh? We are accenting with yellow and aqua, if that helps.

  54. This sounds like just what I need! Have my paint bought but I really dislike to paint. This would be so nice! I’m painting bathrooms and bedrooms.

  55. Since ladders and I do not get along very well this looks like it would be just the ticket for all the painting I need to get done.

  56. I would first use the paint stick to paint the stairwell! even with a ladder there are places I can’t reach. Then I would head to the garage where it is under transformation…no more cars….yes yes yes to art space! 🙂

  57. several years ago we painted half of our “popcorn” in dining area/entry way…this would make it so much easier to finish it off

  58. we have several bedrooms that need painted, so one of those…then the next…& the next…=)

  59. I would use it to paint several of the rooms in the house we just moved into 2 wks ago. I would probably start with the powder bath since it’s right off the main part of the house and it’s a drab beige color now.

  60. I would start with my kitchen, do my bathroom, and then my living room! This is just the motivation I need to get going! Hope I win 🙂

  61. Wow, that looks so handy. We just purchased a home and it has 10 ft ceilings and the whole house is WHITE. I’d love one of those to use to add a little color to our walls!
    Thank you for your posts Myra, what an inspiration!

  62. This would be perfect and just in time as I have several projects waiting on me… the sunroom, the hall half bath, and the kitchen!
    Cathy B*****y pbprojecthope at yahoodotcom

  63. I have been waiting forever to paint my bedroom and redo some things in there! Would love to have this little tool to help! Have painted every other room in the house but mine in 12 years!

  64. I have a rental too, but luckily like you can paint, so a painting we shall do. Yellow in the kitchen match that with honey pine cabinets, can we say cozy? Creamy white on half wall, tan on the bottom for the dining room and for the living room , tan, now the bedrooms are a mystery but will get to them too, could I use a product like this? You bet your sweet Patutie I could, I am 5 foot nothing, bring me that long stick and watch momma go!

  65. I need to paint our office this spring and eventually paint the living room. This would help a lot with both those projects.

  66. Great job Myra – so pretty! I have a long list of painting projects, but the first on my list is our front room – it’s the only room in the house where no toys, shoes, food or drinks are allowed so it stays relatively tidy most of the time! It desperately needs a fresh paint job {I’m soooooo tired of sage green} but it’s a big room with way too much ceiling! I think the Paintstick would do the job nicely!
    Heather´s last blog post ..A week at the beach

  67. I am moving this summer and will have an entire house to paint! This looks awesome!

  68. My five year old daughter has informed me that she is tired of her pink/princess room (it has been pink her whole five years) and wants a purple room now. This paint stick would come in real handy.

  69. I am buying my first house (yay!!) so I will be have a ton of rooms to paint, but first on my list will be re-creating my daughters nursery…it was my fav room in my old house! I would love to win this!

  70. I would love to win the paint stick. Our college aged daughter moved out 3 years ago and I have been using her bedroom as a scrapbook room/guest room. The walls are like a highlighter yellow color. I can’t stand it anymore!

  71. We’ve lived in our house 8 years. A couple rooms are needing updating and we’ve never painted our playroom. We’ve got a lot of projects coming up.

  72. We are preparing to move so this would be wonderful to have! Our master bathroom never got the much needed second coat (we kept putting it off and doing other things instead). I know our new house will need lots of painting done once we move. Thank you for this opportunity!

  73. We purchased or house 8 years ago and have rented out out since we purchased it. We finally decided now was the time to move into it. We will be painting every room but I want to paint the kitchen a gray color and paint the kitchen cabinets an antique white color first. The the bathrooms will be painted,I am unsure what color but maybe a pale green would be nice.the livestock would come in handy for all the painting we have to look forward to.

  74. Oh how I need one of these! I have a number of rooms that need to be painted, and a paint stick would be a great help.

  75. My living room has not been painted since we built the house 10 years ago….and it has high ceilings & I would love to paint it this summer & this would be perfect!!!

  76. My den hasn’t been painted since it was built 20 years ago. The ceiling is too high. The paint stick is just what I need. Thanks for a wonderful blog!


  77. wow. i have a whole house to paint. we ran out of money for paint when we moved in. its been 8 yrs and we still have just primer on all the walls except for the living room. to make it worse i hate painting. had to paint the whole house we moved from by myself when we sold it. if this really works it would make things a lot easier.

  78. LIKE would like to paint the family room first, then my bathroom and eventually each room, they need facelifts!

  79. I would love to use the paint stick to help me cover the dark navy blue paint we have in our guest room – the room is tiny, but will most certainly require a few coats of paint… this would make life a lot easier!

    I like your dining room color too… what color are you going to paint the door???

  80. My kitchen. Seriously. I painted it red to try to offset the oak cabinets and I absolutely hate it. I’ve lived with it for way too long.

    1. I would use it to repaint my spare room, which was painted quick ram before we moved into our home.
      I love to paint, this would make it so much easy, since I have littles around.

  81. I have my living room, dining room, and kitchen to be painted. Love using a paint stick and I need a new one. Would love to win it.

  82. I have been trying to figure out how to paint my stairway, and some hard to reach areas, this looks perfect! I would looove to win it!

  83. I would love to win this. Trying to change my fiance’s bachelor pad before we get married in July.

  84. I have a huge bedroom that needs a paint job really bad and this would make it so much easier!!

  85. I would paint my kiddo Mason’s room! He is going on 8 and needs to change from a “baby” room to a big kid room so he needs to update his color! Then I’d freshen up the rest of the house! It needs it!!

  86. I have been wanting to paint my dining room and this would be great. i also need to finish painting my bedroom

  87. I would like to know how well did it clean up? We had something similar a while back and it was impossible to get all the paint out.

  88. We will definitely be painting many rooms once we move into a newer home next month–out with the beige and in with crisp whites and Grays.

  89. it was make it a whole lot easier for me to paint any room in the house that we have to do. i have difficulty raising my arms so this would be such a awesome blessing. thank You. Blue

  90. I would love to post before and after pics….I have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, hallway, bathroom and a livingroom that needs painting… My entire house hasn’t been painted over 20 years… Help! I really could use the paint stick!

  91. I have already removed the wallpaper from the downstairs family room. I am having trouble even thinking about covering my then 5 yo daughter’s art work….on the wall beneath the wallpaper. Alas, it has to go!

  92. We will be painting our “upper rooms” and one has a vaulted ceiling and whoa would that paint stick be just the tool to get the job done beautifully!

  93. I totally need one of these!!! We painted our house, all the rooms and I HATE the color. So we now have to repaint everything!

  94. I would love to win this, I’d use this in our school room, we’re in the middle of re-modeling it and this would be awesome to paint with! thanks for the chance to win!!
    love the color you chose for your dining room

  95. Ha! Do we have a paint project?! We recently moved into a house that the ENTIRE house needs painting! We’ve started on the bedrooms and foyer, but SO much to do. This sounds pretty awesome, as a lot of my husband’s “oopsies” come from getting the paint from the paint tray to the wall!
    Kim of Mo’Betta´s last blog post ..My Eggland’s Best Brunch {& GIVEAWAY}

  96. I really need to paint my bathroom. it is the last room in our house to get a make-over. and it needs it!

  97. Would love to use this to repaint our bathrooms, family room, and playroom..most of the house!

  98. I would love to use this to repaint my kitchen. What a help it would be for short me!! 😉

    I LOVE the gray in your dining room. Looks so soft, inviting and very much up-to-date!
    Cyndi´s last blog post ..Spring Wreath

  99. We’re finishing our basement and this would be PERFECT to paint all of those new walls! Thanks!

  100. After yeeeeaars spent renting places that we weren’t allowed to paint, we finally have a place we can change if we want. Excited!! I want to decorate a nursery whenever our next adoption happens. I have tons of ideas, so excited!

  101. So neat, I like your room change! This would be great for our guest bathroom, or outside shutters if they includr outdoor paint. 🙂

  102. I bought a little house that was in foreclosure, and the bank (or whoever) went in and painted every room white. Right over the wallpaper. So, I have some work to do, culminating with painting every single room.

  103. I would love to win this. I’ve got several painting projects – starting with my daughter’s bedroom!!

  104. I need to redo the ceiling in the den and my bedroom. We had a small roof leak and I have kilz to cover the spots but I need this painstick. =)

  105. I am short so this would be a great help since I would like to paint most of the rooms in my house. Love you on Face Book btw.

  106. We are in the process of buying a house – need to paint about EVERY room. This would make my life much easier!

  107. I love the results of painting but the actual process is such a bummer. I would love to try the paint stick on our living room walls, they’re suck a BORING tan color, which was there when we moved in. We’re renting too and would love a different look!

  108. What wouldn’t I use one of these for?! We moved into a new-to-us house where the last owner used, um… interesting colors. You know I have to paint every single room (and closet interiors!) with my own color choices! Sign me up to help save me some time and sanity!

  109. I could use a paintstick to help reach all the high spots and for me that is anything over five feet from ground level! I do all the painting in the house and could really use the help! Thanks.

  110. Went to purchase a paint stick to do my dining room, but Home Depot and Lowes no longer carry it??? Shame.. I used an old one my Father had and it worked well in his room. Clean up did take longer, but the ease of painting made it worth it.. Unfortunately, I tried a thick primer and ruined it. Had to “Old school” the dining room this time.. Wish retailers still carried it?

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