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On this day seven years ago, I said, “I do” to my childhood sweetheart who I had known then for 15 years. It was a blissful, perfect day complete with snow flurries.  So much happiness and so many memories. Good ones.

As I sit here reminiscing over the past years of married life, I am thankful. So very thankful.

You see, these last several years have been full of happiness sprinkled with sorrow, blessing touched with trial, success with some failures along the way. I like to think of it as our Marriage Prayer stated, “Give them enough tears to keep them tender, enough hurts to keep them humane, enough failure to keep their hands clenched tightly in Thine, and enough success to make them sure they walk with Thee.”

My darling husband and I have made our fair share of dumb decisions. Seriously.

We lost our first baby.

We had two precious boys together…three years apart.

We thought we had it all together. How completely arrogant of us!

We’ve moved five times in seven years. {And no, we’re not in the military. Just call us bedouins.}

We bought a brand new house. {Major dumb decision alert.}

We managed to survive the market crash of 2008.

We enjoyed life. 

We matured and realized that we don’t have it all together. Duh!

We learned to show each other more grace.

We laughed a lot. {Read: my husband is hilarious. The end.}

We also argued…er, debated? 😉 That first year of marriage included slammed doors. Ahem.

We lost two grandparents. His grandpa and my granny.

We turned 30. {Our birthdays are five months apart.}

We learned how to forgive.

Y’all? It’s been a GOOD seven years of marriage. Not perfect. But good because marriage has made us better people. We are better individuals and we are better together.

Today, I’m celebrating being married seven years to the most patient, kind and giving man I know.

Happy Anniversary, Love!

True love isn’t perfect. It isn’t a cakewalk. It’s not all happiness and beds of roses. But true love…endures.

Thanks for reading along, sweet readers! Celebrate the people in your life today!

Oh, and if you haven’t read our crazy love story, start here. 😉 {Awkward photo alert.}

Happy Monday!!




  1. Congratulations you two!! I wish you as many as me and my love. We have shared 41 as of February 4th and it’s been a whirlwind!! Marriage is working on a daily basis and never being afraid to say “I’m Sorry”!!
    I wish you much happiness, love and prosperity!!

  2. Congratulations! I love a good love story, and yours is wonderful. I hope the next 7 years are even better than the first. Keep close to God and each other and you’ll be able to continue the “fairy tale” forever. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!

  3. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary! This is a beautiful post. 🙂 Such a good way to look at marriage!

    My in-laws are celebrating their anniversary today as well – 35 years! So grateful to have good examples of marriage all around!

  4. Hello, Myra! I am Eleni and I would like to wish you the best for your rest of your life with your beloved! Be You and be Happy! Memories, good and bads never leave us and it is good to have them, just to make us better persons. So, you start celebrating Valentine’s Day from today, eh? Happy Anniversary!!!!
    ELENI FITSAKI´s last blog post ..How to Enjoy the Valentine’s Day!

  5. Happy 7th Anniversary! The memories of your special day live on! God is good to lead us along day by day and to Him be the glory! 🙂

  6. Happy Anniversary Myra!!! Loved your story… we will celebrate 11 years this year…. I smiled as I read the line “we are beter together:. Love it! 🙂 Hope you are blessed with many more!

  7. Congratulations Myra & hubby. I too have a hilarious husband who continues to bless (and sometimes vex) me. Our 16th is coming quick & you’ve given me great reminders about the gift of a strong marriage.
    Many blessings to you both & your family.

  8. Happy anniversary! My hubby and I have been married for about a year and a half–already I feel like we’ve grown and learned a lot. I can’t wait until we can look back as far as you can and really see God moving in our lives. Here’s to many more years together for all of us married couples!

    1. Awww, yay! Those early years are so fun and very full of life lessons. 🙂 Blessings to you and thanks for the anniversary wishes! 🙂

  9. Thank you so much for sharing your story which is a great testimony to the love and grace of God! My walk with Christ began when I was 33 years old so I loved reading about the way He moved in your circumstances at a young age. I am encouraged today to pray for my children that Christ would draw them to Himself now as they are young and also give them an awesome “God story”! The Lord bless you!!

  10. Congratulations! I found you on Pinterest and have enjoyed “following” your crafts and creativity. My husband and I celebrate 7 years this month, too, and we must give credit where it’s due: Christ-like love and forgiveness, and a comedian for a husband (not professionally). Here’s to the next 7, or 70 years! 😉

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